A talk with Guilherme Paulus

When you interact with Guilherme Paulus, you get a sense of what has made him this successful. Over the years he has been able to start and grow two of the most influential companies within the Brazilin tourism industry and change its entire face completely. All this has been achieved in over four decades which speaks to his consistency and ability to focus on one thing and do it to completion. The president appointed him to the Brazilian Tourism Council in a move that is meant to help the country develop policies that are friendlier towards businesses in tourism and at the same time grow the inflow of tourist into the country. In a recent interview, Guilherme Paulus spoke about his motivations and helped us understand his thought process. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at panrotas.com.

Trends that are exciting for Guilherme Paulus?

Technology has been changing the manner in which business is conducted all over the globe. As a former IBM attaché, he was able to see how technology was bound to impact the human space long before others even had an idea. It is a factor which made him an early adopter of technology given the fact that CVC was one of the earliest companies to have a website and do web advertising. This has helped him tremendously grow his business. Read this article at Bloomberg.com.

Strategies that you employ to grow your business.

Guilherme Paulus has always been one who has been aware of the ability to lose focus by abandoning the local market to focus on the international one. In the tourism sector this is very rampant, but for him, it was essential that he focused more on the domestic market. Innovation has also been another strategy. The ability to offer clients something new and fresh ever so often would see them return for more every other time. In the tourism industry, its easy to become comfortable and monotonous, especially when a package is doing exceptionally well. He has been able to overcome this by ensuring CVC always had something new regardless of the cost implications for him. The company became the first to bring a cruise ship and charter flights for clients.

View: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/18466299-guilherme-de-jesus-paulus

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