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Andrew Housser of Freedom Debt Relief Suggests These Steps to Protect Your Credit

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Andrew Housser, a leader in the financial industry, recently published an article on WBRC called “How to Safeguard your Credit After the Equifax Breach”. Housser received his MBA from the Stanford Business School. After graduating he worked with a private equity fund and in investment banking. In 2002, Housser started the Freedom Financial network, a network of companies that helps Americans recover from debt and more information click here.

Housser recognized the confusion after the Equifax breach and wanted to provide a variety of steps to safeguard your credit and information. Since the massive security breach will impact nearly half the country, it may be wise to follow them.

The first aspect Housser suggests is to confirm whether or not your information has been exposed. Because the information disclosed ranged from Social Security numbers to addresses, it is important to discover if your information has been revealed. Housser encourages you to check on Equifax’s new website which was created to provide more information on the situation and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.

Housser also suggests placing your credit on hold by freezing it with all three credit bureaus. By freezing your credit with TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, you will prevent any thieves or hackers from being able to open lines of credit. If you wish to open lines of credit yourself after freezing it, you simply call the bureaus with the PIN number created in the signup process and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.

He also reveals the importance of keeping an incredibly close eye on your accounts. Thieves will use small amounts to test the information. If you notice any unusual charges, make sure you report it to both your bank and your creditor. They may cancel your credit card and provide you with a new one. They might also be able to offer some protection in terms of the charges and will often be able to help you dispute them and their Youtube.

Freedom Debt Relief is one of the companies housed under Freedom Financial Network. They are dedicated to helping Americans recover from debt through their debt settlement program.

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Aloha Construction Growing and Being a Voice in Their Community

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As the new job numbers continue to come out there is definitely a lot of hope in the future. There have been many drivers for the new economic growth, including the construction industry. New construction has literally grown by leaps and bounds in the preceding months, including firms that prefer to specialize.

One of these specialty firms that has led the way would be Aloha Construction in Lake Zurich, IL. The managers of Aloha Construction realize that specializing is one way for them to help their company stand out, and they have carved out a solid niche for themselves by focusing on roofing, siding and gutter work within the Lake Zurich area.

This specialization begins and ends with contractors who know just about everything there is to know about the roofing process. They are able to all types of roofs, including steep, asphalt and metal. Because of their solid track record when it comes to roofing, there have been many times where Aloha Construction has even been contracted to do a roofing job with a separate contractor for the rest of the construction project!

This type of reputation is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It happens because they are able to develop consistency and treat each and every project with an eye for attention to detail. They take their job seriously and realize that you get out what you put in.

Interestingly enough, this company also realizes that the same principle applies in their local community as well. You get out what you put in, and Aloha Construction is demonstrating that in a major way with their decision to assist some local disadvantaged youth with a free shopping spree. These kids were from Omni-Youth Services, and their names were Azka, Anousheh, Ifra, and Kuna. They each had sixty seconds to explore Learning Express Toys Company and pick out which toys they wanted to take home. Each of the girls was also able to have visitors cheering them on. Investing in the community a little bit at a time. This is what Aloha does well.

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