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Paul Mampilly-An American Investment Guru

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Making an investment can be a simple thing yet a very hard things especially where money is at stake. When making an investment, due diligence should be considered. There is not a single cent that should be lost through reckless investment ambitions. If you are ready to make an investment, you need to go fully in with all the right information that will help you tap on the opportunities that are available. No matter who you are or the amount of money you have for investment, you can never make the wrong investment decision as it will result in losses for you. To make the right choice in this industry is not even a choice but a compulsory thing that must happen.

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who have made good decisions on this matter and has reaped great fruits from it. All his life, he has been working in the financial sector where he deals with investments. He has managed funds for small organizations, large banks and hedge funds with great success. At no single time has he lost any funds for his clients. As a result of the role he has had, Paul Mampilly is now a key professional in the financial sector whose opinion on various matters of the industry are taken seriously. He has earned millions by helping the rich and wealthy make millions through the stock market. As a player in the industry for over two decades, the number of people who have benefited from expertise is high but it only the elite in the society who have benefited.

Paul Mampilly is all about changing the situation. He intends to help the ordinary American make money through investment by helping them pick the right industries to invest in. he has made sure that everything that is happening in the industry is done in the right manner and according to the principles of right investment. Paul Mampilly is authoring various materials through the Banyan Hill Publishing which will be used as a source of information on how to make the right investment and consequently on how to make money.

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Guilherme Paulus and The 2017 Entrepreneur of The Year Award He Received For His Courageous Risk-taking

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Most people don’t want to go into business because of the uncertainty ingrained in the nature of the field. There’s a lot of mistakes to be learned with less guidelines or roadmap to success. Success in business is rooted in trial and error, and it can be frustrating to have no guarantee of success. However, those who push and get lucky or are just talented in the business, would prosper in unimaginable ways. This is exactly the situation with Guilherme Paulus. He is the man behind Brazil’s largest tourism ventures. He is the man who took the risks that nobody else would. For such risks, he is now more than reaping the rewards. Visit to learn more.

One of the many articles people can read about how Guilherme Paulus has taken such risks is best captured in the article published in Mercado E Eventos. The article revealed that one of the rewards that Guilherme Paulus would receive is not just money. He would be now receiving the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award that would be given by media company Istoe Dinheiro Magazine. The publication would be awarding Guilherme Paulus for his invaluable, profitable and remarkable work as the president of GJP Group. With his work, Brazil has enjoyed a level of job generation rate that before would look impossible to achieve. It is also the aim of the award to inspire more people to take the risks and create jobs for Brazil today.

Tourism is a big asset of Brazil, and this is mostly because of how Guilherme Paulus led the way.  More: He started GJP Group and the tourism operator CVC. In another article from Istoe Dinheiro, it’s revealed that these ventures have formed the foundation of Brazil’s tourism industry. Paulus’ risk of putting billions of money in Brazil’s tourism sector through CVC and GJP Group is something that not many risk-takers can make. This is mostly because that’s too much money for such an uncertain area of investment. Too much risk doesn’t discourage Paulus, though. It’s risk that keeps him going.

There would be also a lot to gain if Paulus continued his risk-taking ventures in other business industries. But for now, the tourism industry is Paulus’ focus.

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Flavio Maluf: An Engineer Turn Business Magneto

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It is not the background of your family that ultimately defines your destiny. Given the fact that Flavio Maluf was born and raised up in a wealthy and Business oriented family, one would expect him to inherit the wealth with little or no sweat.

Flavio Maluf, a self-made business magneto was born to a father who was and remains a seasoned businessman and politician. He attended Armando AvavesPenteado Foundation where he graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He, however, deviated to a different career path that later saw him become the leader of his family business in 1997.

In a bid to remain a successful entrepreneur, Maluf dedicates most of his free time to internet surfing. Besides giving him a chance to relax his mind, surfing the internet helps him get new ideas that he eventually tries out in his business. Maluf notes that even after one becomes a market leader in the segment of his expertise, there is unlimited room for growth. Visit to know more.

However, Flavio warns entrepreneurs and prospecting entrepreneurs against two killer myths: the first being that one must have a considerable lump sum of money to initiate a venture, and the second being that once an individual starts up a business, he will do less work and get more cash flowing into his account. According to him, there exists a wide range of business ventures that only require a little sum of money to run. He also believes that only through a dedication to build a business can any entrepreneur achieve significant growth. Hence, he advocates for smart work as opposed to the ‘work hard’ slogan.

Working 9 ½ hours a day, four days a week, Flavio Maluf fixes his schedule such that he has a meeting with each department of the company once a week. He also makes it a culture to visit a group factory once a week in a bid to stay informed about production. Further, upon finding new ideas from magazines, internet and related products’ point of sale, Maluf, and his team discuss the ones that they deem appropriate for product improvement.

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A Look At Some Of The Projects José Auriemo Neto Has Overseen At JHSF

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JHSF is a company based in Brazil which builds high-end real estate projects. They build both residential and commercial properties. They also both build and manage shopping centers, executive airports, and five-star hotels. This firm was established in 1972 and since that time has built many properties across Brazil. They have also expanded operations into both Uruguay and the United States. As of 2017 this publically traded company was valued at R $1.2 billion.

Two brothers founded JHSF, José and Fábio Auriemo, along with a couple of their business partners. Originally it was called JHS and it focused on building properties and incorporation services. JHS split up, though, in 1990 and Fábio took over the part of the company that became JHSF. He started to build shopping centers in 2001 and one of the first that was built was Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz. This mall, located in São Paulo, was the first shopping center in Brazil to have a subway station located inside of it.

José Auriemo Neto is the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of JHSF. He joined this company in 1993 after graduating from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Just four years later he was tasked with creating a new company, Parkbem, which was their new parking lot management firm. After launching this endeavor successfully he was chosen to build the Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz project in 1998.

Along with his wife, Mariana Landmann Auriemo, José Auriemo Neto has two children, a son and a daughter. In 2015 the whole family moved temporarily to New York City for half of a year. The reason for this was that his company was in the process of building a five-star hotel on Fifth Avenue located just across the street from Central Park. After keeping an eye on the project through its completion they then moved back to Brazil.

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Cassio Audi Rocks the 80s

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Cassio was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1985 when he was a young teenager, he and several friends founded the hard rock band known as Viper. Cassio Audi‘s founding partners and bandmates included Yves Passarell, Pit Passarell, Andre Machado, and Felipe Machado. Audi was not the only young founding member of the band. At the time of the founding, all of them were either 13 or 14 years old. The band played hard rock in the thrash metal, power metal, heavy metal, and alternative rock genres. Prior to becoming an established band, the group put out a demo in 1985 called The Killera Sword.

It was extremely well received. The shortly thereafter put out another very well received demo. The first official Viper album, Soldiers of Sunrise, was released in 1987. It included songs like “Signs of the Night,” “Knights of Destruction,” “Nightmares,” and “Soldiers of Sunrise.” The album became very popular worldwide, prominently featured in top hard rock magazines like Kerrang, Metal Forces, and Metal Hammer. This resulted in then selling more than 10,000 albums worldwide. In 1989 the band released a second album called Theatre of Fate and more

It was particularly noteworthy among critics for its brilliant mix of classical and metal sounds. During this time, It was so popular that it beat out on the charts the then hugely popular rock bands Van Halen and Nirvana. Audi himself was a huge influence of the Brazilian hard rock sound that came out of the 80s. Audi left the band that same year to pursue a career in finances.

Jeff Yastine and Tedd Bauman journey as financial advisers

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It’s everybody’s hope that whenever he or she wants to come up with a business idea, it will be one of the best and with high profits hence people end up looking for financial advisers who can help them through the investing process. Jeff Yastine who studied financial Journalism has worked with Ted Bauman as one of the financial advisors who has guided quite a number of successful business moguls in the USA.

Jeff Yastine has edited the TOTAL WEALTH INSIDER and he has stated the main aim of this is to help serious investors reap good earnings from their ventures once they become a part of it to be a member of the INSIDER, members have to access a number of requirements which includes; insider trade alert which helps the investor get to know about how and when they are supposed to do the trading, insider daily briefing and on this, investors get to know about how they are performing, unlimited web access whereby investors can access 24 hours services from the insider, model portfolio and here one is able to access the stock that is available in the insider and monthly subscription newsletter and on this one, the investors are supposed to be informed on what to invest in at a given time. This is mainly done through an SMS or one can get the notification on their computers. Read this article at

Jeff Yastine has been termed as one of the best investors advisers by a huge number of business persons and companies because from either their experiences, most of them have landed on fake adviser and ended up losing huge amounts of money but when it comes to him, things have always worked out for good.

Jeff Yastine says that his greatest success comes from emulating what successful investors from the past have done in order to achieve their investing dreams.

As a financial journalist, Jeff Yastine reporting and interviewing various upcoming and already existing business people have also contributed to his knowledge about investing.He has won various awards in his reporting career.

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Paul Mampilly: A Finance Leader

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Paul Mampilly is a sought after financial leader. He often graces the business panels of Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and CNBC. He is regarded for his wise business counsel. Many investors look to him for sound advice when wanting to build their investment portfolios.

He graduated from Fordham University. With a master’s degree in business administration in hand, Paul Mampilly was ready to go work at some of the biggest companies in New York City. He worked himself up through the ranks. He began working as an assistant to managing portfolios. This job taught him a lot about investing. Soon after, he began working at legal firms. He learned even more knowledge working for these firms. Eventually, he had made a name for himself and the big businesses of Wall Street were seeking him for employment. He began working for a Wall Street asset management firm. He did very good things for the company. He grew the company’s portfolios of asset into the tens of billions of dollars. He worked for many big companies like Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Visit his twitter to get the latest update.

Paul Mampilly garnered a lot of success for himself working for the billion dollar bigwigs of Wall Street. But he soon discovered his heart had another passion, and he wandered a way from the finances of Wall Street. He knew he still wanted to work in the finance sector because that had always been what he had done. He came across an opportunity from Banyan Hill Publishing. The money website was seeking a finance expert and editor and Paul knew he would be the best fit for the company.

Today, Paul Mampilly works as an editor for the premier website of investment and economic news. As the senior editor and founder of Profits Unlimited, he enables readers to know the latest information about the investment world. This newsletter is a specialty of his recommendations of stock information. He describes to readers what stocks are most likely going to climb higher. His estimates are usually accurate with this because of his many years of working on Wall Street. See more:


Ian King – An Expert in the Financial Market

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An entrepreneur and prominent trader, Ian King has more than twenty years of experience in the financial world. His passion for the market has earned him a respected reputation across the nation. He recently made news as one of the attendees The Total Wealth Symposium. This is an annual event that focuses on the top issues facing investors. The goal of this years conference is to help every attendee earn $1 million by the end of next year. Learn more at to know more.

Ian King is one of several guest speakers who will speak at the event. Some of the greatest minds in the business including Jeff Yastine, Matt Badiali and Paul Mampilly were scheduled for the event. These speakers have unique and out of the box concepts to present. For example, one practice that will be discussed will be how to achieve 1,000 percent returns in the technology sector. In addition to these speakers there will be a number of experts in the asset protection field present. Chris Gaffney Senior Vice President of EverBank and Eric Roseman ounder of ENR Asset Management are two of the experts at the event. After the conference, those attending have the opportunity to meet personally with the speakers to get additional advice.

Ian King recently made news with some of his thoughts about the market. Ian recently had a lot to say about the popularity of bonds. In a recent article Ian noted that the Federal Reserve is holding its rates and it has been pretty consistent with increase patterns. Ian references some quality items when giving his advice. He uses topics like the rise of bonds, the TINA effect and quantitative easing forced change to support his claims.

Ian King has been succeeding in the market for more than two decades. His official title is a cryptocurrency trader. He has shared his ideas and thinking with some very well known groups including Fox Business News, Seeking Alpha and Zero Hedge. Currently he works as the editor of the Crypto Profit Trader where he continues to share his ideas and advice about the current trends in the market. Learn more:


The outlined strategies for economical growth as reported by Felipe Montoro Jens

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Felipe Montoro Jens is an entrepreneur who acquired a degree in banking. He is skilled in diverse areas such as financial strategy, finance, and infrastructure among others. He has worked and trained with many organizations gaining experience. He uses his knowledge and skills to help the society especially economically. The growth gets ensured by the ability to cope in the business world and ability to have dynamic changes in finance. View

In the recent past, Felipe Montoro Jens got the opportunity to attend a special meeting for the Governors Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The meeting was set to make strategies that would result in financial growth as well as the growth of infrastructure. Various governors present displayed their ideas on the table to ensure growth.

Dyogo, the Minister of Planning, Development, and management, suggested on the increase of private investments in Brazil as the first country in Spain. Felipe continued to state the ideas outlined by the minister. He noted the need to create financial mechanisms as leverage for the private ventures.

Felipe stated the agreement of the idea by other governors such as Luis Garrido, the Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors. He stressed on the concept of IDB being the source of leverage for the private ventures to be started. Dyogo adds that the investment ventures should be vital. They should be in aspects such as water projects and other crucial projects. The focus of such projects should help improve the region for the fourth industrial revolution.

Felipe Montoro gave the different views of the President of IDB, Luis Moreno. He stated the need to start with the basics such as dealing with the social demands. Therefore, the need to create international connections is essential and the primary requirement. Dyogo Oliveira added that Brazil has tried to achieve the agenda by making Public-Private Partnerships to improve the public links. Follow: