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A win-win-win scenario at GreenSky

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GreenSky is a fintech with a difference from others. It is being run on a model that has proved profitable in the long-run. Many fintechs have failed in the past because they are run on a model that is not sustainable. This fintech has provided a solution that is fee-based and one that resolves the challenges associated with traditional banking. Borrowers no longer need to spend days doing paperwork in long banking queues when they can get an easy solution through this fintech. The technology employed here is supposed to link the borrower with the bank. The fintech offers no financial support to the lenders. In short, it acts as a middleman in a deal between the borrower and the lender.

How do you get a loan?

GreenSky works directly with merchants and contractors. The model of getting a loan is that the loan is applied at the point-of-sale. If the customer is interested in services offered by the merchant but has no money to pay for the funds, they can apply for a loan through the fintech which will cover the expenses of the services provided. The contractor makes the loan application on behalf of the customer. The loans details are sent To GreenSky who in turn link the borrower with an appropriate bank.

What does Nigel Morris think?

In this kind of business model, there is no one who loses in the whole deal. Everyone’s a winner. All the parties in the deal get what they wanted. According to one of the investors in the company, Nigel Morris, the co-founder of Capital One Financial, GreenSky offer the consumer, merchant and the bank benefits. Morris is one of the successful investors in the world today after creating a leading credit card issuer. He is banking on the share value of GreenSky to get better in future since the model used to run the business guarantees prolonged profits.

Merchants are getting an opportunity to convert a potential customer into actual customers because of the affordable payment plan which does not attract interest. Consumers benefit from the flexibility of repaying method, and the banks increase their loan volume.

Why Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets Can Help Teething and Gum Pain

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Hyland has been in the homeopathic treatment industry for years, making products that are beneficial and useful to their users. As a company, Hyland believes in providing the best service for its market. Founded in 1903 in Los Angeles, families have been using the company’s products from generations to generations. Hyland is a trusted brand.


Homeopathic remedies for mild oral baby discomforts have been used for a long time. Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets are the best medication for oral discomfort and irritability. The tablets are baby friendly, and your toddler won’t encounter any problem while taking them. They are specially made for kids as children are prone to regular oral aching and soreness, as teething can be painful for babies.


To administer, all you need to do is to place the tablet in the baby’s mouth quickly and wait for it to dissolve. For babies less than six months old, administer four doses of one tablet per dose within a 15-minute interval after every dose, then hourly until the pain is alleviated. Children within an age bracket of 6 months and three years should be given four doses of two tablets on each prescription within a 15-minute interval. You can then change it to hourly until the pain reduces.


The tablet is great for the baby as it contains no artificial flavors or dyes. For the safety of the baby and their teething process, the tablet is made with zero parabens. Once the Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief tablets have completely dissolved, the child will subsequently not feel any irritability or discomfort in the mouth. Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets are an excellent way of managing swellings and mouth pains.


Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets are natural and certified. They are also soft and won’t leave any dent on the baby’s tongue. With homeopathic treatment, you can look after your kid with no worries. Using the tablets for babies who are teething, will prevent them from tugging their gums, which is always agonizing for them.


Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets are the best homeopathic medicine as they have no adverse effects on the baby. Your baby will eat, sleep and usually play even after taking the doses. The tablets are here to make the life for your baby smooth and simple.


Chris Burch: business from the heart

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From the get-go, Chris Burch’s business journey looks like a fairy tale, the very making of the American dream, refer to ( From a small venture with minimal investment in college to being the founder and CEO of numerous successful luxury and hospitality brands, Chris career path is, to say the least, impressive. His latest undertaking, the Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia which was recently named one of the best hotels in the world, is no exception.

When asked what drives his success, the answer of the CEO of Burch Creative Capital is surprising. He attributes his accomplishments, and his flabbergasting instinct for a good business idea when he sees one, to his sense of empathy and his genuine curiosity for anyone who crosses his path. By connecting with people on a deeply human level, Chris Burch can determine the “kind of tenacity, integrity, creativity they have” and how it will translate when it comes to consumer’ need. For him, “one of his greatest pleasure [is] other people’s success around [him]”. With Nihi Sumba Island, it translates in his involvement in the Sumba foundation, a non-profit organization which works toward lessening the poverty of the local populations on the island and providing necessities such as healthcare and basic infrastructures. Philanthropy must be contagious since some of his guests, by their own accord, decided to throw a fundraiser to support his effort.

By showing that having a deep sense of humanity, far from hurting business ventures, can on the contrary help them thrive, Chris Burch opens the door to a new generation of entrepreneurs, click


The Role That David McDonald Plays At OSI Group

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David McDonald is one of those rare people nowadays that has spent his entire career at one company. After graduating from Iowa State University he was hired on at OSI Group, an international food provider. He has been the chief operating officer and president of this privately-owned company for several years now and oversees a wide range of subsidiaries and a global supply chain.  View David McDonald’s profile at Linkedin.

One of their subsidiaries in Europe is Baho Food. David McDonald managed the negotiations that brought this company into the OSI Group fold in August 2016. Baho Food processes meat products that are sold to retail outlets and restaurants. They have food processing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands and sell their items under five brand names which are Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frishwaren, Henri van de Bilt, and Vital Convenience.

When his company acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food, McDonald released a statement that this acquisition would give his company a larger David European presence. He also noted that what Baho Food sells and their brands fit well with what OSI Group excels at. It also gave his company the ability to best meet the evolving needs of their customers.

A few years ago, OSI Group hired a vice president of quality assurance and food safety who reports directly to David McDonald OSI Group. This person, Dr. Kenneth Petersen, now leads OSI Group’s Global Quality Council. David McDonald released a statement where he welcomed Ken to the company and said that his extensive experience would put OSI Group at the forefront of the food industry’s food safety practices and policy. OSI Group is committed to delivering the highest quality food, he stated.

David McDonald got married in 1991. They have six children in their family with the older ones now attending his alma mater, Iowa State University. He is also active with his church and the broader community that he lives in. This includes serving on the school board for St. Michael and participating in the St. Michael Parish. He also maintains an active role with Iowa State University and supporting his fraternity with scholarships.



Reputable Plastic Surgeon at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

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If you are in search of a plastic surgeon in the Dallas area, a highly recommended Board Certified is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. He works out of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Some of the cosmetic procedures include surgery of the face, breasts, nose, eyes and body for his patients.

Dr. Jejurikar has had the most prominent training and has helped his patients attain the goals that they were looking for in a cosmetic procedure. When you are in his presence, you feel his kindness and sensitivity throughout the Surgery Institute.

When you are making the choice of getting a procedure done during your visit, the staff strives to help you make the most informative decisions and a very pleasant experience for you!

Before you get your procedure done, you will go over before and after pictures with Dr. Jejurikar. The Crisalix 3D Imaging system is what is used for procedures at the Institute. During your consultation you will have a great idea of how your body will transform to after the procedure.


*Breast Augmentation – See different sizes, shapes, and breast implants on your body

*Rhinoplasty – Visualize your nose becoming longer or shorter, removal of bumps and smoothing out of the bridge

*Facelift – View your face changes when we lift up and tighten different areas, smooth out the lines and wrinkles giving you a more sculpted look

*Eyelid surgery – Distinguish how your upper face transforms and terminates those droopy eye lids

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sameer Jejuriker please call the office and he will be more than happy to address any of your concerns or questions.

Bernardo Chua: Using Health Products To Create A Successful Business

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Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman from the Philippines. He is the CEO and founder of Organo Gold, a company that sells products infused with the Ganoderma herb. The Chinese have used Ganoderma for centuries because of its health properties. Mr. Chua was only a child when his grandparents educated him on the health benefits of using Ganoderma. This knowledge he would acquire would lay the foundation to a successful career. When he grew up, he was offered a position to work for Gano Excel, a company that sells beverages containing Ganoderma. His knowledge of the herb and his pleasant personally helped him to excel in the company. Management at Gano Excel felt Bernardo Chua was the perfect individual to help inform the North American people of the health benefits of Ganoderma. Mr. Chua would later start his own company Organo Gold in 2008. His own company has reached millions all over the world. Part of his strategy to remain competitive is that he has spent much of his own time and money to ensure that people are continually educated about his products. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Bernardo Chua feels that his products can help people to become healthier and believes that utilizing his Ganoderma products can help keep the body in balance. One of the benefits of the Ganoderma herb is that it helps to provide oxygen to the body. A body that is oxygen-rich is able to fight off cancer and other illness that can thrive in an environment with little oxygen. Oxygen is also needed for weight loss. Oxygen can burn the necessary fuels in the body, thus speeding up the metabolism. Ganoderma has also been shown to help to manage both blood pressure and cholesterol. Some of the products offered by Mr. Chua’s company are an assortment of teas, coffees, and supplements that people can use to get their body in a healthy state. Read more:


Quality Skincare That Actually Works: Sunday Riley Products are Winning the Beauty Game

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Flawless, age-resistant, gorgeous skin is desired by all women. They are all on a mission to the skincare products that actually work. Too many options offer pretty packaging and lackluster products. Thankfully there are some brands that care about image and effectiveness. Sunday Riley is a real woman and the face behind a brand of skincare products that provide results women are simply thrilled with.

One of the most talked about products offered by Sunday Riley is their Luna Sleeping Night Oil. What stands out most about it the rich blue color that comes from tansy oil. It also contains a powerful blend of retinol (vitamin A) that fights the signs of aging while improving skin. The brand offers many other skincare products that are equally lovely and effective. Women just cannot get enough of the brand and word is spreading fast. In fact, Sunday Riley skincare products are featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018 and when a name that big backs a company it says something significant about the quality.

The Houston based brand rose to popularity quickly after an incredibly successful sales pitch to the famous department store Barney’s. There, without a name for the brand, Barney’s encouraged her to have her own name be the brand’s namesake. Sunday Riley is more than just a name, she is a real live person, and a talented individual that formulates her own products. Riley uses cosmetic science to create products that work perfectly in conjunction with each other or alone.

Sunday Riley products may not be cheap, but they certainly are a better value than many high-end skincare products that do not work half as well. Her dedication to quality and value has won her many fans. These are the type of products that users protect every morsel, not daring to waste a precious drop. Save your money, buy amazing products that your skin will appreciate.


Upwork  Helping Professionals Earn Extra Income

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One of the best things about being a freelancer is that one can work from home and have their own work routine without being forced to follow any specific timing. However, one has to keep a check on their routine to ensure that they do not get too undisciplined with their work routine. Upwork is a place where millions of freelancers and clients come together to connect and do business. Upwork also posts helpful tips and tricks for the bloggers on a regular basis to ensure that they are able to support the freelancers’ community.

In one of the blogs posted by Upwork, it mentioned about how freelancers can be more successful if they follow a to-do list on a regular basis. It is a habit that would take the freelancers a long way. The good thing about maintaining a to-do list is that it would help the freelancers to work in a disciplined manner and manage time efficiently. Time is a valuable asset, and one has to make sure that they make the most of it as a freelancer. It is what would help you get a competitive edge. Upwork has been growing at a massive pace since it was established with the collaboration of Elance and Odesk. The company believes that freelancers who have the habit of maintaining a to-do list are much more organized and disciplined as a professional.

Upwork offers great opportunity for professionals to make money. The company advises its workers to create a to-do list for themselves so that they can keep up with the work that they need to get done. It is best for the workers to create the list the night before so that they can start working on it as soon as they get up. It will also help them save time and effort.

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An Inspirational Story of Richard Liu Qiangdong

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Richard Liu is the founder and chairman of, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China. was started in 2004. Speaking in an interview during the Annual World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that he decided to name the company Jingdong after combining his last name and that of his girlfriend.

He studied Sociology at the Renmin University in Beijing. While pursuing his studies at the University, Richard Liu started a restaurant business but it never had any breakthrough. By then it was difficult to juggle between running the business and concentrating on his studies. He then ventured into the retail business where he sold computer accessories while still at the University, his deep interest in business was fueled by the need to generate money for his poor family. Money was also needed to meet the medical bills of his sickly grandmother.

Richard Liu’s business suffered a huge blow following the SARS epidemic. He was forced to shut all the existing physical stores. However, one of the managers suggested to him about starting an online business of the same. After giving it a try, Richard Liu discovered that this online option was more convenient than the physical one as it was less costly and had an improved customer experience.

Over the years, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in China. Richard Liu’s main goal was to fight the rise of counterfeit goods offered online by providing a platform that generates customer satisfaction through the sale of quality products and services. At first, due to a fixed budget, could only manage to sell one range of products mainly IT-related goods. With time, different lines of products were added to the company. Currently, is valued at a whopping $60 billion.

The company has also provided thousands of employment opportunities to the people of China. Under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong, is achieving more and has managed to be at par with giant e-commerce companies like Alibaba. The company received a boost after WeChat agreed to promote JD.Com’s products on its website, the company records close to a billion monthly users.

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Internationally Known Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich Specializes in Cosmetic Procedures

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is not only a well known plastic surgeon in the United States, but also internally. In addition to the services he provides at his Dallas based facility, he also teaches at the University of Texas and is one of the founding members of the University’s Department of Plastic Surgery, for which he is chairman. As a practicing plastic surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has chosen to specialize in the field of cosmetic surgery. Through the use of innovative technology he is able to achieve the results his patients desire.

Dr. Rod Rohrich offers a wide range of procedures under the heading of breast surgery. These include breast augmentations, breast reconstructions, breast lifts and breast reductions. He works closely with patients to make sure they understand the options they have for each of these procedures. Breast augmentation is designed to enhance the volume and shape of the breasts. Part of the consultation for this surgery would include a recommendation for an appropriate breast size as well as the location of the incisions.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich also performs many procedures on the face and neck. A popular type of cosmetic procedure is rhinoplasty, which is more commonly known as a nose job. There are actually several different components to the nose that need to be considered when looking to restructure it. Dr. Rohrich offers two approaches to the rhinoplasty surgery he performs. One is referred to as an open rhinoplasty and the other is a closed or endonasal rhinoplasty. The open approach allows a greater view of the interior structure and all of the underlying areas of the nose.

Additional cosmetic procedures offered by Dr. Rod Rohrich include body contouring or body shaping and skin resurfacing. Some of the more popular types of body contouring include tummy tucks and liposuction. Traditionally, liposuction is the process through which fat is removed from the body via a suctioning device. Dr. Rohrich uses several different techniques to remove undesirable fat deposits from different areas of the body. Recent advances in technology have introduced the use of ultrasonic waves, which actually melt the fat away.