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Bruno Faqali an Uncompromising Attorney

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He is an accomplished attorney and a specialist in various sections of the law. He is known for his integrity and strong nature. Bruno Fagali is an expert in Public and anti-corruption law. Also, he deals with public law, administrative works, liability processes and collective actions. He is committed to his work and ensuring justice is served to his clients as well as the general community he serves.

Fagali has his advocacy where he is the administrator. The firm focus is on four primary interests of equity in the society; anti-corruption, compliance, election and public law. There are many corruption cases in Brazil, and Faqali aims at ensuring that the system is clean. The firm is built on the discipline of transparency among its members.

Bruno Fagali works with Nova as an integrity manager for the last two years. Nova an established advertising firm in Brazil works on the main projects such as World Health Organization. Bruno Fagali ensures that ethics and corporate responsibility are looked. He provides that all employees at Nova are treated equally. Additionally, he teaches the employees on the importance of upholding integrity.

Fagali has developed a code of conduct for all employees who underwent training and availed it on the Nova website. Bruno Fagali has specialized in administrative law. Therefore his work is mainly on the administrative tasks and focuses on the regulation of Public Administration. He prevents any inappropriate practices in public administration.

Bruno Fagali (@BrunoFagaliPR) is highly regarded for his works since he undertakes some projects jointly with the government. He deals with commercial litigation and corporate transactions without carrying out costly court operations. It is hard to find an attorney who is not an expensive and reliable attorney in Brazil like Bruno. However, Bruno stands out as a different attorney committed to cleansing the public society of any unlawful acts. His reconciliation skills may help in solving cases outside the court’s system.

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