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The life and Work of José Henrique Borghi

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José Henrique Borghi started his career when he attended Standard Ogilvy in 1989 and became one of advertising medias labels. He gave an interview and discussed many of the aspects of his life. He disclosed that when he was working in a bank he had to wear pants made of linen, social shoes, a belt, a social shirt and a tie. He hated what he had to wear so now he can always be found wearing jeans, a white shirt and sneakers and learn more about Jose Henrique Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi enjoys living close to his work and riding his bike to the agency. He always has a backpack containing shorts and sneakers so has the ability to change and enjoy running back home. He says sports provide him with energy, strength and a good attitude. He enjoys triathlon training and was a participant in Ironman. He usually dines at home and spends most of the weekend with his children.

José Henrique Borghi knew he was destined for advertising when he was in high school and his sister told him about an upcoming show at the Castro Mendes Theatre. He decided it was worth the trip and discovered the Cannes Festival of Advertising. This was the year they were presenting the winners and his future was sealed. He admits he went a little crazy and when he left the theatre his head was firmly in the clouds. Once he discovered Propaganda and Advertising he realized the field required creativity and learned about art directors and copywriters.

José Henrique Borghi is the President of the third largest advertising agency in Brazil. The agency has almost 300 employees and has already acquired numerous accounts this year. He enjoys his work and has a good time. His campaigns include Fiat, Sazon and Parmalat and he takes pride in the creativity required by his campaigns.

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Jose Borghi is a Visionary Leader for Mullen Lowe

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Jose Borghi is more than just as asset in his role as President of Mullen Lowe Brasil, but he is also an incredible asset to the global advertising industry. The merging of the US ad agency, Mullen, with the international ad agency, Lowe and Partners, will only lead to a heightened level of visibility and even more communications support for all of the brands that Mullen Lowe will work with in the future and founded by Borghi.

Jose Borghi understands the power of moving beyond where you are in order to spread a message to the world. Even though the Brazilian advertising businessman is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he works with advertising and copywriting staffers in other locations in order to increase the productivity and effectiveness of campaigns. Given that Jose Borghi has been in the advertising agency for 25 years, it’s fairly safe to say that he knows what he’s doing. He’s seen shifts and trends in the industry come and go for over two decades now, but what has shown itself to be more than just a trend in the world is this feeling of connectedness to people from one nation to another.

Jose Borghi’s ability to bring together talented copywriters, creators, and executives from different places only shows his forward thinking vision for Mullen Lowe. If history bears to repeat itself, then Mullen Lowe and their clients have many successes to look forward to together. Jose Borghi has been consistently awarded and hailed as one of the top creative individuals in advertising by publications and international festival committees.