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Flavio Maluf’s suggestion on how business can improve in Brazil

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Flavio Maluf is a renowned businessman located in Brazil, he is from a wealthy family and though this has been a source of help especially in gaining experience in the business world, Flavio has managed to create his legacy in business. After completing his education, Maluf joined his family’s business where he sharpened his business skills.

Experience is an important factor, especially in business, the opportunity to work at his family’s business taught Flavio a few things about business that would turn out to be of great help in his future companies. Currently, Flavio Maluf is the CEO at Eucatex, the enterprise deals with providing construction products.

During his business journey, one thing that Flavio has learned is the dedication in your work ensures you always have the best product and it goes hand in hand with perfection. Clients want to see value for their money, and thus it is essential to ensure your product or service is valuable.

Owing to his many years in business, Flavio has studied the trends and know what works and some of the challenges that affect business in Brazil. According to Flavio Maluf, one of the greatest challenge businesses experience is the high tax rates. Flavio believes there is a way both the government and the companies in the area can benefit without making one of the players feel disadvantaged. Find out more about Flavio at

Flavio’s solution is reduced tax rates; the government needs to put in places policies that ensure tax rates on businesses are reduced. The reduction comes with an advantage to the government as well since the companies can offer more job opportunities.

Every nation aims to have a working population, and though there are government organizations offering jobs, the private sector has over the years played a crucial role in providing employment. Flavio believes that when the government implements tax incentives organizations will be in a better position to offer jobs and better payments.

Flavio also recognizes the power of popularity and for a business to appeal to people and become popular it is essential for the enterprise to participate actively in matters concerning a specific community. By applying tax incentives, companies will be in a better position to participate in activities such as sponsorships.



The Success of Flavio Maluf in the Brazilian Business World

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Flavio Maluf represents the third generation of the renowned family business, Eucatex. The company had been founded by his father in the 1950s and since then has remained relevant in the contemporary business arena. Although born into a family with established legacy, Flavio Maluf has always remained competent and had spent years of his career trying to establish his own name.

His opinion on the proposed Fiscal Incentive Laws

Flavio Maluf recently proposed the Fiscal Incentive Laws for Brazilian businesses. The laws are aimed at ensuring that part of the taxes paid by companies is directed to different projects. Such projects would be channeled to different infrastructural developments including sporting, social, cultural, scientific research, technological, and health programs. Flavio Maluf stated that these contributions would foster social and economic developments. The companies would ensure that the society benefits from different projects instead of allocating the funds from the government expenditure. He further elaborated that the tax incentives would take the form of exemptions, tax reductions, and compensations. Visit to learn more

Soaring his company, Eucatex, to newer heights

Since its foundation, Eucatex Company has remained one of the most eco-friendly ventures in Brazil. The company focuses on producing natural eucalyptus products and serves diverse industries which also focus on the green economy. With the leadership of Flavio Maluf who is the current president, Eucatex continuously compensates for the eucalyptus trees it uses by engaging in replanting activities every year.

Recently, Flavio Maluf announced that the company had acquired wood fiber sheets unit in Botucatu from its partner, Duratex. This acquisition will not only enhance the company’s productivity but will also increase the capacity and paints to 40% and 30% respectively. Flavio Maluf aims at not only increasing the company’s profits but also creating opportunities for employment.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf remains the President and the CEO of Eucatex Group which he had joined in 1987. He attended FAAP in Sao Paulo where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His career kicked off in the trade industry, but quickly joined his family business where he ascended into the presidency position a year later.



A Look At Igor Cornelsen’s Career As An Investor

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Igor Cornelsen is a 70-year-old man from Brazil. For his college education he went to the Federal University of Parana. He initially had decided upon getting an engineering degree but halfway through he switched over to economics instead. After he graduated in 1970 he began his career in the banking industry. His first job was at an investment bank and his success eventually led to him moving to the center of commerce in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

Cornelsen achieved a great deal of success very early in his career. Just four years after he graduated from college he was named to the board of directors of one of the biggest investment banks in Brazil, Multibanco. Just two years later he was named this bank’s chief executive officer. He was in the role for two years and left because this bank was bought by Bank of America.

After leaving Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen joined the investment firm Unibanco. Over the next seven years he invested money while the national inflation rate rapidly went up. His next stop was Libra Bank PLC which was a huge opportunity for him. This firm was a London Merchant Bank which meant that he was paid in US Dollars instead of the Brazilian currency. This opened up many investment opportunities for him which he took full advantage of.

After having huge success at Libra Bank, Igor moved to another London Merchant Bank, Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He was named to this investment company’s board of directors and he was also made the company’s Brazilian representative. After seven years he decided to go into business for himself and formed his own investment company. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

One thing that Igor Cornelsen has learned over the years is to discount the opinion of other investors who really don’t know what’s going to happen to financial markets. Instead he reads a lot of information that is factual in nature, not opinion pieces. He says that this helps him see how the news will have an effect on stock markets and he makes his investment choices accordingly.

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End Citizen United to Fix Our Politics

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End Citizen United is designed to reform the decision made by the United States Supreme Court in the case of the Citizen United vs. FEC. Their goal is to bring back democracy to include the constitutional authority. However, the decision of the United States Supreme Court will change the history of politics, and learn more about End Citizen United.

All the support for End Citizen United comes from the support of the people. They are not the rich who are supporting them, instead of the average working person who wants to see things change in the way the government politics run. After receiving over 2 million dollars through the support of the people, they established in August 2015. There team is working non-stop for the fight against reforming the elections. For 2016, the United Citizen received in donations over 20.5 billion dollars during the polls. Currently, the independent voters are their target, ensuring that the money is at the top of the politics.

The End Citizen United has made it a goal to undo the political action of the Citizen United. During the 2018 mid-term elections, they are planning to spend millions and millions of dollars just to put Democrats into office who support or in favor of the finance reform. There are reports of at least 20 members of the house who are vulnerable and are already targeted.

Citizen United has been chipping away at the finance regulation since they were established. According to them, the bill should not have been passed by Congress. Reports say that James Bobb, the defense attorney for Citizen United is not finished yet. He now has a goal to attack every aspect of the financial reform regulation.

End Citizen United has raised well over 11.5 million dollars as of August 30, 2017. There are no reports as to how much of that money will be used toward the California districts. Citizen United started out in a courtroom and now has spanned across the United States. James went to court in 2008 in defense of Citizen United, so they could make a political statement of wanting to broadcast Hilary-The Movie. Thus, ultimately allowing corporations money to rule the elections, and End Citizen United on Facebook.

One thing about James, he is impressively right in the courtroom defending the rights of End Citizen United. The goal is to fight the effects and ruling of the Citizen United, change the decision and reform the United States to make it great again. It is time to take the big money of our political system. They work hard and strive to fix the system through the elections by ensuring they elect champions who are ready and support the finance campaign, and

Malcolm CasSelle Bringing Blockchain Technology To Gaming World

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Cryptocurrency and blockchains seem to be popping up everywhere. One gaming executive sees this innovative digital technology as a way to innovate the world of gaming. Malcolm CasSelle is leading the way as the CIO of the biggest bitcoin merchant on the planet.

CasSalle’s company OPSkins is hard at work launching a blockchain platform for virtual asset trading. This new platform, known as the World Asset Exchange (WAX) will allow people to trade virtual assets on a blockchain. That means WAX can help eliminate fraud and allow the instant exchange of virtual assets between buyers and sellers. Best of all, players won’t have to click off their game during their exchange.

As the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle has been instrumental in the implementation of WAX. He has helped with the creation of the tokenized exchange of virtual assets that will allow a seamless transaction between all parties. And executing each trade will be as simple as using a blockchain-enabled widget, and learn more about Malcolm CasSelle.

So how exactly is the WAX blockchain powered? Simple, by using a Delegated Proof of Stake. This type of consensus algorithm is the fastest and most efficient model that is available for these types of transactions. And OPSkins’ experienced team will ensure that the launch and ongoing operation of the Worldwide Asset Exchange will be a fair, fast and efficient platform, and

As an early stage investor in Facebook and Zynga, Malcolm CasSelle is astute in finding technological trends. And Mr. CasSelle has continued to put his perceptive business skills to work by investing in many bitcoin-related operations. Prior to being the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX, Mr. CasSelle was the Cheif Technology Officer and President of New Ventures at tronc, Inc. (formerly known as Tribune Publishing).

Today blockchain technology is enabling the quick and honest exchange of money and assets across the online world. With an opportunity to change the world of gaming, Malcolm CasSelle is launching WAX as a way to help gamers exchange virtual assets like never before.

Rick Smith Helps Jails Realize Potential

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In the prison industry, it can be hard for people to realize they are getting a positive part of their job done. They may not know what they are looking for even if they are trying to do different things and that’s what has made things harder on those who have tried to always do the best job possible. Rick Smith knew this when he started at Securus. He also knew there would be different ways for people to try their best even if they were not working the right way on the prison industries. As long as Rick Smith was giving them the attention they needed, the prisons were going to continue to thrive and do better with the issues they were facing. It all went back to how Rick Smith could actually help people with their issues in the prisons and with the problems they had with inmates. According to Wikipedia

There were many issues that were related to wastes of resources in the prison industry. In fact, most of these things went back to how people were being treated and how they had to make sure they were protected from the inmates. While many prisons may not have had a lot of problems, there were some where people just could not get the help they had to get if they were going through different situations. It is what Rick Smith wanted to work on so he could help other people. He knew this would be part of what would make his business better.

Securus has helped prisons get the things they need. Under the direction of Rick Smith Securus gave more attention to prison industries and made sure he was making the right type of connections. As he worked harder, the industries changed and people became more positive about what was going on. He also made valuable connections with other businesses which is what allowed him to keep moving forward with the company he was trying to run. In every situation, it allowed Rick Smith the chance to show off what he had learned and how he could do different things.


For Rick Smith, the most important part of the business was giving people the things they could benefit from. He knew a lot about the business and a lot about how he could help others. In fact, Rick Smith had always been a big part of prison industries and he knew the help he had would give him the edge he needed to truly provide positive experiences for the administrators and guards. Rick Smith always kept working toward a better future no matter what issues people had in the prisons or what they were facing from the prison industries. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Andrew Housser of Freedom Debt Relief Suggests These Steps to Protect Your Credit

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Andrew Housser, a leader in the financial industry, recently published an article on WBRC called “How to Safeguard your Credit After the Equifax Breach”. Housser received his MBA from the Stanford Business School. After graduating he worked with a private equity fund and in investment banking. In 2002, Housser started the Freedom Financial network, a network of companies that helps Americans recover from debt and more information click here.

Housser recognized the confusion after the Equifax breach and wanted to provide a variety of steps to safeguard your credit and information. Since the massive security breach will impact nearly half the country, it may be wise to follow them.

The first aspect Housser suggests is to confirm whether or not your information has been exposed. Because the information disclosed ranged from Social Security numbers to addresses, it is important to discover if your information has been revealed. Housser encourages you to check on Equifax’s new website which was created to provide more information on the situation and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.

Housser also suggests placing your credit on hold by freezing it with all three credit bureaus. By freezing your credit with TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, you will prevent any thieves or hackers from being able to open lines of credit. If you wish to open lines of credit yourself after freezing it, you simply call the bureaus with the PIN number created in the signup process and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.

He also reveals the importance of keeping an incredibly close eye on your accounts. Thieves will use small amounts to test the information. If you notice any unusual charges, make sure you report it to both your bank and your creditor. They may cancel your credit card and provide you with a new one. They might also be able to offer some protection in terms of the charges and will often be able to help you dispute them and their Youtube.

Freedom Debt Relief is one of the companies housed under Freedom Financial Network. They are dedicated to helping Americans recover from debt through their debt settlement program.

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Adam Milstein, A Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist

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Real Estate business has been a lucrative venture in the contemporary world, and it is considered to be a goldmine that can lead to massive financial creation for those who participate in the venture. Many investors have injected their money into the real estate sector, and eventually, they have reaped significantly. One of the notable personalities who is involved in this field is Mr. Adam Milstein. He is the director of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company that deals in matters related to homes, businesses, and retail structures management.

Apart from real estate management, another factor that has made Mr. Adam Milstein rise to the limelight lately is his involvement in the affairs of the Jewish people who live within the United States. He has created a network that promotes better coexistence while at the same time teaching people the importance of holding on to their homeland cultures and Adam on Facebook.

Mr. Adam Milstein hails from Israel in a city known as Haifa. He has only one wife who is known as Gila. In 2002, Adam Milstein and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which mentors young Jews to try and make them appreciate their origin. Mr. Adam Milstein is a philanthropist who is recognized worldwide, and he holds other managerial dockets in notable organizations like StandWithUs. In the course of his tenure at the IAC, many councils and active volunteers have joined the good course have made the organization grow immensely and read full article.

Milstein views both real estate and philanthropy as being very beneficial. However, the greatest difference is that the latter requires great dedication as there are times when passion is needed to keep a person going. As much as philanthropy may not be very financially beneficial, one gains from helping other people in the society and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Mr. Adam Milstein reminisces that his greatest achievement has been to impart that sense of identity to Israelis. Adam loves his culture, and that’s why he is always struggling to ensure that the younger generation can understand their heritage and what Adam knows.

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The Distinguished Career of Louis R. Chênevert

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The United Technologies Corporation has made a commitment to their employees, technology, and innovation. Their investments help the company grow and support the economy. Their commitment to future generations includes hiring almost 25,000 individuals during the next three years. They additionally help their suppliers grow and this is critical to their customers. In excess of $40 billion has been spent with suppliers in the United States over the past three years.

Additionally, the United Technologies Corporation has a program to help their employees earn degrees in their chosen fields called the Employee Scholar Program. The program is strictly funded by the company and is designed to provide encouragement for the employees. The employees have earned 39,000 degrees with this program since 1996. The United Technologies Corporation has investments across the world, an excellent business growth, and a competitive business environment.

Louis R. Chênevert worked for the United Technologies Corporation as the CEO and Chairman. He became the President of the company when he was elected in April of 2008. In January of 2010 he became the company Chairman. Prior to his work for the United Technologies Corporation he served Pratt & Whitney as the company’s President From April of 1999 until March of 2006.

Louis R. Chênevert has extensive experience. He worked for General Motors for fourteen years before assuming his responsibilities with Pratt & Whitney in 1993. He worked at the St. Therese operation for General Motors as the Production General Manager. Louis R. Chênevert serves the Business Roundtable as part of the Executive Committee. He also chairs The Business Council, the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, and the US-India CEO Forum. He is on the Board of Directors for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Cargill as well as serving the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board. He has been a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics since 2005.

Louis R. Chênevert was educated at the Université de Montréal where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in commerce. He serves the International Advisory Board in Montreal as the Chairman his service to the Friends of HEC Montreal includes being the Chairman of the Board and one of the founding directors.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Commitment to Cancer Has Paid Off

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When Eric Lefkofsky first started Tempus, he had many different ideas that would help him to make the right choices for cancer patients who were going through different things. He was dedicated to being able to help them and he knew that all of this came from a cancer diagnosis that his wife had. He was able to help her and be with her during that time but he was always thinking about the people who were unable to have supportive spouses or families during that time. He wanted to do something that would make it easier for them to be able to beat cancer without ruining their lives in the process. Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to the people who he helps with Tempus and he knows that he can continue to offer people all of the options that they need for cancer treatment while they are going through different things and learn more about Eric.

Since Eric Lefkofsky opened Tempus, he has been trying to make sure that he can help people and that they are going to be able to get all of the options that he has made available to them. He has worked in combination with an oncologist who has taught him about cancer and what he can do to make it better. This, combined with the philanthropic dedication that Eric Lefkofsky has, made it easier for him to run the business and to make it better for cancer patients.

All of the cancer patients who use Tempus and the services that Eric Lefkofsky provides are able to get the treatment that they need. He wants to help them have the best experience possible and is going to continue to do everything that he can to make things easier on people who are in different situations. He is comfortable with treating cancer and with helping people who have cancer. This has made it easier for him to help them and has made it a more viable option no matter where he is at. He plans on always doing things that will help to make him a better organization leader with Tempus and read full article.

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