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An Inspirational Story of Richard Liu Qiangdong

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Richard Liu is the founder and chairman of, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China. was started in 2004. Speaking in an interview during the Annual World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that he decided to name the company Jingdong after combining his last name and that of his girlfriend.

He studied Sociology at the Renmin University in Beijing. While pursuing his studies at the University, Richard Liu started a restaurant business but it never had any breakthrough. By then it was difficult to juggle between running the business and concentrating on his studies. He then ventured into the retail business where he sold computer accessories while still at the University, his deep interest in business was fueled by the need to generate money for his poor family. Money was also needed to meet the medical bills of his sickly grandmother.

Richard Liu’s business suffered a huge blow following the SARS epidemic. He was forced to shut all the existing physical stores. However, one of the managers suggested to him about starting an online business of the same. After giving it a try, Richard Liu discovered that this online option was more convenient than the physical one as it was less costly and had an improved customer experience.

Over the years, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in China. Richard Liu’s main goal was to fight the rise of counterfeit goods offered online by providing a platform that generates customer satisfaction through the sale of quality products and services. At first, due to a fixed budget, could only manage to sell one range of products mainly IT-related goods. With time, different lines of products were added to the company. Currently, is valued at a whopping $60 billion.

The company has also provided thousands of employment opportunities to the people of China. Under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong, is achieving more and has managed to be at par with giant e-commerce companies like Alibaba. The company received a boost after WeChat agreed to promote JD.Com’s products on its website, the company records close to a billion monthly users.

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A Watched Pot Of Cannabis Is Definitely Going To Boil, According To Matt Badiali, Who Advises Investors To Buy Affordable Cannabis Stocks Before They Take Off

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Cannabis as a legal investment commodity, outside the street sector, would have been an unheard of proposition not that many years ago. Today, pot watchers sit in boardrooms, waiting for the boil. Natural resource commodity expert and the brains behind the Banyan Tree Publishing newsletter, “Real Wealth Strategist, as well as the one-time editor of the Stansberry Research newsletter, “Stock Gumshoe,” Matt Badiali, expects the coming boil soon.

On June 27, 2018, Oklahoma voted to legalize marijuana, making the Sooner state the 30th in the country to take cannabis off the banned list. While things are heating up nicely in the U.S., things are already bubbling away up north.

By next fall, our neighbor to the north, Canada is expected to have approved all forms of marijuana. In 2017 legal cannabis sales set a precedent of 6 billion. With the Canadian move to make legal all forms of cannabis, stocks in this sector should just be catching their stride, according to Matt Badiali, who expects a rollicking boil in the market before long.

Although U.S. citizens can’t speculate on Canadian stocks there is the option, as pointed out by Matt Badiali and others, of going the route of buying shares of the Alternative Harvest ETF, which is open to U.S. citizens.

Getting a toehold in the cannabis market before Canada does the deed is a good idea, according to Matt Badiali. Legal cannabis is expected to exceed the ticket tally of gin, whiskey, bourbon and scotch combined within the next two years. Another year down the road from that and it’s likely as many as 800 million will live in a region where cannabis is legal. Sales of medicinal-use marijuana alone should reach 30 billion.

Right now cannabis stock prices are still low. So, it’s an excellent time according to Matt Badiali to stick a toe into the cannabis pot before the boil really gets going.

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Paul Mampilly-An American Investment Guru

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Making an investment can be a simple thing yet a very hard things especially where money is at stake. When making an investment, due diligence should be considered. There is not a single cent that should be lost through reckless investment ambitions. If you are ready to make an investment, you need to go fully in with all the right information that will help you tap on the opportunities that are available. No matter who you are or the amount of money you have for investment, you can never make the wrong investment decision as it will result in losses for you. To make the right choice in this industry is not even a choice but a compulsory thing that must happen.

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who have made good decisions on this matter and has reaped great fruits from it. All his life, he has been working in the financial sector where he deals with investments. He has managed funds for small organizations, large banks and hedge funds with great success. At no single time has he lost any funds for his clients. As a result of the role he has had, Paul Mampilly is now a key professional in the financial sector whose opinion on various matters of the industry are taken seriously. He has earned millions by helping the rich and wealthy make millions through the stock market. As a player in the industry for over two decades, the number of people who have benefited from expertise is high but it only the elite in the society who have benefited.

Paul Mampilly is all about changing the situation. He intends to help the ordinary American make money through investment by helping them pick the right industries to invest in. he has made sure that everything that is happening in the industry is done in the right manner and according to the principles of right investment. Paul Mampilly is authoring various materials through the Banyan Hill Publishing which will be used as a source of information on how to make the right investment and consequently on how to make money.

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Jeff Yastine and Tedd Bauman journey as financial advisers

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It’s everybody’s hope that whenever he or she wants to come up with a business idea, it will be one of the best and with high profits hence people end up looking for financial advisers who can help them through the investing process. Jeff Yastine who studied financial Journalism has worked with Ted Bauman as one of the financial advisors who has guided quite a number of successful business moguls in the USA.

Jeff Yastine has edited the TOTAL WEALTH INSIDER and he has stated the main aim of this is to help serious investors reap good earnings from their ventures once they become a part of it to be a member of the INSIDER, members have to access a number of requirements which includes; insider trade alert which helps the investor get to know about how and when they are supposed to do the trading, insider daily briefing and on this, investors get to know about how they are performing, unlimited web access whereby investors can access 24 hours services from the insider, model portfolio and here one is able to access the stock that is available in the insider and monthly subscription newsletter and on this one, the investors are supposed to be informed on what to invest in at a given time. This is mainly done through an SMS or one can get the notification on their computers. Read this article at

Jeff Yastine has been termed as one of the best investors advisers by a huge number of business persons and companies because from either their experiences, most of them have landed on fake adviser and ended up losing huge amounts of money but when it comes to him, things have always worked out for good.

Jeff Yastine says that his greatest success comes from emulating what successful investors from the past have done in order to achieve their investing dreams.

As a financial journalist, Jeff Yastine reporting and interviewing various upcoming and already existing business people have also contributed to his knowledge about investing.He has won various awards in his reporting career.

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Paul Mampilly: A Finance Leader

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Paul Mampilly is a sought after financial leader. He often graces the business panels of Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and CNBC. He is regarded for his wise business counsel. Many investors look to him for sound advice when wanting to build their investment portfolios.

He graduated from Fordham University. With a master’s degree in business administration in hand, Paul Mampilly was ready to go work at some of the biggest companies in New York City. He worked himself up through the ranks. He began working as an assistant to managing portfolios. This job taught him a lot about investing. Soon after, he began working at legal firms. He learned even more knowledge working for these firms. Eventually, he had made a name for himself and the big businesses of Wall Street were seeking him for employment. He began working for a Wall Street asset management firm. He did very good things for the company. He grew the company’s portfolios of asset into the tens of billions of dollars. He worked for many big companies like Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Visit his twitter to get the latest update.

Paul Mampilly garnered a lot of success for himself working for the billion dollar bigwigs of Wall Street. But he soon discovered his heart had another passion, and he wandered a way from the finances of Wall Street. He knew he still wanted to work in the finance sector because that had always been what he had done. He came across an opportunity from Banyan Hill Publishing. The money website was seeking a finance expert and editor and Paul knew he would be the best fit for the company.

Today, Paul Mampilly works as an editor for the premier website of investment and economic news. As the senior editor and founder of Profits Unlimited, he enables readers to know the latest information about the investment world. This newsletter is a specialty of his recommendations of stock information. He describes to readers what stocks are most likely going to climb higher. His estimates are usually accurate with this because of his many years of working on Wall Street. See more:


Ian King – An Expert in the Financial Market

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An entrepreneur and prominent trader, Ian King has more than twenty years of experience in the financial world. His passion for the market has earned him a respected reputation across the nation. He recently made news as one of the attendees The Total Wealth Symposium. This is an annual event that focuses on the top issues facing investors. The goal of this years conference is to help every attendee earn $1 million by the end of next year. Learn more at to know more.

Ian King is one of several guest speakers who will speak at the event. Some of the greatest minds in the business including Jeff Yastine, Matt Badiali and Paul Mampilly were scheduled for the event. These speakers have unique and out of the box concepts to present. For example, one practice that will be discussed will be how to achieve 1,000 percent returns in the technology sector. In addition to these speakers there will be a number of experts in the asset protection field present. Chris Gaffney Senior Vice President of EverBank and Eric Roseman ounder of ENR Asset Management are two of the experts at the event. After the conference, those attending have the opportunity to meet personally with the speakers to get additional advice.

Ian King recently made news with some of his thoughts about the market. Ian recently had a lot to say about the popularity of bonds. In a recent article Ian noted that the Federal Reserve is holding its rates and it has been pretty consistent with increase patterns. Ian references some quality items when giving his advice. He uses topics like the rise of bonds, the TINA effect and quantitative easing forced change to support his claims.

Ian King has been succeeding in the market for more than two decades. His official title is a cryptocurrency trader. He has shared his ideas and thinking with some very well known groups including Fox Business News, Seeking Alpha and Zero Hedge. Currently he works as the editor of the Crypto Profit Trader where he continues to share his ideas and advice about the current trends in the market. Learn more:


The outlined strategies for economical growth as reported by Felipe Montoro Jens

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Felipe Montoro Jens is an entrepreneur who acquired a degree in banking. He is skilled in diverse areas such as financial strategy, finance, and infrastructure among others. He has worked and trained with many organizations gaining experience. He uses his knowledge and skills to help the society especially economically. The growth gets ensured by the ability to cope in the business world and ability to have dynamic changes in finance. View

In the recent past, Felipe Montoro Jens got the opportunity to attend a special meeting for the Governors Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The meeting was set to make strategies that would result in financial growth as well as the growth of infrastructure. Various governors present displayed their ideas on the table to ensure growth.

Dyogo, the Minister of Planning, Development, and management, suggested on the increase of private investments in Brazil as the first country in Spain. Felipe continued to state the ideas outlined by the minister. He noted the need to create financial mechanisms as leverage for the private ventures.

Felipe stated the agreement of the idea by other governors such as Luis Garrido, the Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors. He stressed on the concept of IDB being the source of leverage for the private ventures to be started. Dyogo adds that the investment ventures should be vital. They should be in aspects such as water projects and other crucial projects. The focus of such projects should help improve the region for the fourth industrial revolution.

Felipe Montoro gave the different views of the President of IDB, Luis Moreno. He stated the need to start with the basics such as dealing with the social demands. Therefore, the need to create international connections is essential and the primary requirement. Dyogo Oliveira added that Brazil has tried to achieve the agenda by making Public-Private Partnerships to improve the public links. Follow:


Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider Reveals the Kennedy Accounts

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Jeff Yastine is a financial news reporter who has won an Emmy nomination for his reporting with “The Nightly News” on NBC. Today, he is a lead director at Banyan Publishing. Through his financial curiosity and his opportunities to meet big names like Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes and Michael Dell, he has garnered a whole lot of valuable information. One of those pieces of information led to the Kennedy Accounts.

The Kennedy Accounts were created when President elect John F. Kennedy was running for office. He founded the accounts for the people who were struggling with the downturn of the economy. Kennedy could see there was even little hope for the children of our nation. Kennedy wanted to facilitate a change, so he established these investment accounts for the people. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

The Kennedy Accounts were founded to help Americans save money for the future. The gross domestic product was flat and the stock market had dropped 13%. These accounts are considered Direct Stock Purchase Plans. They will give the buyer access to the Kennedy Accounts which have doubled, tripled, quadrupled to billions of dollars today.

The buyers can buy these stocks for small amounts as low as $10, $15 or $25, all well below the actual costs. And, then they can just sit back and watch their money multiply. Essentially, these are not scams, but rather access to the direct purchase of stocks from publically owned companies without having to pay the stock broker. Because you don’t pay a fee, your money grows even faster.

Wall Street heavyweights have spent millions to keep these accounts secret. The last thing they wanted was for the little man to understand how to make money without the aid of their brokers. They have won the fight to keep companies offering Direct Stock Purchase Plans from advertising, so it’s basically been kept secret from the public.

But, now the secret is out, Jeff Yastine has made sure everyone is aware of their options for investing. Investing in the Kennedy Accounts is just like traditional investing: the money you invest is still subject to the volatility of the market, meaning you could lose or gain money.

The success stories are numerous. A 45 year old postal worker turned $45 into $60,000. A retired couple saw their money grow from $122 to $100,000. An IRS agent saw her $1,841 investment grow to $10 million. It all sounds fantastic, but it happened with the Kennedy Accounts. Learn how to open your own Kennedy Accounts through Jeff Yastine’s newsletter, Total Wealth Insider. Find out which companies offer Direct Stock Purchase Plans and get your money growing now. Follow:


Paul Mampilly Senior Editor Banyan Publishing

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One reason many investors seek solid professional advice is to safeguard themselves from a financial storm or an unpredictable turn in the market and to safeguard their original investment. The financial market has advisors who are willing to make decisions with someone else’s money. The more savvy investor accepts the suggestions or warnings from a trustworthy financial advisor who is dependable and reliable and makes his own financial investment decisions. The second kind of investor is why Banyan Publishing reports its economic insights to investors. Advisors like Paul Mampilly spend their entire life learning the tools to understand the market so that they can be steady financial beacons to investors who are willing to put trust in their commercial judgment. See more of Paul on Facebook.

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly began his career serving at Deutsche Asset Management (1999-2001) as a Research Analyst. Later he served as a Portfolio Manager at Deutsche Bank (1991-1998). He worked between 2002-2003 as a Senior Research Analyst at Voya Financial. Paul Mampilly became Senior Portfolio Manager at Kinetics Asset Management (2006-2011). Between 2011-2012 he worked for Palm Beach Research Group as Author and Analyst. He joined Agora Financial in March 2014 but soon left in January 2015 for Stansbury Research where he worked as Author and Analyst in 2015. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing as Senior Editor in 2016.

Paul Mampilly has demonstrated his ability to manage large portfolios. As the Senior manager for Kinetics Asset Management, the company’s hedge fund increased from $6-25 Billion and showed annual returns of 26%. HE showed a 76% return in a competition sponsored by Templeton Foundation, where he turned $50M into $88M.

Mampilly has shown he turn a profit on his investments like Sarepta biotech firm which returned him a 2,539% profit in less than a year. His original Netflix investment returned him a 634% gain from 2009-2010. His Ariad Pharmaceuticals investment returned him a 696% increase. Read:


A Look At Igor Cornelsen’s Career As An Investor

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Igor Cornelsen is a 70-year-old man from Brazil. For his college education he went to the Federal University of Parana. He initially had decided upon getting an engineering degree but halfway through he switched over to economics instead. After he graduated in 1970 he began his career in the banking industry. His first job was at an investment bank and his success eventually led to him moving to the center of commerce in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

Cornelsen achieved a great deal of success very early in his career. Just four years after he graduated from college he was named to the board of directors of one of the biggest investment banks in Brazil, Multibanco. Just two years later he was named this bank’s chief executive officer. He was in the role for two years and left because this bank was bought by Bank of America.

After leaving Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen joined the investment firm Unibanco. Over the next seven years he invested money while the national inflation rate rapidly went up. His next stop was Libra Bank PLC which was a huge opportunity for him. This firm was a London Merchant Bank which meant that he was paid in US Dollars instead of the Brazilian currency. This opened up many investment opportunities for him which he took full advantage of.

After having huge success at Libra Bank, Igor moved to another London Merchant Bank, Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He was named to this investment company’s board of directors and he was also made the company’s Brazilian representative. After seven years he decided to go into business for himself and formed his own investment company. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

One thing that Igor Cornelsen has learned over the years is to discount the opinion of other investors who really don’t know what’s going to happen to financial markets. Instead he reads a lot of information that is factual in nature, not opinion pieces. He says that this helps him see how the news will have an effect on stock markets and he makes his investment choices accordingly.

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