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Man does time fly…me and my boy @val.blav

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From the get-go, Chris Burch’s business journey looks like a fairy tale, the very making of the American dream, refer to ( From a small venture with minimal investment in college to being the founder and CEO of numerous successful luxury and hospitality brands, Chris career path is, to say the least, impressive. His latest undertaking, the Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia which was recently named one of the best hotels in the world, is no exception.

When asked what drives his success, the answer of the CEO of Burch Creative Capital is surprising. He attributes his accomplishments, and his flabbergasting instinct for a good business idea when he sees one, to his sense of empathy and his genuine curiosity for anyone who crosses his path. By connecting with people on a deeply human level, Chris Burch can determine the “kind of tenacity, integrity, creativity they have” and how it will translate when it comes to consumer’ need. For him, “one of his greatest pleasure [is] other people’s success around [him]”. With Nihi Sumba Island, it translates in his involvement in the Sumba foundation, a non-profit organization which works toward lessening the poverty of the local populations on the island and providing necessities such as healthcare and basic infrastructures. Philanthropy must be contagious since some of his guests, by their own accord, decided to throw a fundraiser to support his effort.

By showing that having a deep sense of humanity, far from hurting business ventures, can on the contrary help them thrive, Chris Burch opens the door to a new generation of entrepreneurs, click


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