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Myraid Solutions Offered to Williamson with a Goal of Curbing Traffic

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Previously, most of the issues discussed around Williamson revolve around travels. The recently conducted growth summit shed light on the most of challenges in the transport sector, mostly focusing on the residential areas. Mike Heiligenstein who is a great mind and a technology enthusiast noted the radical transformation that could be realized with the embracement of a technology of cars without drivers and ride sharing applications. In his statement, Mike said that with the ever-increasing population, there was still great need for the Williamson community to consider investing in smarter roads.



Even though for about fifteen years Williamson has endeavored in developing the area, there are more people expected to continue settling there. As such, the need for more roads becomes inevitable, as well as acquiring more technically improved ones to cater for the entire populace. In order to match the building codes, Ficklin said that garages and parking facilities also needed special attention.



Mike Heiligenstein’s Knowledge in the Mobility Industry



Mike holds significant offices relating to the industry in question. He is the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. As it counts, Mike had an opportunity to serve the Williamson community for more than two decades. When he offers advice regarding the transport sector in Williamson, he has been there.



Most importantly, Mike is the Austin-based Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s executive director. The agency, which was launched in 2002 was mandated to model a modernized, local transit network for Central Texas. Mike is lucky to have been part of the Mobility Authority since its inauguration, through its first project and still part of it as they celebrate several milestones. They have a lot lying ahead for Central Texas, inclusive of six expressways which are to be studied. The agency has collaborated with local transport entities in the study.



Key Endeavors of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority



The government agency is out on a sole purpose which it to create mobility solutions. While at it, they engage in innovative ideas that are aimed at offering lasting solutions on the hectic roads. They have a professional staff that is relatively small, but then committed. The agency is actually sanctioned under the national law to device a wide range of transit systems ranging from roads, airstrips, harbors as well as transits. Since the agency is independent, they can also use the taxes to fund their projects and then repay bonds. A lot more is expected from the innovative crew working behind the scenes.