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Meet the Team at Innovacare Health

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Innovacare Health has become one of the leaders in Orlando, Florida’s healthcare landscape. This company provides comprehensive solutions for patients and their families. Innovacare Health helps to streamline processes in the healthcare industries for all parties involved. Patients, insurance companies, pharmacies and providers all enjoy dealing with Innovacare.

Rick Shinto, the founder and CEO of Innovacare Health, is a very special guy. He holds both an MD and an MBA. By combining medical expertise with business knowledge, he’s been able to build a company that delivers great care and great value. Rick Shinto has decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Prior to founding Innovacare, he worked for NAMM in California and was CEO of Aveta.

Dr. Shinto has plenty of experience dealing with publicly-funded healthcare plans. He knows his way around Medicaid and Medicare. He has been working with these programs for years. In fact, he continues to work with MMM Healthcare, the largest Medicaid Advantage program in Puerto Rico.

One reason Dr. Shinto has been able to accomplish so much is that he surrounds himself with great people. Penelope Kokkinides is just one example. As Chief Administrative Officer, she is the person who really greases the wheels and helps make Dr. Shinto’s ideas come to life. Ms. Kokkinides has been working in healthcare from a very young age. Her first after-school job was in a doctor’s office.

Ms. Kokkinides has built an impressive career since those humble beginnings. Her organizational and reasoning skills are second-to-none. She has long been a C-level executive, often in partnership with Dr. Rick Shinto. For example, she was COO at Aveta, Inc. Prior to rejoining Rick Shinto at Innovacare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked at Centerlight HealthCare and Touchstone Health.

Together, Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto have helped to bring streamlined processes and great healthcare to the Orlando, Florida community. Many of the people Innovacare Health sees are elderly. The team at Innovacare love nothing more than to help these seniors as they age. They feel honored to work with people in their golden years, and help bring peace of mind to their families.

An Inspirational Story of Richard Liu Qiangdong

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Richard Liu is the founder and chairman of, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China. was started in 2004. Speaking in an interview during the Annual World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that he decided to name the company Jingdong after combining his last name and that of his girlfriend.

He studied Sociology at the Renmin University in Beijing. While pursuing his studies at the University, Richard Liu started a restaurant business but it never had any breakthrough. By then it was difficult to juggle between running the business and concentrating on his studies. He then ventured into the retail business where he sold computer accessories while still at the University, his deep interest in business was fueled by the need to generate money for his poor family. Money was also needed to meet the medical bills of his sickly grandmother.

Richard Liu’s business suffered a huge blow following the SARS epidemic. He was forced to shut all the existing physical stores. However, one of the managers suggested to him about starting an online business of the same. After giving it a try, Richard Liu discovered that this online option was more convenient than the physical one as it was less costly and had an improved customer experience.

Over the years, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in China. Richard Liu’s main goal was to fight the rise of counterfeit goods offered online by providing a platform that generates customer satisfaction through the sale of quality products and services. At first, due to a fixed budget, could only manage to sell one range of products mainly IT-related goods. With time, different lines of products were added to the company. Currently, is valued at a whopping $60 billion.

The company has also provided thousands of employment opportunities to the people of China. Under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong, is achieving more and has managed to be at par with giant e-commerce companies like Alibaba. The company received a boost after WeChat agreed to promote JD.Com’s products on its website, the company records close to a billion monthly users.

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Could A Cyber Crisis Be Upon Us?

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It is often in the aftermath of a crisis that we begin to realize that we should have been preparing for something in the first place. As human beings, we are not very good at thinking ahead to prevent the bad thing from happening in the first place. However, we may need to think more logically going forward if the predictions from cyber-security expert William Salto are correct about our current state of affairs.


The man points out that technology is everywhere in our daily lives, and that we need to have the mindset that an attack is just about to happen at any moment. We have to at least get ourselves to start thinking in a crisis mode if we want to be able to adapt when a crisis actually does come around.


William Salto thinks about these things because he helps to find investors for small businesses that need them. He works to make sure that the investors can enjoy a healthy return and that the companies are able to obtain the capital that they need to keep on going. He has to think about a lot of big-picture items in the course of doing his job.


Saito has been programming from a very young age. He was like a duck to water when it came to working with computers. He has simply always been interested in how they work and what the greatest potential is that we can get out of them. He doesn’t like to give up on a problem simply because it is technical or requires a certain level of expertise. He just keeps hacking away at it until he has learned something new.


He has written a book about his life story and how he has maintained an entrepreneurial spirit despite the challenges that come with a fully connected world. In that book, you will see that he does not believe that having all of the technology that we do hurts us, quite to the contrary. However, he does feel like people need to take warnings seriously when it comes to how we use technology and how much we have come to rely upon it. He does not believe that enough people are aware of just how vulnerable they may be to attack.

Healthy Fast Foods by Nathaniel Ru and His Fellow Co-Founders

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Most entrepreneurs venture into business with the main aim being profit making. This is not the case for Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet, who went into restaurant business as soon as they graduated from college back in 2007. The three have worked very hard to fill in the gap that has been existing in George Town and most parts of the country.

The gap being lack of healthy traditional food. Nathaniel Ru and his colleagues, thus, started Sweetgreen, which is a high-end salad chain whose recipes attract diners who keep coming for more food.

The three businesspersons met while they were still studying back in George Town University; they took a business class together back in the days. They all come from entrepreneur families and all their parents are immigrants.

Apart from all being businessmen and former classmates with a lot in common regarding their background, the trio is also tech savvy. They operate most of the restaurant ventures through their websites and mobile app.

Sweetgreen has no any known headquarters. The company focuses on staying close to the people whom they serve with the aim of growing the chain nationally. The company recently opened a branch in Los Angeles.

After surviving through the first winter of their business, the three CEOs knew that they were going to succeed in business since this was a hard time as all students had left Georgia for their inter vacation. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Nathaniel Ru is a big fan of Kevin Plank, who is the CEO of Under Armour. He also likes Johnny Monies’ Little Serow restaurant, which serves great Thai food in Dc and is a big advocate of reading.

Nathaniel says, if he were to go back to his twenties, he would read more books. In business, Nathaniel says it is important to work with a team and learn how to trust them with some important responsibilities.

Nathaniel Ru graduated from George Town University in 2007 together with his friend and co-founders. He was in McDonough School of Business where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Sweetgreen was one of his best investment ideas, which has expanded in 6 states and is still looking forward to even grow further.

Nathaniel Ru believed that the community needs a healthy, delicious and economical eating facility.

Nathaniel and his partners later launched Sweetlife, which is one of the region’s largest music and food festival event. The event attracts 20,000 attendees among whom are high profile music artists and renowned chefs.