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An Evaluation of Talk Fusion’s Humanitarian Initiatives

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Since its formation 9 years ago, Talk Fusion has been strongly dedicated to ensuring that the livelihood of local communities is uplifted. The firm is committed to building sustainable futures by enabling members of the community to pursue and realize their dreams. Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob has been leading these efforts. According to him, success means more responsibility. This culture has been ingrained into the firm’s operations. It actually forms a significant part of its corporate DNA.


Under Mr. Reina’s leadership, the company has been seeking ways of leaving behind a lasting impression on the lives of individuals. The entrepreneur himself has been personally lending his support to different charitable causes. His record breaking donation of 1 million dollars to Tampa Bay’s Humane Society won him praise from different quarters. He has similarly been supporting tens of animal shelters in Indonesia. Talk Fusion’s donations benefits different initiatives in over 140 countries.


Mr. Reina’s dedication to charity saw him launch a program, which will rope in the company’s associates. Under the program, each associate will donate a free account to a charity that they deem fit. These will be Custom Monthly Accounts that include branding, customization, and limitless access to all products and services that Talk Fusion offers. Reina’s goal is to help nonprofit organizations throughout the world to reach more people. For a long time, Bob has been passionate about discovering ways that can be used to create a positive change in the society.

 About Bob Reina

Mr. Reina made a name for himself in the technology industry by coming up with a video email tool, which is synonymous with Talk Fusion. The University of South Florida alumnus also served in the state’s police department before leaving to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. His commitment to the advancement of exceptional communication and direct selling solutions has helped him stay focused and farsighted.


 Reina’s leadership has coincided with great success for the firm. It has grown remarkably to become one of the leading distributors of video content in the world. His humble demeanor has endeared him to all and sundry, besides helping him form strategic partnerships that have boosted Talk Fusion’s stature.

Mike Baur’s Career Journey

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Mike Baur’s background

Mike Baur is a Switzerland-based entrepreneur endeavored to support Swiss startups financially. Throughout his career, Mike has been successful in many things like establishing world-class businesses and held high ranking positions. He is the co-Founder & CEO of Swiss Startup Factory. The company was launched in 2014 to help create global enterprises that operate within the prevailing norms, products, and business models. After graduating from Arkansas State University, Mike worked in the banking sector for over 20 years in different countries. He acquired adequate knowledge and experience that compelled him to quit the banking industry and started to invest in various Swiss startup enterprises before co-founding the now international Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 39. Together with two partners they co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory, which is the leading privately funded and independent Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. He also serves as the Director and Co-Founder of the Swiss Startup Association. Mike holds an MBA from the New York-based Rochester University as well as an Executive MBA from Berne University.


Mike Baur participated in the START Summiteer contest to build an entrepreneurial network for the Swiss Startup Factory. Early in 2016, he was named the deputy managing director of CTI Invest after the Swiss Startup Factory partnered with the CTI Invest. Since his childhood, Mike was fascinated to work in the banking and finance sectors. His passion was to develop the Swiss startup ecosystem to the world-class level and help it stand in the ever competitive market.


About the Swiss Startup Factory


Unlike other startups, Swiss Startup Factory has a three-month-long program that provides early-stage startups with financing, coaching, mentoring services, office space, and access to an extensive entrepreneurial and investment network.


The Swiss Startup Factory is the ideal place for the young digital entrepreneurs to grow their business and build a professional network while strengthening the Swiss startup ecosystem. Baur mentors and supports Swiss startups financially by creating a platform to thrive professionally and build successful companies. The Swiss Startup Factory serves as a breeding place for startups. The company has established networks across the world. As such, it has invited investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors from around the world due to its state-of-the-art and exceptional services that differentiate it from the rest. Currently, the Swiss Startup Factory plans to launch an accelerator program in collaboration with major investors like Geneva-based Fintech Accelerator.