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IAP Worldwide Services Offers A Promising Technical Infrastructure To Back Their Vision

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Among companies that have remained unshaken in the market for decades is IAP Worldwide Services, which has been working on improving the way they offer services to different customers over the years. The company, since 2014, improved its management and has been implementing new procedures, which include increasing the number of employees to more than 1600 and covering more countries.

In the past, IAP Worldwide Services has acquired companies and converted them into strong fronts from which they can solve problems. Their well-equipped professionals and skilled team has convinced the U.S. Army they are the best company to work with whenever they need logistics and technical support.

Commitment to veterans
IAP Worldwide Services prides itself in offering unique solutions to challenging conditions in the military. This explains the reason the company has been actively seeking out people with prior experience in the military to join them. An estimated 30%s of the workforce at IAP Worldwide Services comprises of veterans.

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They have continued to offer opportunities to other professionals and are committed to ensuring the military service is streamlined through the provision of technical support and reliable infrastructure to help them in overseas bases. The reason IAP has preferred people with military experience is because most of their customers fall under all branches of the military.

IT and communications support
Among areas IAP Worldwide Services has excelled in is the provision of IT and communications support. In this domain, they have a team of experts that deals with Data and Operations Centers offering technical support and installing necessary infrastructure. They also offer security services to both public and private institutions. IAP has invested in long haul fiber and has helped to streamline communication services for their customers.

Aviation engineering solutions
Identified as a leader in the provision of logistics, engineering and technical support, IAP Worldwide Services has maintained the best technical team to handle technological needs. They offer services to the aviation industry beginning from inventory management to engineering design. The company also offers supply chain management relevant to the aviation industry and they have invested heavily in enhancing the repair and return of facilities within the same domain.

Through modern technology and advanced systems, IAP has been able to offer accurate and efficient services. The company also offers power solutions to their different clients in the aviation industry to allow them manage their operations without experiencing the challenges that come with lack of sufficient power supply.

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Sanjay Shah Has Courage and Conviction

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When it comes to someone like Sanjay Shah, he is someone that a lot of people could learn a lot of things from in their life. He is a true man of courage and conviction. That is the only way he knows how to live his life, quite frankly. It in his makeup as a human being. One might not know this, but at one point in his life, he actually was practicing medicine. Many people probably would have stuck with it as the pay is good and oftentimes people judge others by how much money they make as opposed to the type of person they are on the inside.

However, Sanjay Shah Denmark had the courage to walk away from it and realize it was not what he was put on this earth to do. That is tough to do. He knew lots of people were not going to be happy with his decision, but he had to do what was right for him. That is where conviction comes in and it comes in in a big way. He has the conviction to go after something and achieve it. He knows there will be bumps and bruises along the way, but that has never stopped him.

He earned his stripes at investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley before realizing what he really wanted to do was run his own firm in Solo Capital. He knew this was the right thing for him. He felt it in his bones and he loved every single minute of it. Now, for the third year in a row, he has run Autism Rocks with the help of his wife Usha. As a family, they do everything together and they stick together. They have a child with autism, but their love for him and each other has never wavered. They know this event can really do something positive for people and the donations can lead to some great research by some wonderful doctors. If someone were to count out Sanjay Shah out, they would be foolish. He is as mentally strong as they come.

Flavio Maluf: Top Economic Consequences of UK Departure from the EU

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After the announcement of the exit of the European Union, demarcated by a referendum at the end of June, the instant impact was a drastic drop in stock markets across Europe. The exit also led to a great devaluation of the European currency. Experts like Flavio Maluf explains that the departure might generate lasting effects on the economy internationally. Some of the impacts include: The points are a translated from the Portuguese language.

a. Consequences for the very British economy

As per the figures produced by the European Union for 2014 financial year, indicates that the UK had made more contribution to the Union. The British supporting the block output claims that this escalated the inflationary pressure in the country.

Nevertheless, Flavio Maluf points out that the isolation block reminder of UK will cause a drastic drop in investment expected by the country. The restriction of free movement of individuals and products between the EU member states might as well bring unanticipated adverse impacts.

b. Impact on foreign trade of the UK and Europe

Amongst the EU member states, there is a customs union that permits free trade devoid of applying for tariffs and additional quotas on goods from different countries. With the block output in place, the UK will implement new rates about what was practiced previously, which will, in turn, harm the nation’s foreign trade with the EU.

c. Consequences for imports and Brazilian exports

With the exit of UK from the European Union, Brazil might benefit since it will have an opportunity to enter a bilateral agreement with the UK. Before the UK departure, the Brazilian imports and exports were traded according to the EU standards and depending on the types of the products. This made the country suffer from impediments and rate.

About Flavio Maluf and Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the current Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, and he has been serving the company for more than three decades. He is widely known as an attorney, a mechanical engineer and a successful industrialist. Flavio is a son of a Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf, and he was born in 1961. The family of Mr. Paulo Maluf is the sole owner of Eucatex. Be sure to follow Flavio on Twitter, and read his official blog for more updates.

The Magnificent Rise of David Osio

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David J. Osio the philanthropist is always lending a helping hand to worthy causes. He donates to medical research, music, art, and the community. Osio has been a member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra for years, so without question, he would be one of their biggest supporters. He said he does it because it brings joy to the community, and to himself. Giving donations to The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation is another passion, he just wished that those who are financially well off, will get involved more.

Additional support is to the Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation and, the Fundana Foundation. The Saludarte Foundation was the recipient of a generous sum when he supported artist Carlos Cruz Dietz, whose works were on display. For all his generosity and unselfish giving, Osio is the recipient of numerous awards, which Includes the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress; South Florida Business Leader and much more.

Osio is a Venezuelan native. He attended the Catholic University Andes Bello. He obtained a degree in International Banking Law from the Institute of Higher Education and Administration, in Caracas. He began his impressive climb in 1981 when he became Chief Executive Officer of OPED Enterprise, a coffee export program. He also worked for Leto Commercial Companies where his hard work and knowledge, got him promoted very quickly to a very high position.

In 1984 he worked for MGO, a Caracas Banking Law Firm. He handled large accounts for corporate clients, such as Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. For all the expertise and vast knowledge that he gained while in his position as a Legal Advisor, he accepted an offer to work in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino. In just two years he was named the Vice President of Banking Commercial. Osio was able to expand the bank’s portfolio, positioning the bank on a higher scale in the international world.

In 1993 he moved on to establish his company, Davos Financial Group. It is considered a financial boutique where he caters to a carefully selected group of clients, addressing their distinct financial need and expectation. The profitability of the company has allowed Osio to open a number of licensed, independent offices in New York and Miami. Also, in Geneva and Panama.
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Better for You Hippeas Snacks Founded by Livo Bisterzo

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livio bisterzo



Livo Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur who specializes in soft drinks, marketing, nutrition. He is CEO of Green Park Brands, a company that creates snacks with the clear focus of being better for you. Bisterzo spent some of his time studying in London before relocating to Los Angeles where he founded Green Park Holdings in 2015. He has been in the health and natural food industry for seven years. His achievements and brands have been featured in popular magazines such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Esquire and The Times. In 2009, he was also nominated as one of London’s 1000 most influential people by the Evening Standard.

Bisterzo and his team were on a mission to create a snack that was both delicious and nutritional. They spent several hours in the lab striving to develop the right product until they were satisfied with both the taste, texture and the nutrition. This resulted in a product called Hippeas, which are organic puffs that were launched in 2016. These tasty and affordable snacks are also gluten-free, vegan, kosher and just 100 calories per pack. They include a good source of fiber and 3 grams of protein. The name Hippeas was given to aim towards a modern hippe generation. They wanted to create something that appeals to people both now and in the future.

Hippeas recently joined in on Starbucks variety of grab-and-go-snacks. There are six flavors available right now which are Far Out Fajita, Sriracha Sunrise, Vegan White Cheddar, Maple Haze, Pepper Power and Happenin’ Hickory. Far Out Fajita will satisfy your craving with a fiery stash of chilli, paprika and cumin. Sriracha Sunrise has a tangy-sweet taste with spicy jalapeno and paprikia. Vegan White Cheddar are your normalIn The variety of unique flavors are sure to fit each persons different taste. Hippeas are currently available in over 7,500 Starbuck locations in the U.S. Thousands of customers have given feedback on Hippeas and now eat them as their new go-to snack. Bisterzo listens to all of the feedback given to him about how to fit their dietary needs. Additionally, Hippeas has teamed up with Farm Africa and will be giving back by supporting chickpea farmers in eastern Africa.

Understanding The SEC Whistleblower Program

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On July 21, 2010, Congress signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act. This act is the most significant overhaul of our financial system since the Great Depression. One of the most important reforms contained in Dodd-Frank guarantees anyone who comes forward with information about possible financial violations of federal securities laws will have the full protection of the United States Government. This means for the first time in history the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would be able to protect a potential witness from retaliation. Men and women who decide to come forward with information about a possible violation are known as whistleblowers.

Under this legislation, a whistleblower is awarded between 10%-30% of the money collected if their information leads to a successful enforcement action. The amount of the action must exceed 1 million dollars. The SEC Whistleblower Program has been in effect for a little over six years and has exposed many instances of financial wrong doing in the financial services industry. Recently one whistleblower was awarded over 17 million dollars by the SEC.

This recent whistleblower was represented by the law firm of Labaton Sucharow LLP, led by well-known SEC whistleblower lawyer Jordan Thomas, chairman of Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation Practice. To date, this is the second largest award authorized under the SEC Whistleblower Program. The client provided invaluable information that eventually led to sanctions against one of the major players in today’s financial markets.

Under the SEC Whistleblower Program, anyone represented by a lawyer can remain anonymous. In most cases brought before the SEC, the whistleblower chooses to remain anonymous in order to avoid retaliation and possible blacklisting from the financial services industry. The SEC does not disclose any specifics in a case when a whistleblower plays a role, this is to avoid the possibility of indirectly disclosing the identity of the whistleblower.

Mr. Thomas stated, in this case, his client stepped forward when others in the industry were willing to keep quiet and allow innocent investors to be potentially harmed. Mr. Thomas predicts that in the future many of the SEC’s largest cases will be because of a courageous whistleblower. The first officer of a public company to receive a SEC reward was represented by Mr. Thomas and he was also the attorney who worked on the first case where the SEC was able to charge an employer with retaliation of a whistleblower.

Because of the protections and incentives available in the SEC Whistleblower Program, Labaton Sucharow LLP clients have the opportunity to report violations of federal securities to the SEC knowing they will remain anonymous and protected from retaliation while having the possibility of earning a substantial monetary reward.

JustFab Flying High With Online Subscription Retail Concept and Possible IPO

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Who the heck is JustFab, and how did they manage to take over the online retail subscription world?

It’s actually very simple. JustFab is fashion e-commerce at the right, inexpensive prices with new on-trend shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories. It’s all about the VIP member and the perks that keep coming every month.

A subscription-based online retail store isn’t anything new. In fact, the LATimes wrote an article about these start-ups which explode on to the scene, and then little by little, seem to disappear. Subscriptions are not the easiest shopping concept to sell to the buyer, but JustFab is knocking out the competition with 4 million plus JustFab VIP members located globally.

The answer appears to lie with JustFab’s two branding experts Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Together, the business partners have catapulted JustFab into the e-commerce stratosphere, expecting the young company to pull in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year. In addition, the executives have also hinted at JustFab establishing its own IPO on the financial scene.

A corporate name change also appears to be on the to-do list, according to subtle hinting by Mr. Goldenberg. The new name will supposedly not include the word “fab.”

Just Fab has perfected the fashion online subscription idea with great quality at prices women can afford. There is a huge variety of new styles every month, and the buyer will always have the power to shop or not shop. The only thing the buyer is required to do, is to click on the “Skip The Month” button in their boutique by the 5th of each month and won’t be charged $39.95.

The beautiful styles of JustFab have also attracted a large celebrity following. Stars like Emily Blunt adore JustFab clutches and Ariel Winter, their sexy shoes.

When one signs up as a JustFab VIP member, they receive 20% off their first item with free shipping.

Under the JustFab umbrella are other successful online subscription retail offshoots like Fabletics, co-founded also by actress Kate Hudson, FL2 for men and FabKids.