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Troy McQuagge Changing Lives of Families from Low Income Communities

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The insurance industry has been growing at a rapid pace in the last couple of decades due to the increased consumer awareness about the rising healthcare cost. There are many health insurance firms out there that are trying their best to win the hearts and trust of the customers, but one of the relatively new insurance companies that have been making considerable advances in the insurance market is USHEALTH Group. It is headed by Troy McQuagge son, who currently serves as the company’s CEO and President. From the time Troy McQuagge was named as the leader of the organization, he has embarked on a mission to revamp the company’s structure from scratch and build a positive working culture inside the company to ensure that not only does the company grow, but thrive in the competitive market.

Troy McQuagge son believes that a positive working culture is required for the employees to give their best to the company. He has helped the company in ways more than one to become a leader in the field, especially when it comes to catering the insurance needs of the middle market companies looking to provide insurance plans to its employees. Troy McQuagge is also well-known for his various charitable initiatives that he has launched as the leader of USHEALTH Group. He is the one who began the HOPE mission under the company’s umbrella as a way to help give back to the community. Many different initiatives are started under the HOPE program by the company till date. One of the first mission that the company undertook after launching the HOPE program was to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their lives.

Hurricane Katrina led to the devastation of unimaginable scale, and thousands of people lost their homes to the natural disaster. Even though there are many other organizations came to the rescue efforts, one of the first firms to launch their redevelopment initiative was USHEALTH Group under Troy McQuagge. The company helped hundreds of people get back their lives by rebuilding their homes and giving them the necessary support to start their lives afresh after the destruction led by hurricane Katrina. Read more:,14_KH15,28.htm