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Jason Hope Predicts The Future From Arizona

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The Tech Guru Of The Sun Belt
Jason Hope stands as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of our time. Generally speaking, most tech entrepreneurs reside in the coastal states, but Hope is based in the state of Arizona. His unique perspective on the tech industry, as well as the future of technology, reflects this background. Hope believes we need to make technology more practical and one of the biggest ways he thinks this will happen is the rise of the Internet of Things.

The Internet Of Things Rises
The Internet of Things is one of the latest trends in tech and Jason Hope sees an amazing future for it. Currently, most IoT devices are limited in their ability to collect or share data, but the next generation of IoT devices will work together to provide the important information needed in order to make our lives better. As this new wave of technology takes off software developers will change the way they operate. Instead of trying to compete with other app developers, they will work together to find ways to allow apps to connect to each other in important and unique ways.

The Revolution Is Here
Some of the best examples of how IoT will change everything are already in the making. Take the example of the smart home. In previous years smart homes were simply thought of as science fiction. Today, we can see an example of the smart home in Mark Zuckerberg’s house. Eventually features such as that will find a way to make into everyone’s home. IoT will also change other things such as cars and lighting systems. Everything around us will have some sort of embedded system installed.

Jason Hope’s Philanthropy
Jason Hope has a strong sense of philanthropy and he contributes heavily to important scientific causes. Recently, he decided to donate to the SENS Institute’s efforts to combat aging. Although many today treat aging as just another aspect of life, Hope believes it is simply another disease. Just like we have cured diseases in the past he believes we will eradicate aging one day as well.