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A New Global Hotspot Marks The Next Step For FreeedomPop

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FreedomPop is a company that has been gaining momentum as it grows. The Los Angeles based company is now expanding globally with their new hotspot and SIM. This new system basically funnels cellular networks worldwide into one unified data connection. The release was initially launched in the UK and the USA, with free data plans. The plan comes free after you buy your device to use it on of course.

Before the year is over, the company intends to be active in over 40 countries. The hotspot is bound to do great at launch, considering it’s the only one like it on the market. The initial price will be $49.99, increasing to $99.99 at a later date. The global SIM will be at a price point of $10. The SIM will also be updated as new locations are added to the network. Initially you’ll start out with 200MB of free data. The hope for the company is that you’ll upgrade to the 500MB option. This comes at a cost of $10.

The average of customer upgrades is around 40%. The plan seems to be working as intended. FreedomPop has been accumulating funding at a rapid pace as well. The result being in the range of $109 million. The company was quoted as stating “This new financing not only validates our capabilities, but it also ensures that FreedomPop has the capital required to become a top 10 global service provider.” This quote comes from co-founder Steven Sesar.

People are understandably excited about the prospect of free web access worldwide with no roaming fees. This is a big move for a rapidly growing company. For the whole story from, just click the link here.

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Anticipating FreedomPop Launch In Spain

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FreedomPop Announces Launch In Spanish Market

The company that has been recently dominating and growing within the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) market called FreedomPop has continued to grow outside of its country of origin. They started in Los Angeles, California in 2011, and last fall they made their first international expansion effort when they expanded to the markets in the United Kingdom. Recent news on the growth of FreedomPop in the UK indicates that it has been introduced and is growing with a positive projection. Conversion rates were reported to be over 40 percent just recently, which is how FreedomPop makes profit. The company offers a completely free program to users that includes 200 MB of data, 200 messages and 200 minutes of talk time, but users always have the option to convert to a paid subscription of the highly rated service.

The news reported by Venturebeat is that FreedomPop is releasing a promotion with their service that will hopefully get people excited about the service that is set to launch in Spain soon. The promotion is available in Spain, and it involves the free use of the Whatsapp messaging service. FreedomPop will launch in Spain in just a few months, and the company does not plan to stop with just those three markets. The company is able to expand so rapidly because of their fundraising efforts and their efforts to make relationships with major carriers.

Additionally, FreedomPop earned over $50 million in their last fund raising efforts. To read more about how FreedomPop is growing around the world, look at this article from Venturebeat.

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Freedompop The best Cellular services Provider

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RCR Wireless News has featured an interview with Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of mobile virtual network operator FreedomPop with a view to get insider information on its operations and its recent expansion.

However, before engaging in the interview here’s a recap of the weekly news;

Verizon Wireless has been slammed a fine of $1.4 million fine by the FCC for the insertion of a super cookie without the customers consent. This super cookie was secretly inserted into the network and affected customers while browsing the internet.

In other news T mobile US has gotten $2billion aimed at funding the scheduled 600MHz incentive auction.

The state of Atlanta topped a market study seeking to analyze and find the top state with regards to cellular performance. Chicago came in second followed by Indianapolis, Sacramento and Rockford, Illinois respectively. This article can be found at

Freedom Pop was founded in 2011, with the goal of creating free mobile services. This goal is the core principle governing the operations of this company.

Since its inception, FreedomPop has provided free mobile services that include data, text as well as voice minutes to its subscribers. It is out of this belief that Freedom Pop has seen an increased number in its customer base hence, making it one of the best companies that are coming up in the market right now.

FreedomPop subscribers enjoy free 500 MB for data as well as 200 minutes for voice messages and a further advantage of having unlimited texts option.

It is because of this awesome plans that FreedomPop continues to blossom in a rather crowded market. More information with regards to FreedomPop can be found at