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Ted Bauman opens up about his professional and personal life

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A few weeks ago Ted Bauman did an interview shedding some light about his professional journey and the secrets to his success. For the past 5 or so years, Mr. Bauman has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor of a number of newsletters including Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. His vast knowledge, deep understanding, and experience on a wide range of contemporary issues including privacy, asset protection, low-risk investment and international migration give him an edge which is one of the reasons his publications are very popular. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Mr. Bauman typically begins his day very early in the morning and prepares his daughter for school. Immediately after dropping her at school, Ted directly goes to his office located in the basement of his house. Ted Bauman reveals that he always gets a lot of work done early in the mornings so that he can spend the rest of the day concentrating on the developments in the various fields that are of interest especially to his loyal followers, readers, and subscribers. As a person who has been helping people throughout his whole life from way back during the times he was in South Africa, his motivation to help everyday people get ahead in life will never run out.

When the interviewer sought to know the current trend that has got him upbeat about the future, Ted said that it is the ever-increasing interest in the health of the world economy, especially from his avid readers. He adds that ever than before more and more ordinary people are coming to the realization of the challenges that are facing us and even more important these people are even more interested in being apart solutions to the challenges because the challenges have never been witnessed before. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Mr. Bauman said that one of his secrets to getting a lot of work done in a day is his good use of time management skills. Having rightly understood himself to be a morning person, he always makes sure that his morning schedule is free so that he can have the time to himself to be able to put in the work. During the early hours of the day is when he does most of his writing while at the same time going through the current events in the news especially the ones that might be of great interest to his loyal readers.

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Banyan Hill Publishing’s Ted Bauman Shares His Take On Bitcoin

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Finance and investment writer Ted Bauman has taken a close look at the cryptocurrency bitcoin and sees several problems with it. One issue is that transactions using bitcoin take much too long to process. That may lead to it becoming obsolete in a few years if the technology behind it doesn’t improve, he postulates.

Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency are a decentralized network that exists inside computers. Being decentralized means it’s private and cannot be manipulated by governments. Bitcoins are created by mining, a computerized process where data is extracted from a mining block. But the process is slow, so sending and receiving bitcoin can take minutes rather than the seconds a cash or credit card transaction takes. And with more people using bitcoin, the process will become even slower.

Currently, bitcoins are a speculative, unstable product. Unless transaction times are reduced significantly it will fall out of favor. One solution may be to process less data in a mining block. Increasing the number of data blocks may also help. One new technology being used to speed up bitcoin processing time is segregated witness. But this makes bitcoin less secure. Others are using ‘hard fork’ technology to create a new cryptocurrency called bitcoin cash. Now the value of bitcoin is falling and bitcoin cash’s value is on the rise because of the cancellation of the segregated witness technology.

Bauman is skeptical about the future of bitcoin because of the problems with transaction speed and the potential for other cryptocurrency to fork off from it. He says bitcoin could easily become the next big thing or simply disappear.

Born in Washington, D.C., Ted Bauman grew up in Maryland. Seeking adventure, he immigrated to South Africa. Bauman studied history and economics at the University of Cape Town and earned postgraduate degrees. He spent 25 years as an executive with South African non-profit organizations. He also cofounded an organization called Slum Dwellers International. The organization, which has a presence in 35 countries, is a housing finance company. It works to help people from households with very low-income to construct housing. Slum Dwellers International has now helped over 14 million people. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

At one time, Ted Bauman served as director of Slum Dwellers International. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia and since 2013, Bauman has been a writer and editorial director for Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in asset protection and low-risk investment strategies.

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Investing in the Future; Matt Badiali Brings His Expertise To The Average Investor

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When you think Matt Badiali, science may not be the first thing that pops into your head, but this financial mogul got his start in the field of geology after receiving a bachelor’s in earth science from Penn State, later going on to earn a master’s in geology from Florida Atlantic. During his time in university, he met a friend who had convinced him to pursue a career in finance, with the goal of helping the average investor. This has led him to where he is today. But it wasn’t an easy path.

In fact, he had only agreed to go down this path because of his father’s struggles with investment, and his desire to see the average investor begin to make money, rather than losing it. Through his articles and his professional advisement, Matt Badiali has helped numerous investors around the world make earnings off of their investments with smart business decisions and heavy research.

Helping New Investors Reach Bold Heights

In the middle of 2017, Badiali founded and launched his own newsletter with his longtime friend, Banyan Hill. He’s since built a large network of loyal and supportive readers who benefit from his writings and suggestions on opportunities for natural resource stock investments.

They say to write about what you know, and Matt Badiali certainly knows natural resources. With a background in earth science and geology and a heavy focus on finances, he is uniquely suited to provide insight on the natural resource market. From devising methods to help the average investor make bank, to reading the markets on natural resources such as metal. His focus has always been on bringing his expert knowledge to the investors who need it most, and this newsletter is a shining example of that mentality.

Feet On The Ground, But Thinking For The Future

Badiali takes a unique approach to business. He likes his boots on the ground, and he doesn’t hesitate to put that into practice. When there’s an expert that he needs to speak with, he’ll travel to wherever they are, and meet them where they’re most comfortable. Traveling around the globe in his ventures, and even going as far as Switzerland, Iraq, or Singapore. With countless visits to oil projects, mining ventures, and business headquarters, his approach has brought him numerous ideas for successful investment and has only seen him soar higher.

But Badiali doesn’t just move with the market, he thinks ahead. He sees a breakthrough in energy consumption looming on the horizon, and he’s doing everything he can to prepare. With a belief that kerosene will become obsolete, and more energy-efficient resources becoming mainstream, he’s putting his foot in the door early and trying to take part in this energy revolution from the ground floor. Know more:


Madison Street Capital’s Dominance in The Investment Banking Sector

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Madison Street Capital is an industry leader having won many awards and recognition. During the 16th M&A Advisors Awards Gala, the company was named the winner of the Debt Financing Deal of The Year category. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: and

Madison was also a finalist for the Financial Deal of The Year (under 250 mm) and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The win was for advising on the transaction for WLR Automotive. Madison was competing with over 650 companies for the highest honor for M&A firms and professionals.

David Fergusson, M&A Advisor President, congratulated Madison for standing out in a category that had impactful candidates. The Gala that was held on 13th November 2017 also feted Robert Blumenfield with a Tom Farrel Memorial Award and Caesar Anquillare got the 2017 Leadership Award. It is clear that Madison represents the best of the M&A industry.

The Dominant Madison Street Capital

As an international investment banking firm, MSC is dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism in providing services to its clients. It embraces the clients’ goals and objectives to ensure the clients succeed in the global market. Whether you are thinking of buying a business, selling a company, raising capital or seeking strategic advice, MSC has you covered. With offices in Asia, North America and Africa you are assured of the best available solution.

Dynamic Services

  1. a) Capital Raise

Madison focuses on middle markets firms that need effective funding solutions. With vast experience in corporate and business financing solutions, the personnel at MSC provides answers to the most difficult financial situation.

Whether you need financing for a start-up, established firm or to boost your business in its early stages the experts have your back.

  1. b) Sell-side and buy-side Advisory

MSC is able to identify for you acquisition targets and perform due diligence on the selected target. Be it a regional, national or global target, the experts are able to value target’s benefits and establish acquisition terms. The MSC team experienced in sell-side advisory offers analysis prior a transaction, negotiates and structures a customized transaction.

  1. c) Valuation financial options

MSC team has expertise in analyzing, understanding, defining and identifying value. They assist clients in knowing the worth of things like IPOs, ESOPs, M&As, collateral value assessments, shareholder redemptions, tax liability determinations. Madison also offers wealth preservation and tax planning services as well as business exit planning. Other valuation services are goodwill and intangible assets, solvency and capital adequacy and also offers 3rd party fairness opinions to clients.

Madison Street Capital serves clients from industries such as manufacturing, technology, transport, agriculture, media, and energy. With over a decade of experience, MSC has gained trust in the investment banking sector, and the many awards they have won are a testimony of their dedication.

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End Citizen United to Fix Our Politics

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End Citizen United is designed to reform the decision made by the United States Supreme Court in the case of the Citizen United vs. FEC. Their goal is to bring back democracy to include the constitutional authority. However, the decision of the United States Supreme Court will change the history of politics, and learn more about End Citizen United.

All the support for End Citizen United comes from the support of the people. They are not the rich who are supporting them, instead of the average working person who wants to see things change in the way the government politics run. After receiving over 2 million dollars through the support of the people, they established in August 2015. There team is working non-stop for the fight against reforming the elections. For 2016, the United Citizen received in donations over 20.5 billion dollars during the polls. Currently, the independent voters are their target, ensuring that the money is at the top of the politics.

The End Citizen United has made it a goal to undo the political action of the Citizen United. During the 2018 mid-term elections, they are planning to spend millions and millions of dollars just to put Democrats into office who support or in favor of the finance reform. There are reports of at least 20 members of the house who are vulnerable and are already targeted.

Citizen United has been chipping away at the finance regulation since they were established. According to them, the bill should not have been passed by Congress. Reports say that James Bobb, the defense attorney for Citizen United is not finished yet. He now has a goal to attack every aspect of the financial reform regulation.

End Citizen United has raised well over 11.5 million dollars as of August 30, 2017. There are no reports as to how much of that money will be used toward the California districts. Citizen United started out in a courtroom and now has spanned across the United States. James went to court in 2008 in defense of Citizen United, so they could make a political statement of wanting to broadcast Hilary-The Movie. Thus, ultimately allowing corporations money to rule the elections, and End Citizen United on Facebook.

One thing about James, he is impressively right in the courtroom defending the rights of End Citizen United. The goal is to fight the effects and ruling of the Citizen United, change the decision and reform the United States to make it great again. It is time to take the big money of our political system. They work hard and strive to fix the system through the elections by ensuring they elect champions who are ready and support the finance campaign, and

Malcolm CasSelle Bringing Blockchain Technology To Gaming World

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Cryptocurrency and blockchains seem to be popping up everywhere. One gaming executive sees this innovative digital technology as a way to innovate the world of gaming. Malcolm CasSelle is leading the way as the CIO of the biggest bitcoin merchant on the planet.

CasSalle’s company OPSkins is hard at work launching a blockchain platform for virtual asset trading. This new platform, known as the World Asset Exchange (WAX) will allow people to trade virtual assets on a blockchain. That means WAX can help eliminate fraud and allow the instant exchange of virtual assets between buyers and sellers. Best of all, players won’t have to click off their game during their exchange.

As the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle has been instrumental in the implementation of WAX. He has helped with the creation of the tokenized exchange of virtual assets that will allow a seamless transaction between all parties. And executing each trade will be as simple as using a blockchain-enabled widget, and learn more about Malcolm CasSelle.

So how exactly is the WAX blockchain powered? Simple, by using a Delegated Proof of Stake. This type of consensus algorithm is the fastest and most efficient model that is available for these types of transactions. And OPSkins’ experienced team will ensure that the launch and ongoing operation of the Worldwide Asset Exchange will be a fair, fast and efficient platform, and

As an early stage investor in Facebook and Zynga, Malcolm CasSelle is astute in finding technological trends. And Mr. CasSelle has continued to put his perceptive business skills to work by investing in many bitcoin-related operations. Prior to being the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX, Mr. CasSelle was the Cheif Technology Officer and President of New Ventures at tronc, Inc. (formerly known as Tribune Publishing).

Today blockchain technology is enabling the quick and honest exchange of money and assets across the online world. With an opportunity to change the world of gaming, Malcolm CasSelle is launching WAX as a way to help gamers exchange virtual assets like never before.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), which makes the most of its personalized patient-centered approach to cancer care, has teamed up with WebMD, the Internet’s leading source for health and medical information, to lend patients a hand throughout their cancer experience.

The collaboration, which allows both the CTCA and WebMD to bring their strategies together, will include supplying information to patients from diagnosis and remedies to survivor and caregiver support. The partnership also aims to let more people know about their cancer care choices.

In addition, it is anticipated that after reviewing information posted on the Internet, people will more likely contact their physicians.

WebMD and the CTCA also teamed up on how getting a second opinion may help patients find additional treatment alternatives or strengthen an existing remedy, and learn more about CTCA.

The CTCA utilizes advanced options and the most advanced technologies that include chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Also to help patients deal with pain, tiredness and other side effects, the CTCA provides fact-based supportive therapies so patients can maintain their strength and awareness while going through treatment.

Each patient at the CTCA is assigned a team of experts who furnish them with a care plan customized to their specific needs, and follow their Twitter.

Richard Stephenson founded CTCA in 1988 following the death of his mother from cancer. The first center to open was in Zion, Illinois. Additional centers are located in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia.

The CTCA team of oncologists, who are aware that two cancers, like no two people, are exactly alike, deliver care for cancers that include breast, lung, prostate, melanoma, throat, ovarian, pancreatic and more.

Jason Hope and his contributions to the SEN foundation

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Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and joined the Arizona State University where he studied Finance as well as acquiring an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of business from the same university. Jason Hope then ventured into the business experience.

With a lot of attention in the fight against anti-aging illness, Jason Hope did something different from the medical community that focused on the treatment of symptoms of aging and ignored research. In fact, Hope used the latter tactic. He had a firm belief in his abilities to improve studies of anti-aging after securing support from renowned financiers.

From the personal savings, Jason Hope contributed about $500,000 to the SENS foundation in the year 2010. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission entails promotion, development and ensuring the attainment of a rejuvenating strategy to address the diseases that cause aging.

Jason has a significant understanding of how anyone can get started regarding investment. He has endeavored to share success tips with upcoming investors. From his personal experience, Jason Hope identifies one of the main cause of failure as the lack of concentration or focus on a particular goal. He adds that anyone who is fond of jumping from one idea to another is destined to fail due to lack of a clear path.

Another thing that poses a significant challenge to the budding entrepreneurs according to Jason Hope is the ability to bring ideas into life. He says that those that keep things simple and easy to understand are likely to make their ideas come to life as opposed to the guys who like complicating things. The love and the great passion for technology is the reason that earned Jason Hope, a reputation as an experienced futurist. He has a unique ability to observe business and industries grow over time and make precise predictions of the direction in which the technology is headed towards the future.

At the SENS foundation, that he has always supported, they conduct research which is not meant to make individuals live forever but instead improve the quality of life as one gets old. The organization did exceptionally well in addressing diseases that cause aging such as lung and heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes among others. The foundation approach involves breaking down the body’s systems to come up with cures for the illness. Due to the successes attained in the research, Jason is a highly respectable person in the society.
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Show Off Your Greatest Asset With Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

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Many people, especially women, are sometimes discontent with the appearance of their backside. Whether you have lost weight and your butt seems to be saggy, or if the shape has changed due to age, there is a procedure that can give you the beautiful butt that you desire. A Butt lift procedure will give your behind a well sculpted look. If you just have saggy skin that needs to be tightened, or excess fat that needs to be removed, a traditional butt lift surgery is an option for you. If you want to lift, and accentuate,then the ever popular Brazilian Butt Lift is your option.


Butt Lift surgery can be done by itself, or in combination with another procedure. You may be a candidate for this procedure if you are in good health, do not smoke, and are psychologically healthy, The Brazilian Butt Lift is great for adding volume to, and enhancing the size and shape of the buttocks. The cost of the Brazilian Butt Lift can range from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on your situation. Many factors are included in the price. It is a good idea to contact your medical insurance carrier to discuss this potential procedure. Be sure to ask if they cover this, if so, what are your financial responsibilities.


If you are considering the Brazilian butt lift and live in or around the Dallas, Texas area, you will find plastic surgeons who have extensive expertise in this procedure. The North Texas Plastic Surgery Center offers all aspects of enhancement surgery for both men and women. They are at 415 Southlake Blvd. Suite 202, Southlake, Texas, 76092. They also have an office at 5824 West Plano Parkway, Suite 102, Plano, Texas 75093. You can call for a consultation, and the qualified doctors will answer any questions that you may have, as well as assess your probability for the Butt Lift procedure.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar began his professional academic career at the University of Michigan. Here, during his undergraduate studies, he found his passion for medicine. After graduating, he decided to stay at the University of Michigan for medical school. Not only was he an excellent scholar, Jejurikar was very involved and was part of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. As expected, Jejurikar excelled through medical school and was soon beginning his residency. He decided to stay in Michigan once again. He completed his residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center. He completed his residency in plastic surgery and has been doing what he loves for almost twenty years now.

Currently, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is employed at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute located in Dallas, Texas. There are various sides of plastic surgery, but Dr. Jejurikar focuses mainly on the face, eyes, nose, body, and breasts of patients. He is very passionate about his work, for a lot of people do not realize this, but what he does is truly an art. He is able to change the life of a person by altering the first impression one has of them.

Throughout his career, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has received many certifications for his accomplishments. As stated previously, he was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society. He is a part of the American Medical Association, along with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is currently an active member of three societies, consisting of the following:  He is also a published surgeon like many others. He has published documents from scientific journals to research journals. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has achieved and continues to achieve great success.

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons