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Flavio Maluf, the Powerful Brains Behind Eucatex Group’s Success Story

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Currently, Flavio Maluf serves as the chief executive officer of the successful Eucatex Group, a Brazilian firm that specializes in the production of insulating materials and ceiling linings. Besides leading Eucatex, Mr. Maluf also serves Grandfood, a firm that owns Premier and Golden pet feed brands. Being the head of these two great companies, Flavio has showcased amazing qualities of a leader by giving the right direction to employees in the firms.

Transition of Activities in Eucatex Group

Eucatex Group was founded in 1951, and at this time it majorly focused in the production of sheet metal. The firm produced ceiling linings and insulating materials made of low density materials with thermal insulation and acoustic properties. These products generated more resources for Eucatex Group since they were largely used by the large Brazilian civil construction market. For this reason, this firm invested heavily in the establishment of additional factories to help manufacture hardboard which is presently the firm’s flagship product. Currently, Eucatex Group operates in both the construction and furniture industries. In the construction unit, Eucatex Group manufactures modular partitions, paints and laminates floors and doors among others. On the other hand, it supplies wood fiber plates made of the most recent technology and eucalyptus wood in the furniture segment.

Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex Group in 1987 and was appointed the president in 1997 following a family agreement. Initially, he served in the industrial and trade area before raising the bar. Upon assuming presidency, Maluf embarked on investing and innovation with an end goal of producing superior and high quality products. As a result, Eucatex Group opened various industrial plants such as the Sao Paulo factory. This plant produces both medium density fiberboard and thick high- density fiberboard.


Under his direction and management, Eucatex Group is presently one of the largest manufacturers on quality wood fiber panels within the foreign market. This firm has a market share of about 41% in the foreign market. Eucatex Group also holds a good percentage of 16% in Brazil’s MDP panels’ manufacture. Furthermore, this firm is a market leader of ceiling linings, insulating materials, doors and flooring materials. Being an environmentalist, Flavio advocates for environmental sustainability and this is evidently seen in his offices globally.