A Watched Pot Of Cannabis Is Definitely Going To Boil, According To Matt Badiali, Who Advises Investors To Buy Affordable Cannabis Stocks Before They Take Off

Cannabis as a legal investment commodity, outside the street sector, would have been an unheard of proposition not that many years ago. Today, pot watchers sit in boardrooms, waiting for the boil. Natural resource commodity expert and the brains behind the Banyan Tree Publishing newsletter, “Real Wealth Strategist, as well as the one-time editor of the Stansberry Research newsletter, “Stock Gumshoe,” Matt Badiali, expects the coming boil soon.

On June 27, 2018, Oklahoma voted to legalize marijuana, making the Sooner state the 30th in the country to take cannabis off the banned list. While things are heating up nicely in the U.S., things are already bubbling away up north.

By next fall, our neighbor to the north, Canada is expected to have approved all forms of marijuana. In 2017 legal cannabis sales set a precedent of 6 billion. With the Canadian move to make legal all forms of cannabis, stocks in this sector should just be catching their stride, according to Matt Badiali, who expects a rollicking boil in the market before long.

Although U.S. citizens can’t speculate on Canadian stocks there is the option, as pointed out by Matt Badiali and others, of going the route of buying shares of the Alternative Harvest ETF, which is open to U.S. citizens.

Getting a toehold in the cannabis market before Canada does the deed is a good idea, according to Matt Badiali. Legal cannabis is expected to exceed the ticket tally of gin, whiskey, bourbon and scotch combined within the next two years. Another year down the road from that and it’s likely as many as 800 million will live in a region where cannabis is legal. Sales of medicinal-use marijuana alone should reach 30 billion.

Right now cannabis stock prices are still low. So, it’s an excellent time according to Matt Badiali to stick a toe into the cannabis pot before the boil really gets going.

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