Securus Technologies Announces its Plans to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

Securus Technologies has announced that it has a Stock Purchase Agreement signed to acquire Jpay, Inc. Jpay is a market leader in providing technology to the correctional market. They have introduced email, educational-related apps, host entertainment, and electronic payment systems to the correctional market. The company operates in over 35 state prison systems in the United States.


This transaction will propel Securus Technologies into one of the fastest-growing segments in the correctional companies. They will offer inmate tablets, email, and electronic payment systems. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Mr. Rick Smith, says that the business will have an increased ability to offer software-based/tech-related services to the correctional market. This is all it takes to operate a modernized prison system in the United States. The company has admired Jpay Services over the years. Jpay is an innovative force for development in society. For many years, Securus has watched their success in the correctional market. This was the most opportune moment to have the two forces combine to provide exclusive services to the correctional market. If you want to purchase the best products at your best price, there is a clear choice available for you through Jpay’s secure payment system.



Jpay CEO, Mr. Ryan Shapiro, says that the company is always eager to expand their footprints. Their products deliver high-end value to the correctional marketplace. They include friends, family members, the prison staff, and the inmates. Their primary focus is to develop state-of-the-art products that gain adoption on a massive scale. While Securus backs them up, they can now make payments happen in a fraction of a second.


Mr. Ryan Shapiro says that he gives credit to his task-force for their relentless pursuit of their vision. They develop products that make prisons more efficient, safer, and enable inmates’ transition into honorable citizens after detainment. This is the company’s culture.



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