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The Frontera Fund Fights For Dreamers

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DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is one of the most important issues of our time. It refers to the allowance of temporary stay for undocumented immigrants who came to America as children. Children who arrived to America by the actions of their parents are in a very precarious situation. They don’t have strong ties to the country of the parents and they have only known America as home. Unfortunately, Republicans and Donald Trump are trying to find a way to deport them from the only place they have known. Frontera Fund works to fight for dreamers in order to keep the American dream alive They understand the important of this work and what it mean for countless youths.

The Frontera Fund achieves its goal by finding ways to provide legal aid. Undocumented immigrants who come to America by no fault of their own don’t necessarily have all of the means to fight for their rights. They may need the assistance of others who are better able to go through the legal system. In order to help them find that this nonprofit works to give them the perfect solution to all of their problems. The fight isn’t an easy one but the Frontera Fund is prepared to help out everyone in need.

The current political climate isn’t favorable to dreamers or immigrants in general. Donald Trump has spearheaded a movement that seeks to bring nativism and nationalism back into politics with his presidency serving as the first acts. If things go unchallenged, he has the potential to create one of the country’s darkest hours. The only way to stop this is for those who have the ability to stand up for what’s right. Nobody deserves to be taken from the only home land that have ever known and thrown into a country they know nothing about. That’s exactly what the repeal of DACA is going to do and it is to be avoided at all cost. The Frontera Fund is at the front lines of this fight doing everything to make sure we aren’t destroyed by this decision years from now.