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Flavio Maluf’s Eucatex Makes Great Forward Strides

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Eucatex is Brazil’s most innovative and eco-friendly Company that utilizes natural materials to manufacture unique home-care products like furniture. Eucatex at is also a leading international supplier of construction and furniture materials. The company produces materials for the production of both home comfort and industrial products. The company also utilizes the Eucalyptus wood to create paints. The company is famous in Brazil and is ranked as the most environment pleasant company on The company also has other business dealings across the globe with its headquarters located in Salto, Sao Paulo.

Flavio Maluf is the President and Chief Executive Officer Eucatex. Flavio Maluf has been exceptional in the Company’s top management spot. His education skills from the Sao Paulo Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) University present him lots of experience in the business world. Maluf has also lived abroad during his New York University management course. Flavio Maluf has an exclusive advantage in corporate business. This gives him the opportunity to serve other companies such as the GrandFood. He has also led to the establishment of a new affiliate company known as the Botucatu factory in Salto in São Paulo. Maluf has demonstrated his entrepreneurial understanding to build the company into a global participant in the building and construction industry. Maluf is also philanthropic and donates to the Idio Carli Maternity Hospital. Flavio Maluf also established a website where he gives expert advice meant to aid Startup Companies. He also presents individuals with suggestions of doing successful interviews and how to attain the corporate leadership ladder.

Flavio Maluf has brought significant success to the company and accomplished a lot in helping the organization to expand its business field as well as its core idea of environment protection. The company was established during the past era when companies did not pay much attention to their pollution implications on Eucatex had already instituted high-quality standards for environment protection regardless the establishment of the International Environment Protection laws. The company had adopted policies to reduce the environment degradation extends. The company has been proficient to manufacture profitable environment-friendly products up to date.

Why Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold Is A Respected Brand

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Bernardo Chua is a business person who has taken the health and marketing industry by storm. He is the founder of the company known as Organo Gold. The company is known for the business model which it has adopted over the years.

Bernardo Chua is known for his love of teas, coffee and related beverages. He is also an enthusiast of ganoderma, a herb that grows on the bark of wood in various parts of Asia and North America. He decided to come up with a beverage that would benefit a wider audience. He also started marketing and selling the products directly to his customers in Asia and later, to the rest of the world.

Bernardo’s products and marketing model have earned him a lot of respect and recognition. People who consume his products have vote for him in various categories and he has won various consumer awards in Asia. His company, Organo Gold, which is currently based in Canada, is among some of the top companies doing business and bringing in a lot of profit around the world.

Organo Gold: What is it?

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua started his career many years ago. But when it comes to his current company, Organo Gold, he started it in 2008. The company is growing and it ha surpassed many of its kind in the global market. When he started the company, Bernardo was targeting the Asian market.

PR News Wire said that being a Chinese born in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua utilized his background knowledge in herbal benefits of ganoderma to come up with a product that would be appreciated by people of all walks of life. His products are designed and packaged well. The good news is that they are all natural and they come with nutritious value.

If you are looking for a beverage which is both refreshing and healthy, try Organo Gold teas and coffees. The company has distributors all over the world and they have created employment for those who are interested in marketing and selling the products to others. Their company is also known for their shipping services to consumers all over.

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Contact Securus Technologies To Start Your Account of Communications Today

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If you’ve been searching for ways to get in touch with one of your friends, relatives, or a significant other who is currently in a correctional facility, then you may have found that one of the only ways for you to speak to them and see them was to set up an appointment during a time frame that’s been provided for you by the correctional facility that they are in. They may have given you a time to visit in which you were unable to due to having your own set of responsibilities to tend to. In such cases, you had probably experienced a moment in time in which you were unable to see the inmate for quite some time due to conflicts that existed in scheduling. By contacting one of the representatives of Securus Technologies, you’ll have certainty in knowing that you’ll be able to set up an appointment to speak to the inmate at essentially any time that is convenient for you as the program offers extremely flexible scheduling options.


If you’re unsure about what you can do to sign up for and utilize the program, it’s highly recommended for you to ask your questions and/or comments to one of the technicians who are available to assist at Securus Technologies. They’ll gladly provide you with the guidance that’s necessary to begin.


Law enforcement officials have especially appreciate this terrific program as it’s enabled them to use the conversations that are conducted within them as data to begin investigation efforts is crimes or elements of crimes are discussed within them. The video conferencing chats are recorded and monitored in the case that anything can be of use for potentially stopping further instances of crime, some of which may be ongoing today. It is a program with benefits that are unmatched as has received proper accreditation from the BBB.


Sam Tabar On How to Invest for the New Year

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For many people, taking the first step towards investment can be complicated. Many people don’t know exactly where to start or feel that they may mess something up. As such, people spend countless hours each year looking for the best investment options—often coming up empty-handed, or worse off than they previously were. Sam Tabar, a Columbia Law School graduate, caught wind of this issue recently—and decided to step forth and offer his investment advice.

Starting off, Tabar recommends skipping the popular commodity trading. While many people might choose to opt for this starting off, Tabar cautions new, inexperienced investors of this sort of trading—due to the sheer complicated processes involved with it. Starting off, commodity trading involves a lot of research, meaning you will likely dig yourself back into the same hole you were in to begin with—unsure where to start, and unsure what to do.

For the beginner investor, Tabar states that the best choice is to look into investing in differing private businesses. Private businesses are typically easier to invest into than commodity trading, and many private businesses offer to make donations to those in need for investments.

Over the years, Tabar has had a great deal of experience working with finances. For example, one prominent position is his Head of Capital Strategy position for Bank of America Merill Lynch—Bank of America’s corporate and investment division. He held this from February 2011 to September 2012 — shortly achieving a Partner position at FullCycleFund, with similar responsibilities.

As Tabar is a business law student, he is fairly knowledgeable about what does—and doesn’t— work in the investment world. He has worked for a variety of companies looking to expand their capital, and has been of great help to all of them—and can be of great help to you, as well.

All in all, Tabar offers very sound advice that can be used by just about anyone looking to invest. For anyone interested in investing for the new year, but unaware of where to start, look no further than the advice offered by Sam Tabar!

Cotemar’s Leading Innovations

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Without the oil industry, the economy of Brazil would not be near where it is today. For the oil industry to thrive, they must have an excellent service provider servicing them. Their employees will definitely need quality food and refreshment areas in order to work optimally. So we cannot afford to undermine the role that is played by Cotemar in the oil industry. Cotemar first got into the oil industry as a service provider for PEMEX. When they were first hired, the company was privately owned. This was mostly a disadvantage for Cotemar. Being the only company allowed to mine oil within the Brazilian borders, Cotemar had a hard time getting contracts. However, the government of Brazil over the time took away all moil mining rights and since then Cotemar has been able to serve a larger clientele.



Like every startup, Cotemar did not start as the successful company that it is today. When the company was founded in the year 1979, they only offered food and accommodation services to the energy industry. Back then, they only had a few staff and vessels to support their activities. The company gradually grew as the economic environment in Brazil started to change. Over the time they were able to build an offshore lodge. Workers who were waiting for their shift would come to sleep and eat here. 17 years later, the company saw its first big growth. They bought specialized vessels that were added to their fleet. They also increased their services, from offshore food and lodging services to transportation, construction, engineering and specialized vessel services.


Employment at Cotemar

If you would like to work for Cotemar you can apply for jobs in the catering, cleaning, construction, transportation and the engineering departments. Your resumes can be dropped on their website. Alternatively, you can call the number provided on their website and ask for any job opportunities.


Working for Cotemar exposes you to work with world-class technologies. Your CV becomes decorated and landing a job after that will be more than easy. Other than that, they help in your career development and your economics won’t suffer.



Cotemar offers a variety of services to ensure that the oil industry operates efficiently and that at all time the energy production of Brazil is as it is supposed to be. They also offer innovative disaster prevention services, so that nothing comes in the way of the nation’s oil production.

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Jeffry Schneider’s Push to Popularize Alternative Investments

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Jeffry Schneider is a Texas-based entrepreneur and alternative investment expert. He gained his skills from years of working for renowned firms such as Merrill Lunch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown. He quit employment to found Ascendant Capital LLC. Jeffry’s expertise has contributed to the company’s rapid growth. He is the chief executive officer of the corporation. Ascendant Capital provides its clients with a broad range of services, including sales, marketing, education, and operational services.

As an investment firm, the company needs to raise funds to invest in various alternative investment opportunities. Jeffry used his experience in the field to come up with a unique financial structure that satisfies this need. The funds are invested in both established and new companies. As the leader of the firm, Jeffry works with a growing network of broker-dealers, private banks, registered investment advisors, and family offices. The system helps the executive leader to distribute the company’s private and public offerings to investors worldwide in an efficient manner.

Jeffry’s network has been critical to the growth of the company. With the ability to raise more funds, the company has been able to grow rapidly in the last three years. Over the period, the company has managed to increase its staff from two employees to 30 workers. The network, which is made up of 250 investment advisors and 50 broker-dealers, has helped Ascendant Capital to raise over $1 billion in capital. This success has given the company the ability to make sound investments, including buying tech companies, real estate, and auto dealerships.

Ascendant Capital’s continues to enjoy high profitability margins. With a choice of good investments, the company has continued to attract more investors. According to the company’s data, the investors are raising more than $50 million every month. The company invests these funds in alternative investments. As an expert, Jeffry is confident about the success of such investments. The company diversifies its investment as a measure of spreading risks. Recent data has shown that the sector will continue to experience growth over the next few years. Although the amount of money currently allocated to alternative investments is small, Schneider believes that this figure will soon surpass that allocated to different RIAs. This information was originally reported on as explicated in the link below

Jeffry also believes in having a strong company culture. At Ascendant Capital, he encourages every staff to embrace the culture of trust and open dialogue. This approach has helped team members to deliver better results and the investors to trust the company more. Moreover, every staff is expected to put the client’s needs first.

Jeffry Schneider joined the financial industry as a fresh graduate from the University of Massachusetts. Over the years, he has worked with Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. Jeffry is also an active supporter of charity organizations. He has contributed to God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, and the Gazelle Foundation.

Chris Burch Continues to Invest in Wearable Tech

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Two of the most successful industries over the past few decades have been the fashion and tech industries. Even during periods of tough economic strain, the two industries have developed new trends that have had a lasting impact on the world. While these two industries used to act independently, they have continued to merge more and more in recent years. This is evident through the increased usage of wearable technology. While wearable tech has typically included watches, shoes, and athletic gear, the industry will soon see a number of new products in coming years that will help to improve efficiency and save lives.


One of the most anticipated pieces of wearable technology that will be coming to the market in the next few years will provide an additional level of safety to bike and motorcycle riders. While helmets have been popular for years, there has not been a piece of support for the neck. This new piece of technology will be a ring that will act similar to an airbag. In the event that the rider is in an accident, the ring will inflate and provide additional support to the neck.


Another piece of wearable technology that will have a presence in coming years will be a smart glove that will be used by firefighters and first responders. The glove will have all of the normal safety features, but will also provide a lot of detail and information to the firefighter. This can include giving some information about the fire, including heat and smoke on the other side of the door, and also providing the ability to locate and contact other members of the firefighting team.


One of the most significant contributors and investors in the wearable technology industry has continued to be Chris Burch. Burch is best known for developing and building the Tory Burch brand, which is a leading fashion brand in the world. He is also the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is a venture capital firm that provides investments in companies that are looking to develop new wearable technology.


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In Brazil when you talk of top bankers then the name Marcio Alaor comes to mind. Marcio is a top executive banker in a Brazilian Bank BMG and he mostly makes the headline, for new infrastructure in his city or at times new technologies.

Marcio was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth he worked his way up to become one of the most celebrated people in Brazil. In business, he practiced the highest levels of professionalism and he valued his customers. This level of professionalism and hard work is what he brought to the banking industry when he got his first position in the bank entry level. This was a big step for him as before he was just a mere shoe shiner and even with no experience in the sector the then BMG banking executive wanted him part of his team. He utilized his time with the bank always doing more than what was expected from him to be now the banks vice president.

His contributions to BMG is remarkable, working with his team of dedicated workers has managed to build a top plan that will not only grow the bank but will also build wealth for individuals banking with the bank.

Growing up he loved to play football and his love led him to come up with the best way to benefit his bank and football teams in Brazil. Marcio using teams such as Minas Gerais has increased payroll loans application and also ensured the bank was well promoted as the players would wear T-shirts with BMG bank logo on them. The more the payroll application grew the more the bank sponsored clubs in Brazil and in a period of five years BMG was in the spotlight. That is how BMG became part of Brazil credit business and was no longer a one state bank.

In the 33rd Annual Expose Samonte, Marcio food court became a welcomed addition to this great expose and it is here that he got to be honored for his achievements in the world of business. His achievements ranged from his contributions to the banking industry through BMG bank, his dedication to the food court and most importantly his contribution to the agricultural industry where he made it possible for his people to make money from farming.

He has built a business in the agricultural sector where he has helped other businesses survive. His business provides financial products for the farming industry as he offers solutions to those struggling to raise funds to venture into farming business.

Brazil economy is growing and Marcio through his leadership skills in BMG bank is making a mark in this economy. He has raised awareness of how credit access empowers individuals and the impact it has on the overall success of an economy. Bravo Marcio.

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