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The Role That David McDonald Plays At OSI Group

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David McDonald is one of those rare people nowadays that has spent his entire career at one company. After graduating from Iowa State University he was hired on at OSI Group, an international food provider. He has been the chief operating officer and president of this privately-owned company for several years now and oversees a wide range of subsidiaries and a global supply chain.  View David McDonald’s profile at Linkedin.

One of their subsidiaries in Europe is Baho Food. David McDonald managed the negotiations that brought this company into the OSI Group fold in August 2016. Baho Food processes meat products that are sold to retail outlets and restaurants. They have food processing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands and sell their items under five brand names which are Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frishwaren, Henri van de Bilt, and Vital Convenience.

When his company acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food, McDonald released a statement that this acquisition would give his company a larger David European presence. He also noted that what Baho Food sells and their brands fit well with what OSI Group excels at. It also gave his company the ability to best meet the evolving needs of their customers.

A few years ago, OSI Group hired a vice president of quality assurance and food safety who reports directly to David McDonald OSI Group. This person, Dr. Kenneth Petersen, now leads OSI Group’s Global Quality Council. David McDonald released a statement where he welcomed Ken to the company and said that his extensive experience would put OSI Group at the forefront of the food industry’s food safety practices and policy. OSI Group is committed to delivering the highest quality food, he stated.

David McDonald got married in 1991. They have six children in their family with the older ones now attending his alma mater, Iowa State University. He is also active with his church and the broader community that he lives in. This includes serving on the school board for St. Michael and participating in the St. Michael Parish. He also maintains an active role with Iowa State University and supporting his fraternity with scholarships.



The Longtime Relationship Between OSI Group And McDonald’s

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OSI Group is a leading food producing company that was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and has been driven with a special dedication to client success.OSI Group provides great food solutions that are valuable, quality and at a fair cost for the clients processing needs.

Being a leading food provider with great infrastructure, OSI offers the clients the opportunity to source, advance, create and distribute their customized food solutions to any region in the world. The company is operating in 17 countries with sixty-five centers and having 20,000 employees. In 1928, the company was rebranded to Otto and sons and became OSI Group in 1975.

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The relationship between OSI Group and McDonald’s started more than six decades ago after the successful handshake between Kroc, McDonald’s franchise agent, and Arthur and Harry, Otto’s son. The agreement was that OSI Industries would be the franchise distributor of fresh ground beef. It turned out to be a fruitful deal that made Kroc to purchase the whole McDonalds that has grown to be McDonald’s Corporation where he serves as the CEO. OSI Group joined McDonald’s to establish a plan for the current franchise model.

Otto and Sons transformed to OSI Industries, in the next two decades and were tasked with supplying the McDonald’s hamburger consistently to all McDonald’s restaurants at different distances. Later on, in the 1960’s there was a major technological breakthrough that enhanced the relationship between OSI Industries and McDonald’s. The flash freezing technology that ensures the food is frozen easily using liquid nitrogen created the chance for the company to expand its products as well as the cost.

The close relationship between Kroc and Kolchwsky’s sons helped in transitioning from being one of a hundred McDonald’s suppliers in the country to being one of the four main suppliers of McDonald’s meat internationally following the supply chain consolidation.

In 1973, OSI Industries created a plant in West Chicago that dealt with the McDonald’s Products only. The company then became a leading corporation as well as a leading local supplier. The company then moved to manufacture in 1975 and has grown to international market after McDonald went international.


Global Expansion And Home Growth Power OSI Group

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OSI Group may already be among the world’s largest food processing companies with 65 facilities in 17 countries, but this privately-owned business is determined to continue growing aggressively in coming years. The past two years have demonstrated OSI’s full-tilt charge toward greater global reach and a massive presence on the world stage. Company expansion also means growing at home. For example, OSI recently completed the purchase of a 20,000 square foot processing and storage facility in Chicago. OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The new Chicago facility is a significant addition to the overall capability of OSI to meet growing customer demand for a variety of processed meat products, said Kevin Scott. Scott is Executive Vice-President of OSI North America.

While it bulks up its processing power at home, OSI Group is making big moves around the world. An example is the recent merger with Turi Foods in Australia. Turi is one of largest chicken processors Down Under. After the merger, Turi will become Turosi Pty Ltd. The union of OSI Group and Turi is a win-win scenario for each company, but also the people of Australia in terms of both jobs and high quality, convenient and delicious meat products for hungry customers. Another example of OSI expansion is its recent purchase of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, convenience food products and snacks for the retail segment.

Baho Food operates facilities in the Netherland and Germany. OSI controlling interest in Baho Food increases its leverage in the northern European market. Looking south to Spain, OSI Group recently doubled the capacity of its plant in Toledo. The 17-million-Euro project increased the chicken processing capacity of the Toledo operation from 12,000 pounds to 24,000 pounds per year. Demand for chicken has grown in Spain by 8% in each of the past three years. More than 40 new jobs were also added. When beef and pork products are included, the Spain operation can handle more than 40,000 pounds of product annually. From the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, OSI is extending its reach and solidifying its position as a global powerhouse in the food processing sector.

Great News for Beneful Dog Treats

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OSI Group Expands Its Presence In Europe

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OSI Group has been a leader in meat manufacturing for decades. The company opened its doors in the early nineteen-hundreds. It was founded by a German immigrant. Otto Kolshowsky had a vision for his small enterprise. It would soon grow to be one of the main meat suppliers in the Chicago, Illinois area. Otto and Sons began servicing local grocery stores and restaurants. They eventually developed a relationship with the leader of the McDonald’s organization. Ray Kroc was expanding into the area and needed a meat distributor to support his operation. Otto and Sons got the job and eventually evolved into the primary supplier for McDonald’s. Creative innovations put them at the front of the industry and made Otto and Sons a worldwide entity.

The company changed its name to OSI Group in the mid-70s. It has gone on to become suppliers for many other major food chains. These corporations include Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway. OSI has also begun to expand its reach around the European continent. They acquired both Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. These organizations will help OSI Group maneuver and establish itself in a new market that will bring limitless growth.

As OSI Group continues to evolve it provides a number of career opportunities for people of all walks of life. The American based company has recruiting stations planted in the Asian Pacific, Germany, the UK, Poland and Hungary. In 2011 OSI Group was named one of America’s largest private companies. Their annual revenues total billions of dollars.

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OSI Group – An American Food Processing Company

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OSI GROUP is one of the best food processing companies in the world. With its head office Located at Illinois, United States, OSI GROUP is an American private holding company that specializes in sales of meats, vegetables, fruits and other proteins. They engage in mass supply of beef, seafood, poultry, pizza, baked goods, pork and more to all markets around the world.

With over 100 years of existence, the group have more than 65 facilities in more than 16 countries. This group have many subsidiaries located in North America, the Asia-Pacific region, Western and Eastern Europe.

OSI Group received some awards over the years, including awards for environmental management and an award for management of health and safety risks as well. The company had just expanded their resources with recent purchase of flagship Europe, a company held to high esteem by UK food service market with a very broad range of quality, innovative products across a number of product categories. Although the company had also acquire Baho food and Tyson food plant, but the recent acquisition is an incredible addition.

OSI Group is concerned with their business impact on the world and strive to maintain positive relationship with people, community and countries in which they operate. This is what made them stand out from other companies in food processing industry. With enough experience in this industry and large varieties of equipment suitable for supply and processing of their products, no doubt they are the best in the world. OSI Group are termed as the world class food processing company because of their high class and top-notch products. That’s why their products are regarded at the best.

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