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Contact Securus Technologies To Start Your Account of Communications Today

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If you’ve been searching for ways to get in touch with one of your friends, relatives, or a significant other who is currently in a correctional facility, then you may have found that one of the only ways for you to speak to them and see them was to set up an appointment during a time frame that’s been provided for you by the correctional facility that they are in. They may have given you a time to visit in which you were unable to due to having your own set of responsibilities to tend to. In such cases, you had probably experienced a moment in time in which you were unable to see the inmate for quite some time due to conflicts that existed in scheduling. By contacting one of the representatives of Securus Technologies, you’ll have certainty in knowing that you’ll be able to set up an appointment to speak to the inmate at essentially any time that is convenient for you as the program offers extremely flexible scheduling options.


If you’re unsure about what you can do to sign up for and utilize the program, it’s highly recommended for you to ask your questions and/or comments to one of the technicians who are available to assist at Securus Technologies. They’ll gladly provide you with the guidance that’s necessary to begin.


Law enforcement officials have especially appreciate this terrific program as it’s enabled them to use the conversations that are conducted within them as data to begin investigation efforts is crimes or elements of crimes are discussed within them. The video conferencing chats are recorded and monitored in the case that anything can be of use for potentially stopping further instances of crime, some of which may be ongoing today. It is a program with benefits that are unmatched as has received proper accreditation from the BBB.


A Visit For Christmas Morning — Even Behind Bars

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A little boy was given the opportunity to spend Christmas morning with his father — even though the father is behind bars. That’s what took place in a video released by Securus Technologies, a company that provides video chat infrastructure to rehabilitation centers. The little boy opened the video wishing his father a Merry Christmas and telling him that he just woke up. The father asked the boy if he had opened his presents yet. Since the boy said that he hasn’t opened them yet, the father told him to go downstairs to get started.


From here, it was a heartwarming video with the boy eagerly showing his father all of the presents that he received, while thanking him for them in the process. This allows people to create memories in a way that is useful and long lasting.


The technology provided by this company gives people the opportunity to speak with their loved ones on Christmas morning through a video chat. This video chat lets people communicate in real time and will give them the opportunity to open presents, prepare dinner, sing Christmas songs and otherwise enjoy a glimpse of life on the outside during the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone was to be around family on Christmas, so this technology allows you to do so without having to put a lot of miles on your vehicle or wait in long lines for visitation. Prison can be a depressing place — particularly for a child on a day as bright and cheery as Christmas morning.


With this video technology, kids will be having their days brightened up through video chat without having to actually set foot into the institution. This is an excellent way to bring some cheer to their morning and is reasonably priced while giving you the chance to see people in actual life as opposed to just hearing the voices. This is why so many institutions have picked up this technology and made it a part of their regular communication — especially during the holiday seasons.


By taking advantage of these tips and taking advantage of Securus Technologies, you will be able to make the most out of your loved one’s time behind bars. Securus gives people the opportunity to create plenty of memories on Christmas morning and allows people to keep smiles on their face, despite a bad situation.

Securus Technologies Announces its Plans to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

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Securus Technologies has announced that it has a Stock Purchase Agreement signed to acquire Jpay, Inc. Jpay is a market leader in providing technology to the correctional market. They have introduced email, educational-related apps, host entertainment, and electronic payment systems to the correctional market. The company operates in over 35 state prison systems in the United States.


This transaction will propel Securus Technologies into one of the fastest-growing segments in the correctional companies. They will offer inmate tablets, email, and electronic payment systems. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Mr. Rick Smith, says that the business will have an increased ability to offer software-based/tech-related services to the correctional market. This is all it takes to operate a modernized prison system in the United States. The company has admired Jpay Services over the years. Jpay is an innovative force for development in society. For many years, Securus has watched their success in the correctional market. This was the most opportune moment to have the two forces combine to provide exclusive services to the correctional market. If you want to purchase the best products at your best price, there is a clear choice available for you through Jpay’s secure payment system.



Jpay CEO, Mr. Ryan Shapiro, says that the company is always eager to expand their footprints. Their products deliver high-end value to the correctional marketplace. They include friends, family members, the prison staff, and the inmates. Their primary focus is to develop state-of-the-art products that gain adoption on a massive scale. While Securus backs them up, they can now make payments happen in a fraction of a second.


Mr. Ryan Shapiro says that he gives credit to his task-force for their relentless pursuit of their vision. They develop products that make prisons more efficient, safer, and enable inmates’ transition into honorable citizens after detainment. This is the company’s culture.