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Lauren Conrad’s Party Planning Tips

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In an interview with Redbook magazine, former reality star and entrepreneur Lauren Conrad shares her best tips for entertaining.

Since her days on The Hills, Lauren Conrad has become mega-successful, with two awesome fashion lines, nine books, and millions of social media followers. She has most recently launched an fair-trade online shop called The Little Market and written an entertaining book titled Celebrate!, leading some to call her this generation’s Martha Stewart.

Conrad shares that her number-one entertaining tip is to keep things low-key. She says that any party that is “too put-together” feels “fussy,” and that defeats the main purpose of having a party: making your guests and yourself feel comfortable. She also notes that the most important part of a party is for everyone, including yourself, to have fun. Though she admits that planning amazing details is important, Conrad says “The point [of a party] is to celebrate–and that means everyone.”

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Break the Silence Today

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It has been noted that most whistleblowers from all over have taken the initiative of reporting a broad variety of possible securities violations of federal securities law to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The consumer Protection Act and Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms were enacted by the congress in 2010. The consumer Protection Act was brought about to deal with the U.S great depression by focusing on financial regulations. Among the many crucial reforms developed by Dodd-Frank Wall Street Act was the new whistleblower program. This program was established with an aim of significantly providing financial incentives and employment protections thus enabling individuals report violations of laws by federal securities to the large organization which is the SEC.

Historical Evolution of the Whistleblower Reform

Following the need to get answers for historic legislation, the first firm to take the initiative to establish an exclusive practice that covered the protection and support of SEC whistleblowers was the Labaton Sucharow firm. This firm managed to provide quality and unparalleled representation for all whistleblowers and this was made possible by the firm’s whistleblower representation practice. This practice was made up of experienced team of investigators, forensics accountants and financial analysts. Assistant Director Jordan A. Thomas played an important leadership role at this time by leading the practice which managed to help develop the whistleblower program. This was made possible through proper drafting of all proposed legislation as well as final implementing rules.

Rules of the Whistleblower Program

Basing on the rules implemented for the whistleblower program, eligible whistleblowers are required to be paid 10-30% of monetary sanctions collected from successful enforcement of SEC actions. The monetary sanctions can be approximated to $1 million in the case of proper enforcement of actions. It is evident that meeting this threshold will increase the eligibility of most whistleblowers by leading to additional awards based on monetary sanctions collected. The Dodd Frank Act encourages whistleblowers to report violations as well as prevent retaliations by employers. Additionally, whistleblowers are allowed to report anonymously on all possible securities violations if they have an attorney to represent them.


As a potential whistleblower you are encouraged to report possible securities violations as well as request all anonymity that you require during the initial legislation consultation. When answering the evaluation questions, you are required to provide necessary and reliable information to help the SEC evaluate if your case has got traces of possible violations of federal securities law.

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Organo Gold and Career of Bernardo Chua

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During the December 2015 holiday season, some good news emerged for the independent distributors and retail customers of Organo Gold. The news was that Bernardo Chua had announced the new rewards program offered by Organo, and preferred customers were notified through the Official Organo Blog site earlier during the month. The program was considered to be a strategic business tool or a model for providing diversification and expanding businesses. Locations that were eligible for participating was Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This new preferred customer program provided for important benefits that included specials, quality customer service, support systems, and savings. Members for the preferred customer rewards program were required to join a monthly autoship program. This was a requirement in order to save on any orders that were placed during any month and to receive a 25 percent discount. These saving were an advantage to independent distributors and retail customers. Retail customers were likely to experience an increase in their net income, and the distributors were likely to see volume distributed and increased sales through retail customers. The rewards program has given retail customers exclusive rights for promotions and specials for Organo Good goods.

As the Chief Executive Officer for Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua produces gourmet teas and coffees with the use of ganoderma, which is a type of mushroom that is used in countries such as China and Japan. What makes the mushroom so special is that it has been used in relieving certain health symptoms. Chua has discovered other uses for the ganoderma in green tea, hot chocolate and other beverages. But he didn’t just stop at beverage products as he went on to combine the special ingredients with supplemental and health care goods. Being born in the Philippians, Bernardo started Organo in the Philippines during 2008.

Bernardo Chua has been honored in Philippine as being an outstanding global entrepreneur for being the founder and CEO for Organo Gold. In January of 2015, Bernardo along with two members of the team, were the recipients of two People’s Choice Awards and Dangal ng Bayan Award. Bernardo Chua, and the name Organo Gold have been notable in more than 40 countries around the world. The success of Bernardo Chua is seen through his dedication in expanding his businesses, doing this by the forming of motivational incentives for the company’s valued customers. Information of the preferred customer program came as wonderful news for retail customers during the 2015 holiday season.

George Soros Calls for Reorientation of EU’s Policies toward Ukraine and Russia

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Following the Russian military force intervention in Ukraine, The United States government and Europe moved swiftly and imposed several sanctions on Russia. Beyond everybody expectations, these sanctions have significantly affected the Russian economy at a fast rate. The sanctions banned Russian firms and banks from accessing the international capital markets. The sharp decrease in oil price has played a major role in weakening the Russian economy. For the Russian budget to balance, a single barrel of oil must cost about $100 (now a barrel is costing approximately $55). The combination of reduced oil prices and several sanctions has slowly pushed Russian into a major financial crisis similar to one that occurred in 1998.

A shaky economy

During the financial crisis of 1998, Russia depleted its reserves of hard currency and defaulted on its debt, triggering a crisis in the global financial system. Today, after the imposition of the sanctions, the hard currency reserves have dropped by over 50 percent, inflation is skyrocketing, and the high level of interest rates are driving the Russian economy into crisis rapidly. The major advantage that Russia has this is time is that contrary to 1998 it has significant foreign currency reserves. Russia has been forced to rebound 30 percent of its foreign currency reserves to balance its budget.

The nation is expected to start paying its external debt of over $120 billion in 2015. However, contrary to 1998, Russia had borrowed heavily in the private industry. According to George Soros, if the sanctions imposed on Russia are not balanced, the country could end up in default, which in turn will shake the stability of the global financial system.

Rebalancing of policies

George Soros is calling for a revision of the EU’s current policies towards Ukraine and Russia. He is recommending a two-split approach, which balances sanctions imposed on Russia and focuses mostly on assisting Ukraine. Soros believes that the rebalancing should take effect at the beginning of 2015 specifically the first quarter.

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Why the sanctions need to be revised

Soros termed sanctions as a necessary evil used by both the US and EU to resist Russian aggression, without necessary going to war with the country. The sanctions are evil since they hurt the nation on which they are enforced as well as the nations that enforce them. The effects are bigger than most people expected. For instance, Russia is on its way to a huge financial crisis, which will weaken the Euro and affect the global financial system.

According to Soros, the outcome of assisting Ukraine should be positive. By helping Ukraine to strengthen its defense, Europe will be defending itself indirectly. Financial support to Ukraine will enable the nation to stabilize its economy and avail an opportunity for European countries to invest in it.Instead, they are seeing Ukraine has another nation that requires financial assistance. George Soros is a prominent writer, philanthropist, and investor. His articles and essays are published in popular newspapers and magazines worldwide.

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Your Insurance Check list before renting out your House on Airbnb

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Leasing part of your property to Airbnb may look like a simple method to make money. However, it is recommended that you examine different issues before renting your house to Airbnb or other companies.

To begin with, you must be aware of your hosts’ likelihood to damage your property. Subsequently, you need to know that homeowners’ insurance policies often do not cover such financial losses. Additionally, the losses incurred may be bigger than the money made through renting the property.

The major issues you should contemplate before renting your property through Airbnb and other organizations are discussed below.

1. Risks
Different risks may arise in the event of hosting tenants. Your tenants may vandalize your property or your neighbors’ property. They may engage in unlawful activities such as theft or failure to pay for services. Such acts may result in lawsuits whose cost may fall on you.
In addition, if your hosts are injured while in the house; you will be liable for their medical expenses.

2. Insurance coverage
Many home insurance policies do not cover for short- term rentals; therefore, a property owner is accountable for damages that arise from renting their property.

3. Protection
Airbnb and other organizations provide secondary coverage. Secondary coverage requires that you first exhaust your coverage from primary coverage before filing a claim.

Consult an insurance expert
It is highly recommended that, before you rent property to short-term tenants, you consult an experienced insurance expert. The expert will advise you on financial planning and wealth management.

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