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Bernardo Chua: Using Health Products To Create A Successful Business

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Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman from the Philippines. He is the CEO and founder of Organo Gold, a company that sells products infused with the Ganoderma herb. The Chinese have used Ganoderma for centuries because of its health properties. Mr. Chua was only a child when his grandparents educated him on the health benefits of using Ganoderma. This knowledge he would acquire would lay the foundation to a successful career. When he grew up, he was offered a position to work for Gano Excel, a company that sells beverages containing Ganoderma. His knowledge of the herb and his pleasant personally helped him to excel in the company. Management at Gano Excel felt Bernardo Chua was the perfect individual to help inform the North American people of the health benefits of Ganoderma. Mr. Chua would later start his own company Organo Gold in 2008. His own company has reached millions all over the world. Part of his strategy to remain competitive is that he has spent much of his own time and money to ensure that people are continually educated about his products. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Bernardo Chua feels that his products can help people to become healthier and believes that utilizing his Ganoderma products can help keep the body in balance. One of the benefits of the Ganoderma herb is that it helps to provide oxygen to the body. A body that is oxygen-rich is able to fight off cancer and other illness that can thrive in an environment with little oxygen. Oxygen is also needed for weight loss. Oxygen can burn the necessary fuels in the body, thus speeding up the metabolism. Ganoderma has also been shown to help to manage both blood pressure and cholesterol. Some of the products offered by Mr. Chua’s company are an assortment of teas, coffees, and supplements that people can use to get their body in a healthy state. Read more:


Flavio Maluf’s suggestion on how business can improve in Brazil

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Flavio Maluf is a renowned businessman located in Brazil, he is from a wealthy family and though this has been a source of help especially in gaining experience in the business world, Flavio has managed to create his legacy in business. After completing his education, Maluf joined his family’s business where he sharpened his business skills.

Experience is an important factor, especially in business, the opportunity to work at his family’s business taught Flavio a few things about business that would turn out to be of great help in his future companies. Currently, Flavio Maluf is the CEO at Eucatex, the enterprise deals with providing construction products.

During his business journey, one thing that Flavio has learned is the dedication in your work ensures you always have the best product and it goes hand in hand with perfection. Clients want to see value for their money, and thus it is essential to ensure your product or service is valuable.

Owing to his many years in business, Flavio has studied the trends and know what works and some of the challenges that affect business in Brazil. According to Flavio Maluf, one of the greatest challenge businesses experience is the high tax rates. Flavio believes there is a way both the government and the companies in the area can benefit without making one of the players feel disadvantaged. Find out more about Flavio at

Flavio’s solution is reduced tax rates; the government needs to put in places policies that ensure tax rates on businesses are reduced. The reduction comes with an advantage to the government as well since the companies can offer more job opportunities.

Every nation aims to have a working population, and though there are government organizations offering jobs, the private sector has over the years played a crucial role in providing employment. Flavio believes that when the government implements tax incentives organizations will be in a better position to offer jobs and better payments.

Flavio also recognizes the power of popularity and for a business to appeal to people and become popular it is essential for the enterprise to participate actively in matters concerning a specific community. By applying tax incentives, companies will be in a better position to participate in activities such as sponsorships.



Guilherme Paulus and The 2017 Entrepreneur of The Year Award He Received For His Courageous Risk-taking

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Most people don’t want to go into business because of the uncertainty ingrained in the nature of the field. There’s a lot of mistakes to be learned with less guidelines or roadmap to success. Success in business is rooted in trial and error, and it can be frustrating to have no guarantee of success. However, those who push and get lucky or are just talented in the business, would prosper in unimaginable ways. This is exactly the situation with Guilherme Paulus. He is the man behind Brazil’s largest tourism ventures. He is the man who took the risks that nobody else would. For such risks, he is now more than reaping the rewards. Visit to learn more.

One of the many articles people can read about how Guilherme Paulus has taken such risks is best captured in the article published in Mercado E Eventos. The article revealed that one of the rewards that Guilherme Paulus would receive is not just money. He would be now receiving the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award that would be given by media company Istoe Dinheiro Magazine. The publication would be awarding Guilherme Paulus for his invaluable, profitable and remarkable work as the president of GJP Group. With his work, Brazil has enjoyed a level of job generation rate that before would look impossible to achieve. It is also the aim of the award to inspire more people to take the risks and create jobs for Brazil today.

Tourism is a big asset of Brazil, and this is mostly because of how Guilherme Paulus led the way.  More: He started GJP Group and the tourism operator CVC. In another article from Istoe Dinheiro, it’s revealed that these ventures have formed the foundation of Brazil’s tourism industry. Paulus’ risk of putting billions of money in Brazil’s tourism sector through CVC and GJP Group is something that not many risk-takers can make. This is mostly because that’s too much money for such an uncertain area of investment. Too much risk doesn’t discourage Paulus, though. It’s risk that keeps him going.

There would be also a lot to gain if Paulus continued his risk-taking ventures in other business industries. But for now, the tourism industry is Paulus’ focus.

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Flavio Maluf: An Engineer Turn Business Magneto

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It is not the background of your family that ultimately defines your destiny. Given the fact that Flavio Maluf was born and raised up in a wealthy and Business oriented family, one would expect him to inherit the wealth with little or no sweat.

Flavio Maluf, a self-made business magneto was born to a father who was and remains a seasoned businessman and politician. He attended Armando AvavesPenteado Foundation where he graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He, however, deviated to a different career path that later saw him become the leader of his family business in 1997.

In a bid to remain a successful entrepreneur, Maluf dedicates most of his free time to internet surfing. Besides giving him a chance to relax his mind, surfing the internet helps him get new ideas that he eventually tries out in his business. Maluf notes that even after one becomes a market leader in the segment of his expertise, there is unlimited room for growth. Visit to know more.

However, Flavio warns entrepreneurs and prospecting entrepreneurs against two killer myths: the first being that one must have a considerable lump sum of money to initiate a venture, and the second being that once an individual starts up a business, he will do less work and get more cash flowing into his account. According to him, there exists a wide range of business ventures that only require a little sum of money to run. He also believes that only through a dedication to build a business can any entrepreneur achieve significant growth. Hence, he advocates for smart work as opposed to the ‘work hard’ slogan.

Working 9 ½ hours a day, four days a week, Flavio Maluf fixes his schedule such that he has a meeting with each department of the company once a week. He also makes it a culture to visit a group factory once a week in a bid to stay informed about production. Further, upon finding new ideas from magazines, internet and related products’ point of sale, Maluf, and his team discuss the ones that they deem appropriate for product improvement.

Read more:,conheca-com-flavio-maluf-os-profissionais-mais-requisitados-pelas-startups-em-tempos-atuais,70001683019


Ian King – An Expert in the Financial Market

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An entrepreneur and prominent trader, Ian King has more than twenty years of experience in the financial world. His passion for the market has earned him a respected reputation across the nation. He recently made news as one of the attendees The Total Wealth Symposium. This is an annual event that focuses on the top issues facing investors. The goal of this years conference is to help every attendee earn $1 million by the end of next year. Learn more at to know more.

Ian King is one of several guest speakers who will speak at the event. Some of the greatest minds in the business including Jeff Yastine, Matt Badiali and Paul Mampilly were scheduled for the event. These speakers have unique and out of the box concepts to present. For example, one practice that will be discussed will be how to achieve 1,000 percent returns in the technology sector. In addition to these speakers there will be a number of experts in the asset protection field present. Chris Gaffney Senior Vice President of EverBank and Eric Roseman ounder of ENR Asset Management are two of the experts at the event. After the conference, those attending have the opportunity to meet personally with the speakers to get additional advice.

Ian King recently made news with some of his thoughts about the market. Ian recently had a lot to say about the popularity of bonds. In a recent article Ian noted that the Federal Reserve is holding its rates and it has been pretty consistent with increase patterns. Ian references some quality items when giving his advice. He uses topics like the rise of bonds, the TINA effect and quantitative easing forced change to support his claims.

Ian King has been succeeding in the market for more than two decades. His official title is a cryptocurrency trader. He has shared his ideas and thinking with some very well known groups including Fox Business News, Seeking Alpha and Zero Hedge. Currently he works as the editor of the Crypto Profit Trader where he continues to share his ideas and advice about the current trends in the market. Learn more:


The outlined strategies for economical growth as reported by Felipe Montoro Jens

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Felipe Montoro Jens is an entrepreneur who acquired a degree in banking. He is skilled in diverse areas such as financial strategy, finance, and infrastructure among others. He has worked and trained with many organizations gaining experience. He uses his knowledge and skills to help the society especially economically. The growth gets ensured by the ability to cope in the business world and ability to have dynamic changes in finance. View

In the recent past, Felipe Montoro Jens got the opportunity to attend a special meeting for the Governors Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The meeting was set to make strategies that would result in financial growth as well as the growth of infrastructure. Various governors present displayed their ideas on the table to ensure growth.

Dyogo, the Minister of Planning, Development, and management, suggested on the increase of private investments in Brazil as the first country in Spain. Felipe continued to state the ideas outlined by the minister. He noted the need to create financial mechanisms as leverage for the private ventures.

Felipe stated the agreement of the idea by other governors such as Luis Garrido, the Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors. He stressed on the concept of IDB being the source of leverage for the private ventures to be started. Dyogo adds that the investment ventures should be vital. They should be in aspects such as water projects and other crucial projects. The focus of such projects should help improve the region for the fourth industrial revolution.

Felipe Montoro gave the different views of the President of IDB, Luis Moreno. He stated the need to start with the basics such as dealing with the social demands. Therefore, the need to create international connections is essential and the primary requirement. Dyogo Oliveira added that Brazil has tried to achieve the agenda by making Public-Private Partnerships to improve the public links. Follow:


The Success of Flavio Maluf in the Brazilian Business World

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Flavio Maluf represents the third generation of the renowned family business, Eucatex. The company had been founded by his father in the 1950s and since then has remained relevant in the contemporary business arena. Although born into a family with established legacy, Flavio Maluf has always remained competent and had spent years of his career trying to establish his own name.

His opinion on the proposed Fiscal Incentive Laws

Flavio Maluf recently proposed the Fiscal Incentive Laws for Brazilian businesses. The laws are aimed at ensuring that part of the taxes paid by companies is directed to different projects. Such projects would be channeled to different infrastructural developments including sporting, social, cultural, scientific research, technological, and health programs. Flavio Maluf stated that these contributions would foster social and economic developments. The companies would ensure that the society benefits from different projects instead of allocating the funds from the government expenditure. He further elaborated that the tax incentives would take the form of exemptions, tax reductions, and compensations. Visit to learn more

Soaring his company, Eucatex, to newer heights

Since its foundation, Eucatex Company has remained one of the most eco-friendly ventures in Brazil. The company focuses on producing natural eucalyptus products and serves diverse industries which also focus on the green economy. With the leadership of Flavio Maluf who is the current president, Eucatex continuously compensates for the eucalyptus trees it uses by engaging in replanting activities every year.

Recently, Flavio Maluf announced that the company had acquired wood fiber sheets unit in Botucatu from its partner, Duratex. This acquisition will not only enhance the company’s productivity but will also increase the capacity and paints to 40% and 30% respectively. Flavio Maluf aims at not only increasing the company’s profits but also creating opportunities for employment.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf remains the President and the CEO of Eucatex Group which he had joined in 1987. He attended FAAP in Sao Paulo where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His career kicked off in the trade industry, but quickly joined his family business where he ascended into the presidency position a year later.



Learn How to Flip Property with Nick Vertucci

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Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. a real estate company located in Irvine California. Previously, he was the president and CEO of Coastline Micro a computer systems company for 6 years. He started his own company in 2013. The Nick Vertucci Companies purchases bank owned properties and invest in property reconstruction. He created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy and teaches students how to become successful investors.

Nick’s real estate academy teaches the NVREA System that includes the three-step process: GET IN, GET OUT and GET PAID! Step one entails locating a good deal with a low price, so you can sell it at a higher price. Step 2 requires deciding if you want to rehab, wholesale or rent the property. Step 3 focuses on getting paid for flipping your property.

There are conferences for the NVREA System held nationwide and they offer a free VIP package for registering. The package includes a CD of his Fortunes in Flipping set, a flash drive, smartwatch and free lunch or dinner. At the conference, students learn about his strategies for buying real estate.

The NVREA System is based on Nick’s own experience with flipping properties. He has made millions of dollars and is sharing his knowledge. He teaches his members how to deal with the problems involved with investing. His team guides members through the process and helps them successfully close real estate deals. There have been many success stories for those that followed the NVREA System. Some have obtained financial freedom from the hands-on training provided by this system.

Even though, many people claim to have made money with the NVREA System not everyone is successful. The program states that you must follow the steps to gain a profit. However, many people have not made a profit and found the program to be unsuccessful. This program does not guarantee success to everyone.

Things You Need to Know About Matt Badiali

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Matt Badiali is a successful investment expert that has guided people on the various ways they can analyze resources and gain profits out of it. Badiali`s latest discovery is based on Freedom Checks, and he has conducted a vast campaign to make people aware of the legitimate discovery. The freedom checks were as a result of Matt Badiali`s exclusive research on how the various natural resources in the United States can help people acquire profits by turning the lucrative business into a single transaction. In his discovery of the master limited partnerships (MLP`s), Matt discovered 568 companies that issue these freedom cheques and encouraged people to look out for the companies through the various publications at the Banyan Hill Publications.

The companies manufacture, transport and conduct sales of oil and gas across the broader parts of the globe and they also the oil and gas that comes from the Permian Basin, the Marcellus Shale, and other major oil and gas fields in the U.S. The companies that conduct the oil and gas business must pay at least 90% of their income to their investors, which is now the freedom checks that Matt Badiali refers to in his newsletters.  Read more at Talk Markets.

The monthly and quarterly payments of the MLP`s are almost similar to normal dividends and only that investors do not have to pay for the income taxes in them. People that buy their shares from MLP get to receive their profits through their brokerage account or email. Besides, one can start their brokerage account with little capital, and it is also possible to acquire huge profits that could benefit you at your time of retirement.

Matt Badiali has served at the Banyan Hill Publishing for a couple of years and being a geologist; he has successfully analyzed natural resources to help people discover the most promising ones. Besides, Badiali has also traveled in a vast number of countries like Hong Kong, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Turkey, Haiti, and Switzerland, among many other locations, through which he conducted research to acquire more insight on today’s investment opportunities. His advocations on the field of investment have been received with a lot of enthusiasm, and through this, he has gained a great reputation for himself.

Besides, Matt has also helped people discover the various risks associated with investments, besides guiding them on the methods they can adapt to ensure that their investments are a success. Learn more :


The Distinguished Career of Louis R. Chênevert

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The United Technologies Corporation has made a commitment to their employees, technology, and innovation. Their investments help the company grow and support the economy. Their commitment to future generations includes hiring almost 25,000 individuals during the next three years. They additionally help their suppliers grow and this is critical to their customers. In excess of $40 billion has been spent with suppliers in the United States over the past three years.

Additionally, the United Technologies Corporation has a program to help their employees earn degrees in their chosen fields called the Employee Scholar Program. The program is strictly funded by the company and is designed to provide encouragement for the employees. The employees have earned 39,000 degrees with this program since 1996. The United Technologies Corporation has investments across the world, an excellent business growth, and a competitive business environment.

Louis R. Chênevert worked for the United Technologies Corporation as the CEO and Chairman. He became the President of the company when he was elected in April of 2008. In January of 2010 he became the company Chairman. Prior to his work for the United Technologies Corporation he served Pratt & Whitney as the company’s President From April of 1999 until March of 2006.

Louis R. Chênevert has extensive experience. He worked for General Motors for fourteen years before assuming his responsibilities with Pratt & Whitney in 1993. He worked at the St. Therese operation for General Motors as the Production General Manager. Louis R. Chênevert serves the Business Roundtable as part of the Executive Committee. He also chairs The Business Council, the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, and the US-India CEO Forum. He is on the Board of Directors for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Cargill as well as serving the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board. He has been a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics since 2005.

Louis R. Chênevert was educated at the Université de Montréal where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in commerce. He serves the International Advisory Board in Montreal as the Chairman his service to the Friends of HEC Montreal includes being the Chairman of the Board and one of the founding directors.

See Chênevert speak here: