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Academy of Art University Student is On the Bachelor

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Kendall Long has had a romance going with “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile on the Bachelor in paradise season and viewers can’t seem to get enough of it. Kendall calls California home, and she is also a student of Academy of Art University.

The Academy employs able and dedicated part and full-time career artist, scholars, and designers in order to lead their student to success. The Academy also fosters creative thinking with guidance and teachers have a lot of experience and expertise to aid them in their teaching. An undergraduate general education program is available that is designed to stimulate critical thinking and students are encouraged to think outside the box. They believe that each student should have support and that each student should also be challenged to grow.

Her personality made her a fan favorite and she a had a long run on season 22 of the hit series The Bachelor. She is now on the beaches of Mexico alongside her former Bachelor castmate, Krystal Neilson who is giving her some unwanted competition.

Kendall was one of the final three trying to win over Arie’s heart, and although Krystal likes to run her mouth off about Kendall, Kendall refuses to stoop to her level and lets it run off her like water in a duck’s back. Kendall stays positive and optimistic and keeps herself busy. She earned her bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications from the Academy of Art University, and she also ran for the Urban Knights which was the school’s athletic program for track. Fans of the show are staying tuned to see whether she finds true love or true heartbreak.

Academy of Art University offers an array of courses including advertising, animation & visual effects, acting, graphic design, and fine art studies. It also offers fashion, illustration, game development, and interior architecture & design to name just a few.

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 in San Francisco and is all about preparing its students for many professional careers. They maintain an inclusive admissions policy for everyone and teaches in a disciplined yet fostering environment.

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The life and Work of José Henrique Borghi

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José Henrique Borghi started his career when he attended Standard Ogilvy in 1989 and became one of advertising medias labels. He gave an interview and discussed many of the aspects of his life. He disclosed that when he was working in a bank he had to wear pants made of linen, social shoes, a belt, a social shirt and a tie. He hated what he had to wear so now he can always be found wearing jeans, a white shirt and sneakers and learn more about Jose Henrique Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi enjoys living close to his work and riding his bike to the agency. He always has a backpack containing shorts and sneakers so has the ability to change and enjoy running back home. He says sports provide him with energy, strength and a good attitude. He enjoys triathlon training and was a participant in Ironman. He usually dines at home and spends most of the weekend with his children.

José Henrique Borghi knew he was destined for advertising when he was in high school and his sister told him about an upcoming show at the Castro Mendes Theatre. He decided it was worth the trip and discovered the Cannes Festival of Advertising. This was the year they were presenting the winners and his future was sealed. He admits he went a little crazy and when he left the theatre his head was firmly in the clouds. Once he discovered Propaganda and Advertising he realized the field required creativity and learned about art directors and copywriters.

José Henrique Borghi is the President of the third largest advertising agency in Brazil. The agency has almost 300 employees and has already acquired numerous accounts this year. He enjoys his work and has a good time. His campaigns include Fiat, Sazon and Parmalat and he takes pride in the creativity required by his campaigns.

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