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The best tips for success in the world of investment-Igor Cornelsen

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Everyone dreams of a situation whereby they will make an investment and earn millions from it, retire early and give back to the community on The sad reality is that less than 5 percent of the population of the world holds more than 95 percent of their wealth. This clearly shows that more people need to learn the exact practices that lead to success when investing on LinkedIn. One person that seems to have figured it out is Igor Cornelsen. He is a Brazilian investor and the current president of a company known as Bridge Investments.

Igor Cornelsen started his tenure with the company five years ago. When he was joining, he states that he felt a deep need to help people that needed to understand the world of investment but had no idea where or how to get started. The idea that he had in mind was mentoring these people and giving them the advice that would help them stop making investment blunders and make a success out of their business ventures at

Igor Cornelsen confides that the secret behind his success was finding out that Brazil had a lot of untapped potential when it comes to economics. He realized that Brazil would be an economic powerhouse. Indeed Brazil has become among the top five economic giants in the world. The investment vehicles that he took have really helped him attain the success that he has. His investment s were in the stock market and they did really well, enabling him to retire early.

Igor Cornelsen tells new investors to always take care when approaching New Markets. When entering a new unfamiliar places, knowing the laws and legal customs helps a person deal with their advertising and other measures that bring in the money.

The company that he heads is located in the Bahamas. His family on the other hand is in Florida. In order to coordinate the activities of his company, he has to make a lot of trips between the US, Bahamas and Brazil every month. During the times when he is not busy at work, he relaxes by playing golf. He is a true inspiration to many.

Sam Tabar On How to Invest for the New Year

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For many people, taking the first step towards investment can be complicated. Many people don’t know exactly where to start or feel that they may mess something up. As such, people spend countless hours each year looking for the best investment options—often coming up empty-handed, or worse off than they previously were. Sam Tabar, a Columbia Law School graduate, caught wind of this issue recently—and decided to step forth and offer his investment advice.

Starting off, Tabar recommends skipping the popular commodity trading. While many people might choose to opt for this starting off, Tabar cautions new, inexperienced investors of this sort of trading—due to the sheer complicated processes involved with it. Starting off, commodity trading involves a lot of research, meaning you will likely dig yourself back into the same hole you were in to begin with—unsure where to start, and unsure what to do.

For the beginner investor, Tabar states that the best choice is to look into investing in differing private businesses. Private businesses are typically easier to invest into than commodity trading, and many private businesses offer to make donations to those in need for investments.

Over the years, Tabar has had a great deal of experience working with finances. For example, one prominent position is his Head of Capital Strategy position for Bank of America Merill Lynch—Bank of America’s corporate and investment division. He held this from February 2011 to September 2012 — shortly achieving a Partner position at FullCycleFund, with similar responsibilities.

As Tabar is a business law student, he is fairly knowledgeable about what does—and doesn’t— work in the investment world. He has worked for a variety of companies looking to expand their capital, and has been of great help to all of them—and can be of great help to you, as well.

All in all, Tabar offers very sound advice that can be used by just about anyone looking to invest. For anyone interested in investing for the new year, but unaware of where to start, look no further than the advice offered by Sam Tabar!