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Jason Hope and his contributions to the SEN foundation

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Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and joined the Arizona State University where he studied Finance as well as acquiring an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of business from the same university. Jason Hope then ventured into the business experience.

With a lot of attention in the fight against anti-aging illness, Jason Hope did something different from the medical community that focused on the treatment of symptoms of aging and ignored research. In fact, Hope used the latter tactic. He had a firm belief in his abilities to improve studies of anti-aging after securing support from renowned financiers.

From the personal savings, Jason Hope contributed about $500,000 to the SENS foundation in the year 2010. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission entails promotion, development and ensuring the attainment of a rejuvenating strategy to address the diseases that cause aging.

Jason has a significant understanding of how anyone can get started regarding investment. He has endeavored to share success tips with upcoming investors. From his personal experience, Jason Hope identifies one of the main cause of failure as the lack of concentration or focus on a particular goal. He adds that anyone who is fond of jumping from one idea to another is destined to fail due to lack of a clear path.

Another thing that poses a significant challenge to the budding entrepreneurs according to Jason Hope is the ability to bring ideas into life. He says that those that keep things simple and easy to understand are likely to make their ideas come to life as opposed to the guys who like complicating things. The love and the great passion for technology is the reason that earned Jason Hope, a reputation as an experienced futurist. He has a unique ability to observe business and industries grow over time and make precise predictions of the direction in which the technology is headed towards the future.

At the SENS foundation, that he has always supported, they conduct research which is not meant to make individuals live forever but instead improve the quality of life as one gets old. The organization did exceptionally well in addressing diseases that cause aging such as lung and heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes among others. The foundation approach involves breaking down the body’s systems to come up with cures for the illness. Due to the successes attained in the research, Jason is a highly respectable person in the society.
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