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Dr. Mark Mofid’s Is One of San Deigo’s Leading Plastic Surgeons

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Plastic surgery is one of the biggest practices in the medical community. With people wanting to change their appearance, plastic surgeons are in high-demand. One place where you’ll find a lot of plastic surgery clinics is in California.

San Diego doctor Mark Mofid is one of the most sought after California plastic surgeons. With his education background, it’s no surprise why Dr. Mark Mofid is highly-recommended. After graduating from Harvard University, he went on to have a fellowship at the prestigious John Hopkins University. When his fellowship ended in 2004, he opened his own medical practice in San Diego, which is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid offers a variety of procedures including: facial reconstruction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, chemical peels, and facelifts. One unique procedure that the doctor is known for is buttock augmentation. The procedure has made headline news with many patients overdoing it when it comes to the implants. Yet, Mofid insists that with his buttock augmentation procedure, he only uses a certain size of implants and educates the patient on the complications if they want bigger implants.

Mark Mofid’s dedication to the care of his patients is one of the reasons his practice is highly-recommended. Patients have praised the doctor and his staff for their caring nature along with their amazing plastic surgery work. Aside from praise from patients, Dr. Mark Mofid has also received numerous honors from his peers. In 2011, he was named San Diego Superior Doctor. He’s also been featured in numerous publications, including PSP Magazine, Cosmetic Town, and Plastic Surgery Practice.

As his practice continues to grow so does Dr. Mark Mofid’s popularity. He’s one of the top-notch surgeons in San Diego and the surrounding California areas. His dedication to performing plastic surgery has made him a hit with patients and the medical community.