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Women Taking Over the Wine Industry

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The Julia Jackson has had a passion for wine since her youth. She is a proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, one of the best producers of fine wines. She was born in San Francisco in 1988. The Jackson Family Wines was started even before her birth. During her young age her father always involved her in the activities the company. Together with her other siblings they would pick grapes and sort grapes in the harsh weather from their farms.

The dad always taught them that hard work pays. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in the field of study studio art from Scripps College. She also has a Summer Certificate at Stanford Business School from Stanford Summer Institute of General Management.

She has been working in the family business marketing the Jackson Family wines at international levels. The Jackson Family is well known for famous wines like La Joie , La Muse and Le Désir. She believes Sonoma is California’s best place for Cabernet and wishes to develop the winery in the area. She believes the area should be focused on to produce the best wines quality.

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In 2014, she started her own charity organization the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The organization honor warrior women who have had a tough beginning and have overcome the problems. The organization empowers women and promotes gender equality. Annually it funds other nonprofit organizations with $100,000 to help promote equality, community and empowerment.

She wants young girls to have role models who inspire them and give them hope that despite the challenges they are undergoing that they can overcome them. Her mum was her main inspiration to start the organization. Julia Jackson always admired her as she grew up. She believes her mum is a true inspiration. Jackson Family Wines is well known for its exotic wine brands like La Crema, WindRacer and Silver Palm.