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Videos Reveal Some Of The Wonders Jon Urbana Captured

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Jon Urbana is very fond of photographic art. His interest in artistic images is not limited to static still pictures. A glance at his Vimeo page does show an interest in moving images. In particular, Villanova’s top performer does like to share videos associated with the natural world. Urbana does support environmental causes as evidenced by his page. The subject matter of the video basks in the pure enjoyment of many natural sites.

Moose are not exactly the types of animals the average person gets “up close and personal with”. While moose are majestic animals, they are pretty big. Big animals do not always like to be encroached upon. The video of “Moose in Alaska” does present an interesting look at the animals from a unique perspective.

The video does provide a nice profile of these animals, and does so in a raw way not common to many nature programs. A similar approach is taken on Jon’s official blog and his professional details at CrunchBase. A full list of his videos is updated on his personal website.

The video of the moose is, once again, captured in the wonderful state of Alaska. Scores of videos could be made about the article WRCB TV wrote and his videos documenting the natural beauty of Alaska. The mountains found throughout the state definitely can and do make for awesome subject matter. Jon Urbana chose to shoot a nice video of the mountains. Titled “The Stunning Mountains of Alaska“, the video literally brings the landscape to life.

No one is going to deny the sheer breathtaking allure of nature, especially someone whose work with the FAA has been documented by the Aviation Business Gazette. Manmade wonders do have a stunning quality to them as well. Jon Urbana captures this glory in the video “Stadium Scenes“. Urbana is absolutely no stranger to stadiums. He is a retired professional lacrosse player who opened a camp, and has spent a lot of times in spectacular stadiums.

Nature does need all the help it can get. For those who would like to learn more about Jon Urbana’s commitment to the environment, please check out the video “Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force“. The video is quite informative, and reveals how people can help the cause.

See more of Jon’s videos on Vimeo.