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A win-win-win scenario at GreenSky

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GreenSky is a fintech with a difference from others. It is being run on a model that has proved profitable in the long-run. Many fintechs have failed in the past because they are run on a model that is not sustainable. This fintech has provided a solution that is fee-based and one that resolves the challenges associated with traditional banking. Borrowers no longer need to spend days doing paperwork in long banking queues when they can get an easy solution through this fintech. The technology employed here is supposed to link the borrower with the bank. The fintech offers no financial support to the lenders. In short, it acts as a middleman in a deal between the borrower and the lender.

How do you get a loan?

GreenSky works directly with merchants and contractors. The model of getting a loan is that the loan is applied at the point-of-sale. If the customer is interested in services offered by the merchant but has no money to pay for the funds, they can apply for a loan through the fintech which will cover the expenses of the services provided. The contractor makes the loan application on behalf of the customer. The loans details are sent To GreenSky who in turn link the borrower with an appropriate bank.

What does Nigel Morris think?

In this kind of business model, there is no one who loses in the whole deal. Everyone’s a winner. All the parties in the deal get what they wanted. According to one of the investors in the company, Nigel Morris, the co-founder of Capital One Financial, GreenSky offer the consumer, merchant and the bank benefits. Morris is one of the successful investors in the world today after creating a leading credit card issuer. He is banking on the share value of GreenSky to get better in future since the model used to run the business guarantees prolonged profits.

Merchants are getting an opportunity to convert a potential customer into actual customers because of the affordable payment plan which does not attract interest. Consumers benefit from the flexibility of repaying method, and the banks increase their loan volume.

Paul Mampilly’s Expertise in Business Ventures is Undeniable

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Paul Mampilly is the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Profits Unlimited which he founded and Extreme Fortunes. Through these platforms, he shares his vast knowledge and expertise in matters related to finances. For starters, he worked as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust where he began his career in 1991 on Wall Street. Later, he became manager at Kinetics Asset Management a $6 billion firm which trusted him with their hedge fund. Surprisingly, while working on Wall Street, he had his investment that generated for him 76% return an achievement that made him change the direction of his career. Therefore, Paul Mampilly decided to quit his full-time job and started concentrating on helping people to make money out of their investments.

Through his columns especially as a senior editor, he majors in helping people globally to create wealth through developing finance, technology and exceptional opportunities that come their way. Paul Mampilly is one individual who appreciates technology and what it has to offer, and he is always ready to drop his current features for new ones as long as they serve them better. In that case, regarding blockchain identity security, he states that he would appreciate getting a microchip that would make his life convenient. He values his time and does not appreciate when it takes longer to obtain services from certain offices like renewing a driver’s license.

In that case, he views the blockchain as a business opportunity that is likely to thrive as most people would appreciate having their data stored electronically and access it whenever they need them. In that case, he is keen to identify business opportunities which he can confidently advise investors to consider. The fact that the data gets stored in a microchip means that they will have a demand in future and Paul Mampilly advises investors to capitalize on the components of the same such as the semiconductor. He is optimistic that such a business would thrive as more people would go for the convenience the chip offers. In that case, he brings about multiple business ideas that are workable within no time which makes him dependable on his judgment about business ventures.

Madison Street Capital Considers Setting Up New Offices In Austin Texas

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Austin is now home to some of the most accomplished business and technology brands in the country. From raising such brands as Dell and Whole Foods Market, numerous others local brands with a global reach like Apple, Google, and Facebook have come to call the city their adopted home.


The city’s friendly business policies and fast-paced economic growth are likely to draw in more businesses in the near future, and Madison Street Capital seeks to take advantage of this renewed growth. The company has therefore expressed interest in establishing yet another North American based office in the city to help advance their corporate advisory dream.


New Offices


According to a press release by the investment banker, the firm is actively evaluating possible locations and office spaces in the city where they can set up new offices. The firm is also expected to carry on with the evaluations and necessary groundwork throughout the rest of the year in anticipation of opening up the new Madison street capital branch early next year.


Factors informing the move


Madison street capital takes great pride in helping emerging businesses streamline their business goals in a bid to realize their success faster. Setting camp in Austin, therefore, helps the financial advisor reach out to some of its clients in the city as well as avail their services to more established and upcoming institutions. They also hope to use the fast-paced growth and the Madison street capital reputation for transparency, professionalism, and ethical dealings to their advantage in establishing a solid foothold in the city.


The fact that Austin is a middle-level economy also plays well into Madison Street Capitals goals of helping emerging businesses tear into the success bubble. The firm’s chief executive officer also views the setting up of a strategic office in Austin, his hometown, as a dutiful contribution to the economic growth of his backyard.


About Madison street capital


While based in Chicago, IL, Madison street capital has morphed into one of the most internationally recognized investment banking agency. In a decade of successful operations, the company has managed to expand its services beyond Chicago and North America with the establishment of offices in North Africa and Asia.


Madison Street capital specializes in the provision of corporate financial advisory to different companies before they undertake or commit to significant financial obligations. The company particularly provides M&A advisory as well as advising on capital raises, business valuations, and offering financial opinions.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Adam Milstein, A Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist

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Real Estate business has been a lucrative venture in the contemporary world, and it is considered to be a goldmine that can lead to massive financial creation for those who participate in the venture. Many investors have injected their money into the real estate sector, and eventually, they have reaped significantly. One of the notable personalities who is involved in this field is Mr. Adam Milstein. He is the director of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company that deals in matters related to homes, businesses, and retail structures management.

Apart from real estate management, another factor that has made Mr. Adam Milstein rise to the limelight lately is his involvement in the affairs of the Jewish people who live within the United States. He has created a network that promotes better coexistence while at the same time teaching people the importance of holding on to their homeland cultures and Adam on Facebook.

Mr. Adam Milstein hails from Israel in a city known as Haifa. He has only one wife who is known as Gila. In 2002, Adam Milstein and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which mentors young Jews to try and make them appreciate their origin. Mr. Adam Milstein is a philanthropist who is recognized worldwide, and he holds other managerial dockets in notable organizations like StandWithUs. In the course of his tenure at the IAC, many councils and active volunteers have joined the good course have made the organization grow immensely and read full article.

Milstein views both real estate and philanthropy as being very beneficial. However, the greatest difference is that the latter requires great dedication as there are times when passion is needed to keep a person going. As much as philanthropy may not be very financially beneficial, one gains from helping other people in the society and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Mr. Adam Milstein reminisces that his greatest achievement has been to impart that sense of identity to Israelis. Adam loves his culture, and that’s why he is always struggling to ensure that the younger generation can understand their heritage and what Adam knows.

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