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Chris Burch: Bold and Innovative

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Chris Burch is an experienced entrepreneur. He is also the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch is not a creature of routine, but he does believe in a few key ideas that guide him in entrepreneurship, .

Chris Burch takes a very people oriented approach when it comes to business. He has once stated “It starts with people. You have to have good people with a passion to execute.” His ability to read people and build connections with them seems to have been a critical piece to his success. Connecting with people involves being an active listener. Mr. Chris Burch himself has said, “My advice is always to listen.”

In addition to being able to work well with people, Burch has also expressed the importance of taking risks, get info on ( It is no secret that being innovative often requires taking risks, but risk doesn’t always pay off. Mistakes are meant to be made along the road, but they are necessary in order to make improvements. Chris Burch puts this in more concrete terms when he says, “I’ve had thousands of failures. I go through a period of mourning, then reflection, then understanding.” It goes to show that being a successful entrepreneur requires you to learn from pitfalls, according to

There are plenty of things we can learn from studying entrepreneurs like Chris Burch. Being the CEO of an organization requires skills and experience. Mr. Burch’s people skills have allowed him to make connections with other innovators. His ability to learn from the past has also served him well in the business world. People skills and willingness to take on risk are two key concepts, click