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Thor Halvorssen, Trish Regan discuss Merits of Socialism

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Is socialism god for America? Do most Americans even know what socialism means? Thor Halvorssen discussed this question on the Fox Business Network show The Intelligence Report in early March. Halvorssen, who leads the Human Rights Foundation, discussed the topic with host Trish Regan.


Regan, like many other people employed by the Fox Network, wanted to score points against socialism and help viewers understand the potential threat presented by supporters of Bernie Sanders. Despite trying to throw her own definition of the word around, she never got the chance. Thor Halvorssen interjected and spoke throughout the rest of the two-minute interview, although no one ever defined socialism.

Socialism arose as a political concept during the eighteenth century. It is a political and economic system where the workers control the means of production, but it does not require the overthrow of the current government. It started as a humanist movement to combat the excesses of capitalism.


This definition appears nowhere in the three-minute-long interview. Halvorssen said that countries with a long, stable history of democratic government usually fare well with socialist democracies, and he said most countries have some socialist policies. He warned about despots who rose to power using socialism in unstable countries, and he used Venezuela as an example.


Former Venezuelan President Hugh Chavez rose to power in this manner. The Latin American country currently faces an inflation crisis. Experts predict the collapse of the current government if inflation numbers reach the one thousand percent mark.


Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation after two of his cousins were imprisoned for speaking out against the Chavez administration. According to this Buzzfeed Article, the organization works to prevent human rights abuses around the globe.

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