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Genetics future for medical advancement

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Within the medical biotechnology fraternity currently among the making, significant steps include the Seattle Genetics. The company founder is Clay Siegall who in his agenda thought of developing a firm that would deal with research and drug development. The hence commit to this call by providing the much-needed solution for the effective cancer treatment.

Notably, the masses and practitioners in the field of medicine conclude that the increase in the case of cancer is enormous. Thus, when the government and research institutions plunge time and resources in searching, then it’s not in vain. Seattle Genetics is in the constant race in ensuring they play in producing drugs with fewer side effects to the patients.

Currently, Seattle Genetics just completed one of the drug projects to develop the antibody-drug conjugates. The success is tremendous for the field of oncology. To ensure mass production the company partnered with other organizations like GeneTech and AbbVie, and they made more than $340 million as a return.

The company’s president, chairman, and founder Clays Siegall contributed massively to its growth, offering both managerial and intellectual support. Since 1988 and after his father helpless death due to lack of methods and limited resources to cure his cancer, Clay has devoted most of his energy to combating cancer. The success that he has made till now is great.

His career in medicine started at the University of Maryland, where he studied zoology and graduated from with a bachelor degree. Then later he went to Washington, where he not only finished his Ph.D. in genetics from Washington University but also founded the company Seattle Genetic.

Clays through the year, publish more than 70 articles on different scientific and medical topics. Clay Siegall holds at least 15 patents, and with this, he sits on many boards. At the Ultragenyx he directors board, and an active member the two prestigious Washington Roundtable and biopharmaceutical.