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Orange Coast College’s Foul Smelling Plant Finally Blooms

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A rare botanical event looks set to take place in the coming days at the Orange Coast College campus when the so-called “corpse flower” blooms in an amazing if short-lived display. “Little Dougie”, as the plant native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra is known, will bloom for the first time in more than a decade at the college where it has been hand reared to help continue the line of this endangered species; the plant has grown to an impressive 30 pounds and measures around five feet in height.

The “Corpse Flower” looks set to flower after it was hand pollinated in a process replicating the natural way this flower starts its process of blooming. The foul smell reminiscent of rotting flesh is found in the wild when the Amorphophallus titanum is pollinated by beetles which crawl into the plant and transfer the different forms of seed needed to begin the flowering process.

The “Corpse Flower” will only flower after ten years of life and will then open a single bloom around every five years after, which makes the latest expected blooming a moment to be enjoyed by visitors from across this area of Southern California. The plant is now being housed in the Administrative building of Orange Coast College where visitors can view, and smell the flower as it draws closer to opening. After the flower finally blooms visiting times will be extended each day to 10 p.m.

In this region of Southern California, the reputation of Orange College has continued to grow as the number of graduates and transfer students passing through its doors expands. Established in 1947 with a $10 million endowment, Orange Coast College has always looked to provide an educational experience closer to that of a four-year college than a traditional two-year school.

Orange Coast College is well known for the development of its rowing program that has seen many Olympians, world champions, and participants in the classic Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

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