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Host Dazzling, Unforgettable Events Effortlessly With Twenty Three Layers

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You can quickly learn to throw memorable events by following a few tips. Plan and start the preparation early. Details such as the location, overall budget, focus points, date, and theme should be clear from the onset. Create a checklist of the important milestones and update it as you go along. This includes a shopping list for supplies, required equipment and services from providers, guest list, reservations and dietary considerations.

This ensures you have all you need and avoids last minute and impulse shopping. It also gives you time to prepare food items that take longer to cook. These can be frozen awaiting the day. A theme adds life to your events. It sets the tone and inspires guests. Mail out chic invites in time to build anticipation.

Come up with an innovative self-bar where guests can mix their drinks. Have some refreshing cocktails ready to mellow your guests and get them mingling. Make it an attention-grabbing specialty cocktail they will remember. Offer mouthwatering appetizers and snacks as opposed to a formal dinner. This encourages conversation and activity at your event.

Think about the kids. Designate a special kids section and decorate it appropriately. Expect disruption from the kids and plan for it. Designate areas for dirty cutlery as well as garbage. Finally, relax and get into the hosting mood. Creative takeaways ensure guests remember you long after the event. Planning a successful event involves many creative layers that make it a success.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the elite corporate event planners in NYC. The firm provides full-service event management from concept to execution. This includes venue selection, décor, catering, entertainment, photography and styling among others. The company enjoys close relationships with exclusive locations, popular vendors, and other stakeholders.

There are numerous reasons to work with one of the best event planning companies in NYC. It gives you access to the latest trends in foods, decoration and appropriate entertainment. Twenty Three Layers enables you to host your party in exclusive venues with seamless support throughout the event. It’s the definitive go to company for dazzling and unforgettable events.

Twenty Three Layers Event Planning

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Planning parties can become somewhat hectic and stressful when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. In order to calm the nerves and throw a stress free, relaxing gathering, there are some tips one should consider. The first is to plan simple and gather a checklist to start organizing about a month before the event is set to take place. The second thing you can do is to stay organized. This can be accomplished by creating shopping lists and keeping track of RSVPs. A third tip is to plan a theme. This makes decorating a whole lot easier. You can also send out invites early and offer a self serve bar. To keep things interesting, you should create your own concoction that coincides with the theme. But don’t forget about the kids. Planning a party can remain stress free by setting up a kids only table and keeping appetizers simple.


If however, you still find yourself stressed out and can’t find the time to plan a party on your own there are event planning companies that can help out. Corporate event planners in NYC like Twenty three Layers specialize in all sorts of events. Twenty three Layers event planning company always finds the hottest trendy locations in New York City for events as big as weddings and things as small as personal celebrations. They also cater all events so that people don’t have to worry at all about what guests will be eating. The catering includes unique drinks and cocktails as well as food. The company also offers a beautiful array of decorations as well as entertainment. Some of the decorations include floral designs from real life professionals. The entertainment aspect features talented artists that are well known and memorable.


Lastly, Twenty three Layers offers great photography packages that are included with the party planning packages. They will create their own lighting ambience that sets a perfect balance in mood while making sure that the lights help create gorgeous photographs. If you live in NYC, then Twenty three Layers is definitely a company to check out.


Expert Tips For Throwing A Stress-Free Party

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Anyone who has ever thrown a party knows just how stressful and draining the entire experience can be. From sending out invitations to preparing food that guests will enjoy, there are so many components involved that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted before the guests even begin to show up.


That’s why we’ve gathered tips from event planning companies in NYC. These tips will help you plan an amazing party without the stress.



  1. You Can Never Be Too Organized


When it comes to throwing a party, it’s okay to be a control freak. Parties involve so many moving parts that it’s easy to forget about an important detail until the last second. Use spreadsheets to stay on top of to-do lists, dietary restrictions and shopping lists.



  1. Make Up A Specialty Cocktail


If you don’t want to spend money on various types of liquor, serve a specialty cocktail to your guests instead. Come up with something creative and festive that will get your guests into the party spirit in no time.



  1. A Clever Theme Ties Everything Together


If you’re stuck when it comes to figuring out the menu and decor, come up with a theme that can tie all of your party elements together. Use this theme as a guide when it comes to making decisions regarding the food, decorations and music.



  1. You’re Allowed To Take A Break


You’ve been working hard! Take a step back and relax before your guests arrive. Unwind with some relaxing music or your favorite television show so that you’ll feel refreshed and alive when it’s party time.



  1. Get Professional Help


If you want some extra help, hire a professional party planner. Twenty Three Layers is one of the most versatile party and corporate event planners in NYC. This team of planners can work with parties of all sizes and in all kinds of venues. Plus, they can take care of the food, alcohol, entertainment and more.





As you can see, planning a party doesn’t have to be stressful. By following these easy tips, your friends and family will have an unforgettable experience.

Find them in NY: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Event Planner in New York City

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Twenty Three Layers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC. They offer a broad range of services from designing the event spaces to providing the cuisines needed in an event. The highly trained event planners in Twenty Three Layers help create the most dazzling corporate and social events, evening parties, personal celebrations, wedding galas, as well as charitable functions.



Twenty Three Layers Services



Twenty Three Layers consist of the most passionate, creative and perceptive event planners in NYC. They know what every audience requires at a particular time, therefore, providing satisfactory results to their clients. The event planning company gives their customers a broad range of services including event selection, branding, production, and fabrication, catering services, and lighting among others.



Hiring an event planner



The numerous event planners in New York allow the client to choose the best one to deliver the required services. Before hiring an event planner, the host should determine the reason they are holding the event. Use of the 5Ws (who, where, when, why how and when) helps the host to outline the primary goal of the event. Knowledge of the objective of the event plays a vital role in budgeting and knowing the functions of the planners in the event.



After the first stage of preparation, the host should embark on looking for the appropriate event planner in NYC for the kind of event that they want. Experienced planners are highly recommended since they have handled different situations in the past. The local hotels and friends would refer you to one of the active event planners in their region. The hosts then narrow down the list of the event planners to three who will be easier to interview and the one that suits their preference.



After settling for one event planner, provide them with the specific details of the event to allow for proper planning. Negotiate the various terms with them before the work begins. It is important to work closely with them as you monitor the progress. Sometimes event planners may not be as efficient in their work leading to mishaps. Therefore, it is required to have a backup plan in case you develop a need to rehire another planner.



Find them in NYC:


Lauren Conrad’s Party Planning Tips

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In an interview with Redbook magazine, former reality star and entrepreneur Lauren Conrad shares her best tips for entertaining.

Since her days on The Hills, Lauren Conrad has become mega-successful, with two awesome fashion lines, nine books, and millions of social media followers. She has most recently launched an fair-trade online shop called The Little Market and written an entertaining book titled Celebrate!, leading some to call her this generation’s Martha Stewart.

Conrad shares that her number-one entertaining tip is to keep things low-key. She says that any party that is “too put-together” feels “fussy,” and that defeats the main purpose of having a party: making your guests and yourself feel comfortable. She also notes that the most important part of a party is for everyone, including yourself, to have fun. Though she admits that planning amazing details is important, Conrad says “The point [of a party] is to celebrate–and that means everyone.”

If you don’t have the time or energy to plan fabulous parties yourself, check out Twenty Three Layers. It is a fabulous event planning company in NYC that focuses on designing one-of-a-kind events with themes from stylish glamour to whimsical fun. They are a full-service company, so everything from food to decor to entertainment is taken care of for you. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, a shower, or a birthday, Twenty Three Layers will make your event unforgettable for both you and your guests.

Because Twenty Three Layers is also a design firm, every detail of your event is sure to wow your guests. They will work with you on styling, custom printing options, floral arrangements, and photography to ensure every part of the event matches your vision. They work with only the best and most unique vendors in NYC to ensure your event is of top quality. The best part about hiring a full-service company like Twenty Three Layers is that you only have to coordinate with one contact. They will handle everything from start to finish to give you the most stress-free and amazing event experience.

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