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What Has George Soros Done For America

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The Quantum Fund

George Soros is undeniable one of the most prominent examples of what hedge fund managers can do if they are determined and how the leaders of the finance industry work. The Quantum Fund is undeniably the most successful hedge fund in the world and it proves exactly how successful anyone can be if they choose to put their mind to it. Beyond his work at the Quantum Fund he has also made a name for himself as a prominent philanthropist.

What He Wants To Do For All

The most important thing to understand about George Soros is that he is a man who believes in doing just about everything he can to help others. If that means going out of his way and spending part of his fortune worth tens of billions he does it. This is where the concept of the Open Society Foundation came from. He wanted a place where he could bring his ideas together and help other people. Thanks to his work people around the world are able to live better lives. Read this story about George at

How He Plans On Changing Things

The most important aspect of the way he plans on changing things is his plan to promote globalization. He believes that globalization will ultimately do more good for the world because it gives opportunities to the poor to uplift themselves. He has also promote immigration because he believes that immigrants have the potential to enrich the countries that they move to. A good example of this work in progress is the investment he made in businesses run by refugees in Europe. He gave half of a billion euros to the European Union in order to help promote refugees who are trying to start businesses and integrate into European society. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

What He’s Already Done

The work that George Soros has done is already changing the world around us. You can see great examples of this in his efforts to fight for social justice in the Southern United States where many minorities face harsh sentencing. Thanks to his work we can clearly see great examples of people who are able to live their lives free from oppression whether that be from their governments or from employers. Read his profile at Business Insider.

What The Future Holds

The future is not necessarily optimistic according to George Soros. He believes that there is a serious issue with the direction we are headed down and he wants to do just about everything he can to fight back. George Soros is currently trying to fight the Right’s attempts to undo the progressive agenda. He refuses to allow even one thing that has happened over the years go back.

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Thor Halvorssen Feels Strongly About Human Rights

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Thor Halvorssen is no garden-variety human rights activist. He doesn’t have normal hours, for one. The prominent advocate spends a lot of time awake when everyone else around him has long been fast asleep. Halvorssen currently serves as the Human Rights Foundation’s president. This organization is headquartered in New York, New York. It’s been in existence since 2005. Halvorssen is a Venezuelan and Norwegian individual who can speak United States English just like a native. He has zero trace of an accent. Liberty and human rights are topics that are incredibly important to Halvorssen. He’s equipped with a lot of “real life” experience that enables him to understand those subjects in great detail as well. Thor Halvorssen’s father was subjected to brutality inside of a jail in Caracas. The activist’s mother, on the other hand, was a shooting victim who attended a rally that was against former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

His birthplace was Venezuela. His father is named Thor Halvorssen Hellum and his mother is named Hilda Mendoza. Thor Halvorssen received his education at the esteemed University of Pennsylvania thousands of miles away from his South American homeland in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a magna cum laude graduate. He studied both history and political science while at the well-known Ivy League school.

Halvorssen is an expert on many topics that involve civil liberties and democracy in general. He knows a lot about slavery, human trafficking and dictatorships. He also understands the many potential democracy risks that are out there. That’s why he regularly gives lectures on topics that are under his umbrella of expertise. Halvorssen has given human rights lectures at the New York City Junto, Harvard Law School, the American Enterprise Institute and the United Nations Association.

Film production is also something that’s immensely important to Halvorssen. He was a co-producer for “Freedom’s Fury.” Freedom’s Fury was a movie that detailed Hungary’s 1956 revolt. Halvorssen was also an executive producer for “Hammer & Tickle.” This movie discussed the Soviet Union.