Water Improvement After Contamination

A statement to the press was released stating that a contamination of the Squaw Valley water system occurred in October. The contamination only affected High Camp and Gold Coast; no other water systems in the surrounding areas were contaminated. This contamination was the result of the installation of a water system that occurred as a result of a heavy rainfall in October. The abnormalities in the water system were detected during a routine testing. After the results of the test were found, officials of the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted along with water safety experts. The issue was immediately addressed and a plan of action was set to ensure that the water will be restored to drinking condition. The water has been treated regularly since the event. The water is also now showing improvement, but is not ready to be drank yet. Contaminated water was never available to the public and water from the system will not be able for consumption until the water has been deemed safe for drinking by health officials as well as other experts.

Outside sources, (Placer Environmental Health employees) have stated that levels of coliform, a toxic substance in the water system, and E. coli are now at low levels in the water systems at the upper mountain. Although skiing is still allowed at the farmed ski resort, the water at the resort is not drinkable. Restaurants at upper mountain are also still closed due to the water contamination.


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