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Trabuco – Ancient War Machine

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The Trabuco ancient war machine which is also known as Balancing Trabuco was a weapon machine used to launch attacks in the Middle Ages. Fighting armies used Trabuco to destroy the enemy masonry walls that were surrounding their holdings. They would at once launch projectiles of up to 140 pound towards their enemies at high speeds using the machine. In addition, the machine was also used to lob ammunition across fortifications to cause injuries to enemy armies hiding behind them. This ancient weapon was used during crusades especially by Europeans who used it against opponents of the Christian movement.

This machine on works through the transformation of potential energy in on counterweight effort side to kinetic energy that throws the ammunition at the enemy. However, Trabuco system is not entirely efficient as some of the potential energy in the system is lost through heat and friction in the system. The speed at which the ammunition travels from Trabuco is directly proportional to the weight used on the load side. According to the machine could launch projectiles up to 800 meters which a moderate weight on the load side.

The theory behind Trabuco is the same as a catapult or contemporary sling. It was developed to carry out more weights for severe destruction during ancient battles. The general structure of Trabuco is long wooden log levered on the engine. The sling is then tied on the extended side of the lever while the counterweight is hanged on the short order to provide more effort, people used to pull the strings that were tied to the weight.

There were different types of Trabuco used in the ancient times. Tensile Trabuco is one of the most commonly used fashions. This kind was so huge that it required nearly 250 people to exert effort on the lever. This Trabuco could fire a 140-pound load to a distance of more than 80 meters. However, because of the hard work needed to build tensile Trabuco, only a few were built. Another problem with this design was poor coordination that resulted in missing of the target or lacked to launch the projectile.

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