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Beneful Serves A Wonderful Roasted Chicken Recipe

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Purina clearly did not come up with the Beneful line as an afterthought. A lot of work clearly went into creating this gourmet line of dog food. The various different choices among the wet food really are impressive. Dog owners interested in purchasing a choice from the Beneful wet food selections might be wondering what particular wet food choice is the best.

Well, only the dog can truly say for sure what wet food brand is the best and they can’t exactly express a preference. An owner can speculate on what brand is particularly excellent based on the ingredients found in the wet food.

The Roasted Chicken Recipe definitely deserves a mention in any conversation about the best wet food Beneful has to offer. For one, the roasted chicken really is gourmet roasted chicken. Fake, processed chicken-flavored fillers are not used. Beneful goes with real wholesome ingredients.

In addition to the chicken, this selection comes with pasta, spinach, and carrots. Carbs and vitamins are gained from these three ingredients, which is a good thing for dogs in need of a more balanced diet.

Beneful also provides a $3 discount coupon on purchases. The discount can be procured through the company’s website.

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Great News for Beneful Dog Treats

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Beneful Dog Food and Beneful Dog Treats was first introduced in 2001 and has continued to expand ever since. It tailors its products exclusively to dogs and offers a healthy choice every time. Beneful dog treats are made to be a cut above the rest and offer a variety of soft baked and crunchy dog treats. All of the Beneful brand treats are popular, with the soft baked treats and the break-n-bites seeming to appeal to more customers. Beneful recommends that you feed your pet 1 or 2 treats a day with a maximum of 5. There are roughly 22kcal to 62kcal per treat, depending on which style treat you choose. A puppy can any of the Beneful treats, but it recommended to only feed your puppy 1 a day, 2 at the most. Puppies usually like to chew things, so the crunchy treats may be better suited. Senior dogs might find the Beneful Soft Baked chews easier to eat but they can also be given any of the Beneful Dog Treats.

You can get a $3 off coupon just for joining their mailing list with your email and there are also coupons on certain bags of Beneful Treats.