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When An Employer Gets It Right! Paul Herdsman One Of The Good Guys In The Business World

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When in business it is best to be an organization that is great at solving problems. The bigger the problem the better the solution needs to be. If you can solve a customer’s issue, then they will be more than happy to pay you or your services and or products. These are considered to be the best businesses.


It is important to approach the situation in a team like manner. Being able to partner with someone risky. Ensuring that you are on the same page at all times, because if not the company will not have balance. Paul Herdsman, a successful businessman, is the Co-Owner of the company NICE Global. They specialize in providing business solutions for various organizations throughout the world.


Whether it’s customer service or technical support, back office or just business services in general they specialize in taking the headache out of the customer experience versus the artificial intelligence components their clients use to wrangle in the customers. NICE Global offers solutions to take the frustration away from the customers seeking support and NICE steps in to bridge the gap. Go To This Page for related information.


In building the company, Paul had to take some things into consideration. First was to figure out the type of team he wanted to build. Secondly, was the location and cost. And going back to building the team, Paul realized he wanted and extended family feel to the company. He offers different internal programs to his employees, insurance and other perks to keep them satisfied and interested thus bringing his attrition to be very low among the employees. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


By giving his team a voice to be heard and providing them with the tools for them to be successful in their jobs coupling that with the perks of working there makes a great environment for the worker bees. By maintaining a great work environment, that bleeds over to how his clients are treated. also, how those client’s customers are treated. By offering different perks one is able to maneuver and control the situation better. In this analogy when you give more you get more. Paul Herdsman has this figure it out and works it to his best advantage.



The Success of Flavio Maluf in the Brazilian Business World

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Flavio Maluf represents the third generation of the renowned family business, Eucatex. The company had been founded by his father in the 1950s and since then has remained relevant in the contemporary business arena. Although born into a family with established legacy, Flavio Maluf has always remained competent and had spent years of his career trying to establish his own name.

His opinion on the proposed Fiscal Incentive Laws

Flavio Maluf recently proposed the Fiscal Incentive Laws for Brazilian businesses. The laws are aimed at ensuring that part of the taxes paid by companies is directed to different projects. Such projects would be channeled to different infrastructural developments including sporting, social, cultural, scientific research, technological, and health programs. Flavio Maluf stated that these contributions would foster social and economic developments. The companies would ensure that the society benefits from different projects instead of allocating the funds from the government expenditure. He further elaborated that the tax incentives would take the form of exemptions, tax reductions, and compensations. Visit to learn more

Soaring his company, Eucatex, to newer heights

Since its foundation, Eucatex Company has remained one of the most eco-friendly ventures in Brazil. The company focuses on producing natural eucalyptus products and serves diverse industries which also focus on the green economy. With the leadership of Flavio Maluf who is the current president, Eucatex continuously compensates for the eucalyptus trees it uses by engaging in replanting activities every year.

Recently, Flavio Maluf announced that the company had acquired wood fiber sheets unit in Botucatu from its partner, Duratex. This acquisition will not only enhance the company’s productivity but will also increase the capacity and paints to 40% and 30% respectively. Flavio Maluf aims at not only increasing the company’s profits but also creating opportunities for employment.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf remains the President and the CEO of Eucatex Group which he had joined in 1987. He attended FAAP in Sao Paulo where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His career kicked off in the trade industry, but quickly joined his family business where he ascended into the presidency position a year later.



Learn How to Flip Property with Nick Vertucci

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Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. a real estate company located in Irvine California. Previously, he was the president and CEO of Coastline Micro a computer systems company for 6 years. He started his own company in 2013. The Nick Vertucci Companies purchases bank owned properties and invest in property reconstruction. He created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy and teaches students how to become successful investors.

Nick’s real estate academy teaches the NVREA System that includes the three-step process: GET IN, GET OUT and GET PAID! Step one entails locating a good deal with a low price, so you can sell it at a higher price. Step 2 requires deciding if you want to rehab, wholesale or rent the property. Step 3 focuses on getting paid for flipping your property.

There are conferences for the NVREA System held nationwide and they offer a free VIP package for registering. The package includes a CD of his Fortunes in Flipping set, a flash drive, smartwatch and free lunch or dinner. At the conference, students learn about his strategies for buying real estate.

The NVREA System is based on Nick’s own experience with flipping properties. He has made millions of dollars and is sharing his knowledge. He teaches his members how to deal with the problems involved with investing. His team guides members through the process and helps them successfully close real estate deals. There have been many success stories for those that followed the NVREA System. Some have obtained financial freedom from the hands-on training provided by this system.

Even though, many people claim to have made money with the NVREA System not everyone is successful. The program states that you must follow the steps to gain a profit. However, many people have not made a profit and found the program to be unsuccessful. This program does not guarantee success to everyone.

Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider Reveals the Kennedy Accounts

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Jeff Yastine is a financial news reporter who has won an Emmy nomination for his reporting with “The Nightly News” on NBC. Today, he is a lead director at Banyan Publishing. Through his financial curiosity and his opportunities to meet big names like Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes and Michael Dell, he has garnered a whole lot of valuable information. One of those pieces of information led to the Kennedy Accounts.

The Kennedy Accounts were created when President elect John F. Kennedy was running for office. He founded the accounts for the people who were struggling with the downturn of the economy. Kennedy could see there was even little hope for the children of our nation. Kennedy wanted to facilitate a change, so he established these investment accounts for the people. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

The Kennedy Accounts were founded to help Americans save money for the future. The gross domestic product was flat and the stock market had dropped 13%. These accounts are considered Direct Stock Purchase Plans. They will give the buyer access to the Kennedy Accounts which have doubled, tripled, quadrupled to billions of dollars today.

The buyers can buy these stocks for small amounts as low as $10, $15 or $25, all well below the actual costs. And, then they can just sit back and watch their money multiply. Essentially, these are not scams, but rather access to the direct purchase of stocks from publically owned companies without having to pay the stock broker. Because you don’t pay a fee, your money grows even faster.

Wall Street heavyweights have spent millions to keep these accounts secret. The last thing they wanted was for the little man to understand how to make money without the aid of their brokers. They have won the fight to keep companies offering Direct Stock Purchase Plans from advertising, so it’s basically been kept secret from the public.

But, now the secret is out, Jeff Yastine has made sure everyone is aware of their options for investing. Investing in the Kennedy Accounts is just like traditional investing: the money you invest is still subject to the volatility of the market, meaning you could lose or gain money.

The success stories are numerous. A 45 year old postal worker turned $45 into $60,000. A retired couple saw their money grow from $122 to $100,000. An IRS agent saw her $1,841 investment grow to $10 million. It all sounds fantastic, but it happened with the Kennedy Accounts. Learn how to open your own Kennedy Accounts through Jeff Yastine’s newsletter, Total Wealth Insider. Find out which companies offer Direct Stock Purchase Plans and get your money growing now. Follow:


Why Freedom Checks are Legitimate According to Matt Badiali

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Matt Badiali has been pushing the idea of Freedom Checks for a while. One thing that he is making clear to people is that the chance for returns are huge. While this is an attractive type of proposal, many people are shying away from it in the beginning. One of the reasons is that they need Matt to explain it to them a little more. Fortunately, Matt does assure people that the assets that are used for these Freedom Checks are in-demand. This means that these assets are worth tons of money. Therefore, people who make investments in Freedom Checks based on those assets are going to gain a lot of returns. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Matt Badiali has laid out some important factors to the assets used in Freedom Checks. One of the factors to these assets is that there has to be tons of demand for them. Another factor is that these checks have to be increasing in payments. In other words a growing number of payments have to be received either from new shareholders some of the same shareholders. This actually makes sense because a business that is gaining people is going to grow while the business that is losing people will either shrink or eventually die.

According to Matt Badiali, there has been a lot of careful consideration that has been put into the assets that are the driving factors for these freedom checks. He not only looks at whether or not these payments are increasing, but if they are increasing on a consistent basis. If the increase is consistent, then there is a high likelihood that this is a good investment. There are plenty of other factors which include the benefits that people receive as a result of their investments. Therefore, Matt Badiali has concluded that this opportunity is legitimate.



Things You Need to Know About Matt Badiali

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Matt Badiali is a successful investment expert that has guided people on the various ways they can analyze resources and gain profits out of it. Badiali`s latest discovery is based on Freedom Checks, and he has conducted a vast campaign to make people aware of the legitimate discovery. The freedom checks were as a result of Matt Badiali`s exclusive research on how the various natural resources in the United States can help people acquire profits by turning the lucrative business into a single transaction. In his discovery of the master limited partnerships (MLP`s), Matt discovered 568 companies that issue these freedom cheques and encouraged people to look out for the companies through the various publications at the Banyan Hill Publications.

The companies manufacture, transport and conduct sales of oil and gas across the broader parts of the globe and they also the oil and gas that comes from the Permian Basin, the Marcellus Shale, and other major oil and gas fields in the U.S. The companies that conduct the oil and gas business must pay at least 90% of their income to their investors, which is now the freedom checks that Matt Badiali refers to in his newsletters.  Read more at Talk Markets.

The monthly and quarterly payments of the MLP`s are almost similar to normal dividends and only that investors do not have to pay for the income taxes in them. People that buy their shares from MLP get to receive their profits through their brokerage account or email. Besides, one can start their brokerage account with little capital, and it is also possible to acquire huge profits that could benefit you at your time of retirement.

Matt Badiali has served at the Banyan Hill Publishing for a couple of years and being a geologist; he has successfully analyzed natural resources to help people discover the most promising ones. Besides, Badiali has also traveled in a vast number of countries like Hong Kong, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Turkey, Haiti, and Switzerland, among many other locations, through which he conducted research to acquire more insight on today’s investment opportunities. His advocations on the field of investment have been received with a lot of enthusiasm, and through this, he has gained a great reputation for himself.

Besides, Matt has also helped people discover the various risks associated with investments, besides guiding them on the methods they can adapt to ensure that their investments are a success. Learn more :


Paul Mampilly Senior Editor Banyan Publishing

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One reason many investors seek solid professional advice is to safeguard themselves from a financial storm or an unpredictable turn in the market and to safeguard their original investment. The financial market has advisors who are willing to make decisions with someone else’s money. The more savvy investor accepts the suggestions or warnings from a trustworthy financial advisor who is dependable and reliable and makes his own financial investment decisions. The second kind of investor is why Banyan Publishing reports its economic insights to investors. Advisors like Paul Mampilly spend their entire life learning the tools to understand the market so that they can be steady financial beacons to investors who are willing to put trust in their commercial judgment. See more of Paul on Facebook.

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly began his career serving at Deutsche Asset Management (1999-2001) as a Research Analyst. Later he served as a Portfolio Manager at Deutsche Bank (1991-1998). He worked between 2002-2003 as a Senior Research Analyst at Voya Financial. Paul Mampilly became Senior Portfolio Manager at Kinetics Asset Management (2006-2011). Between 2011-2012 he worked for Palm Beach Research Group as Author and Analyst. He joined Agora Financial in March 2014 but soon left in January 2015 for Stansbury Research where he worked as Author and Analyst in 2015. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing as Senior Editor in 2016.

Paul Mampilly has demonstrated his ability to manage large portfolios. As the Senior manager for Kinetics Asset Management, the company’s hedge fund increased from $6-25 Billion and showed annual returns of 26%. HE showed a 76% return in a competition sponsored by Templeton Foundation, where he turned $50M into $88M.

Mampilly has shown he turn a profit on his investments like Sarepta biotech firm which returned him a 2,539% profit in less than a year. His original Netflix investment returned him a 634% gain from 2009-2010. His Ariad Pharmaceuticals investment returned him a 696% increase. Read: