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James Dondero: Financial Changes in Argentina

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If anyone is wondering if James Dondero is having a hand in the way Argentina’s financial future is looking, then you are right. That country has been part of an investment strategy for a while, and when their President decided to make changes necessary to help the people, it paid off. Argentina is now part of the competitive global market with Dondero’s help.

While other parts of Latin America are falling apart, Argentina is third on the list for having the better economy. This country is full of vibrant resources and has a president that believes in utilizing them wisely. It helps that Argentina has a better population of educated people than the rest of their neighbors. So economic growth is spurred when the people are equipped to be productive. If the other countries were not plagued by dictators and scandals, they would prosperous as well. However, Argentina is standing out in front glowing. Considering that the government of that country were willing to make changes for the good of the people, they deserve the that Dondero is giving. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

There were two teams that were sent to Argentina. They are set up in Buenos Aires and São Paulo. Highland Capital sees this country as an investment for the next few years. It does not matter about the yields and curved because the country has things in place to solidify them. Mauro Staltari sees potential the same way Dondero does. In order for this country to get in to the global market, they needed capital. They manage to raise $16.5 billion. Argentina set a record that got everyone’s attention.


What Dondero saw in Argentina, President Macri also saw and made changes. Argentina is now a force to deal with in the global market. That was really the goal. Visit his website at