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Nationwide Title Clearing is a Florida based post-closing services provider. They have been in the mortgage business for over twenty-five years. They provide expert research, audit, and document processing services to help facilitate a smooth transition and minimize surprises. They are industry leaders in a constantly changing field. By making property reports readily accessible online, Nationwide Title Clearing is addressing a serious problem in the real estate market. Unknown title defects can cause havoc if they are discovered too late. These title defects can cause wrongful foreclosures. They can occur for a few different reasons such as unreleased liens or missing property information. Nationwide Title Clearing makes securing property reports much easier with their website that provides these reports anytime. Access to this information in a timely manner can make a significant difference in your choices. Being unaware of a title problem can end up being quite costly. You could be wasting time and money simply because you didn’t have all the information that you needed. Real estate standards and procedures can be nuanced and unclear. Online ordering can quickly alleviate this lack of information. You’ll have access to Nationwide Title Clearing’s services and experience at any time. You’ll never be unprepared, or caught off guard by new information.


With access to these reports you can be certain of every aspect of the property title. You’ll be made aware of any liens or encumbrances related to the title, allowing time to clear up any possible problems. That’s why Nationwide Title Clearing’s goal is “to provide a simple, fast, step-by-step process of securing property reports”. They offer a result driven service to clear some of the fog of the real estate market. They draw information from various sources so as not to miss anything. They also blend automation and human verification for a more thorough and in-depth analysis. Nationwide Title Clearing takes pride in producing accurate results with efficient practices. They understand how to customize a property report with the correct data sets to meet a client’s specific needs. They set the highest standards for themselves and they meet those standards with continual and intensive training.

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