Organo Gold and Career of Bernardo Chua

During the December 2015 holiday season, some good news emerged for the independent distributors and retail customers of Organo Gold. The news was that Bernardo Chua had announced the new rewards program offered by Organo, and preferred customers were notified through the Official Organo Blog site earlier during the month. The program was considered to be a strategic business tool or a model for providing diversification and expanding businesses. Locations that were eligible for participating was Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This new preferred customer program provided for important benefits that included specials, quality customer service, support systems, and savings. Members for the preferred customer rewards program were required to join a monthly autoship program. This was a requirement in order to save on any orders that were placed during any month and to receive a 25 percent discount. These saving were an advantage to independent distributors and retail customers. Retail customers were likely to experience an increase in their net income, and the distributors were likely to see volume distributed and increased sales through retail customers. The rewards program has given retail customers exclusive rights for promotions and specials for Organo Good goods.

As the Chief Executive Officer for Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua produces gourmet teas and coffees with the use of ganoderma, which is a type of mushroom that is used in countries such as China and Japan. What makes the mushroom so special is that it has been used in relieving certain health symptoms. Chua has discovered other uses for the ganoderma in green tea, hot chocolate and other beverages. But he didn’t just stop at beverage products as he went on to combine the special ingredients with supplemental and health care goods. Being born in the Philippians, Bernardo started Organo in the Philippines during 2008.

Bernardo Chua has been honored in Philippine as being an outstanding global entrepreneur for being the founder and CEO for Organo Gold. In January of 2015, Bernardo along with two members of the team, were the recipients of two People’s Choice Awards and Dangal ng Bayan Award. Bernardo Chua, and the name Organo Gold have been notable in more than 40 countries around the world. The success of Bernardo Chua is seen through his dedication in expanding his businesses, doing this by the forming of motivational incentives for the company’s valued customers. Information of the preferred customer program came as wonderful news for retail customers during the 2015 holiday season.

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    For some years on today, OrganoGold surviving as a direct marketing plan shows that quality of the business intelligence that run it. As in that marketing model, has done really well in making sure that the business keep on with the promise. Also the idea also ties with the top experience service and marketing model too, which is another thing I like about their strategy.


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