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A New Global Hotspot Marks The Next Step For FreeedomPop

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FreedomPop is a company that has been gaining momentum as it grows. The Los Angeles based company is now expanding globally with their new hotspot and SIM. This new system basically funnels cellular networks worldwide into one unified data connection. The release was initially launched in the UK and the USA, with free data plans. The plan comes free after you buy your device to use it on of course.

Before the year is over, the company intends to be active in over 40 countries. The hotspot is bound to do great at launch, considering it’s the only one like it on the market. The initial price will be $49.99, increasing to $99.99 at a later date. The global SIM will be at a price point of $10. The SIM will also be updated as new locations are added to the network. Initially you’ll start out with 200MB of free data. The hope for the company is that you’ll upgrade to the 500MB option. This comes at a cost of $10.

The average of customer upgrades is around 40%. The plan seems to be working as intended. FreedomPop has been accumulating funding at a rapid pace as well. The result being in the range of $109 million. The company was quoted as stating “This new financing not only validates our capabilities, but it also ensures that FreedomPop has the capital required to become a top 10 global service provider.” This quote comes from co-founder Steven Sesar.

People are understandably excited about the prospect of free web access worldwide with no roaming fees. This is a big move for a rapidly growing company. For the whole story from, just click the link here.

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Thor Halvorssen, Trish Regan discuss Merits of Socialism

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Is socialism god for America? Do most Americans even know what socialism means? Thor Halvorssen discussed this question on the Fox Business Network show The Intelligence Report in early March. Halvorssen, who leads the Human Rights Foundation, discussed the topic with host Trish Regan.


Regan, like many other people employed by the Fox Network, wanted to score points against socialism and help viewers understand the potential threat presented by supporters of Bernie Sanders. Despite trying to throw her own definition of the word around, she never got the chance. Thor Halvorssen interjected and spoke throughout the rest of the two-minute interview, although no one ever defined socialism.

Socialism arose as a political concept during the eighteenth century. It is a political and economic system where the workers control the means of production, but it does not require the overthrow of the current government. It started as a humanist movement to combat the excesses of capitalism.


This definition appears nowhere in the three-minute-long interview. Halvorssen said that countries with a long, stable history of democratic government usually fare well with socialist democracies, and he said most countries have some socialist policies. He warned about despots who rose to power using socialism in unstable countries, and he used Venezuela as an example.


Former Venezuelan President Hugh Chavez rose to power in this manner. The Latin American country currently faces an inflation crisis. Experts predict the collapse of the current government if inflation numbers reach the one thousand percent mark.


Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation after two of his cousins were imprisoned for speaking out against the Chavez administration. According to this Buzzfeed Article, the organization works to prevent human rights abuses around the globe.

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Insight Behind The Investment Company Madison Street Capital

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Madison Street Capital is based in the United States and is a renowned investment company that provides services internationally. Within a relatively short period of time, the company has become one of the leading financial cooperation in America. The company releases reports each year showing its progress, the fourth edition being the most recent. Since the past year was full of activity, Madison Capital had much to say within the report.

Madison Capital stated within the report that the market had seen an increased of announced transactions made overall. Also the overall deals closed over the year exceeded the previous years by a good number.

Madison Street Capital holds a good place in the mind of many clients within the country as an expert in investments and financial management. Having been in business for several years now, the company is accustomed to supplying quality services and help to all of its clients. Every solution provided by Madison Capital is long lasting and many businesses and people have been helped by them.

Since first being founded and opening their doors in the United States, Madison Street Capital has be committed to one main goal, which is doing its utmost to provide the most it can to its clients to ensure they are satisfied and happy. The company always keeps the customers feedback in mind and is quick the deal with any complaints in a timely manner.
A business needs a professional team of employees who are dedicated and focused in order to obtain its goal, Madison Street Capital is one such company that has that. The company excellent staff and management are highly qualified and they have what it takes to take Madison Capital to even higher levels.

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QNet Shows Its Skills In Community Assistance

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However, in recent years I have become much more interested in how a company links itself to the local community along with the choices made in making a business as profitable as possible. In my own search to find excellent investment opportunities I came across a company I had heard about, but had not explored fully in QNet; this Hong Kong based direct selling specialist has been in operation since 1998 and was established by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark to offer a healthier option in direct selling products.

QNet has seen a prolonged period of growth since its establishment that has seen the company become one of the top direct selling companies in the world. By conducting a little research I discovered the leaders of the business have interests in the spiritual aspects of life, which I discovered include daily yoga and meditation practices completed by those in positions of power to focus their minds and keep them active in community based programs.

In recent years, the need to assist their customers in living happier and healthier lifestyles has been of major importance to the business leaders at QNet, which includes a major educational program designed to assist Asian communities in learning more about the dangers of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Looking through the various products offered by QNet gave me the opportunity to discover the company has developed a range of products promoting a healthy and active lifestyle; one of the areas that most impressed me was the determination to maintain a vegetarian group of products in the edible and consumable range of goods offered by QNet.

Martin Lustgarten and his Investment Genius

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The Success Of Investor Martin Lustgarten In The Banking Sector.

Martin Lustgarten is an American investor who was born on July 1959. Martin also possesses excellent entrepreneurial skills. CEO Martin Lustgarten currently resides in Florida, USA. Investor Martin is a specialist in investment banking, where he has ventured for more than five years.

Lustgarten is also the chief executive officer and the head of Lustgarten investments. Martin also owns a twitter account where he goes by the name @mlustgarten2. Apart from venturing so much in the investment industry, Martin is also a contributor. He is currently operating a GoFundMe campaign with an objective of providing shelter to dogs that are facing a hard time in the streets. Mr. Lustgarten has also made remarkable contributions in the financial markets for efficient distribution channels.

As an investment banker, Mr. Martin works to ensure that individuals, businesses, and other financial institutions get securities by acting as an agent. Investment banks offer market making services and trading of commodities. Investment banking is slightly different with other types of banks as the deposit of cash is not involved.

Being a head of an investment bank, Sir Martin is mostly involved in undertaking all individual operations of the bank. He is also involved in Mergers and acquisitions process. Investment banks are organized into different structures which include the back office, middle office, and the front office. Investment banks offer consultation and advisory services on mergers and acquisitions. Another common task of investment banks is helping their clients raise capital in the financial markets.

Investment banking also deals with other areas of interest such as offering healthcare funds, the public finance trust, and the governance and corporate department. The primary task of this department is ensuring that a proper relation between the corporations and the banking industry remains intact. A good reputation helps to bring clients and customers to the bank.

The commonly known commercial products include restructuring services, leasing and financing of assets, and the public finance which is associated with the government. According to his area of specialization, investor Martin Lustgarten also deals with risk management.

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Anticipating FreedomPop Launch In Spain

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FreedomPop Announces Launch In Spanish Market

The company that has been recently dominating and growing within the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) market called FreedomPop has continued to grow outside of its country of origin. They started in Los Angeles, California in 2011, and last fall they made their first international expansion effort when they expanded to the markets in the United Kingdom. Recent news on the growth of FreedomPop in the UK indicates that it has been introduced and is growing with a positive projection. Conversion rates were reported to be over 40 percent just recently, which is how FreedomPop makes profit. The company offers a completely free program to users that includes 200 MB of data, 200 messages and 200 minutes of talk time, but users always have the option to convert to a paid subscription of the highly rated service.

The news reported by Venturebeat is that FreedomPop is releasing a promotion with their service that will hopefully get people excited about the service that is set to launch in Spain soon. The promotion is available in Spain, and it involves the free use of the Whatsapp messaging service. FreedomPop will launch in Spain in just a few months, and the company does not plan to stop with just those three markets. The company is able to expand so rapidly because of their fundraising efforts and their efforts to make relationships with major carriers.

Additionally, FreedomPop earned over $50 million in their last fund raising efforts. To read more about how FreedomPop is growing around the world, look at this article from Venturebeat.

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The Purpose of An Event Planner

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A child’s birthday party may seem simple enough. A business conference too, seems like something that should be easy to just through in a conference room. But what happens when things get overlooked, or double booked? Seemingly mundane, event planning is far more involved than most would think.

There are a number of reasons someone would require an event planner. Any large celebration, such as a birthday or wedding, would benefit from someone taking charge and focusing on the planning of the event. To manage such a feat in one’s spare time would be difficult, and if people want their events to go off smoothly, they’ll need someone to take care of the small details that they might miss. This is especially true of more specific events, such as promotions for a company, political candidate, or charitable organization. There’s more riding on these events, and it’s important that nothing goes wrong.

The event planner, in these situations, can manage a lot of the smaller things that non-professionals might overlook. Finding a suitable location and arranging food are the easy part. But what happens when the parking gets forgotten? Or when there’s a scheduling conflict? This is where an event planner comes into play. These unfortunate situations can spell disaster for the event, especially if someones career is riding on the outcome.

The design of an event is a subtle and tricky thing to navigate. It can mean catching an audiences attention and focus, or it can mean an audience being distracted and distant. The design of a place, or an event, can be easily overlooked and is extremely important in many situations. Check out event planners in NYC.

A good planner can boost any event from a frustrating mess to a smoothly run machine, from the seemingly minor details that can derail even the smallest party, to the major oversights that can render the purpose of an event moot.