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Give Up Already Kyle Bass

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In 2006, Kyle Bass, founder of the Hayman Capital Management, made a fortune and international headlines by making correct predictions on the 2008 subprime mortgage crunch. For quite some time, Bass was a superstar and observers concluded that he was a genius who would do nothing wrong.

As time went on, Kyle Bass lost his “magic”. He is making a bad call after a bad call. In addition to making the bad calls, he is also making distasteful alliances. While almost everyone in the industry thinks Cristina Fernandez Kirchner has been incompetent to the economy of her country, Bass keeps on showering her with praises. As Kirchner’s country defaulted its sovereign debt a second time in just thirteen years, Bass defended it and sounded so despicably and out of touch with the reality.

Bass has unswervingly championed Kirchner irresponsible economic strategies and has ignored the crazy level to which Kirchner and her dishonorable cronies have looted from their own people. Bass has even gone further: when Judge Thomas Griesa of New York ruled that Argentina could not just overpay creditors who had already agreed to settle for lower amounts, but also had to repay creditors (such as Paul Singer) who insisted on full payment, Bass sided with Kirchner and referred to Singer and his company as being Immoral. He claimed that they were holding financially weak nations as hostages and they were holding up over 42 million people from making progress.

In reality, what is really pinning down progress in Argentina is Kirchner and her incompetent and corrupt cohorts. Their limitless greed and economic illiteracy have sky rocketed poverty in a once affluent country. Bass’ shady links with Kirchner and her cronies are not the only ethical lapse in his career. He has had business connections to the late Chris Kyle, whose widow, Taya, is currently embroiled in a muddled lawsuit with Bass’ subordinate at Hayman Capital Management, whom she has accused of various kinds of unethical behavior.

The accused is a guy who came up a few years ago with a scheme so vile that the two house of congress have been tasked to work overtime in order to frustrate the ploy. The scheme is simple as it is despicable. Bass is to collude with Erich Spangenberg, who is regarded as a notorious patent troll, will pick out some specific pharmaceutical firms, sell their stocks, and then contest one or more of their patents through a front organization.

When Celgene, a pharma firm Bass had targeted, sued him, he acknowledged that a lust for profit was what motivated him, but he quickly added that pharmaceutical companies are also driven by financial interest and so he didn’t see any difference.

Freedompop The best Cellular services Provider

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RCR Wireless News has featured an interview with Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of mobile virtual network operator FreedomPop with a view to get insider information on its operations and its recent expansion.

However, before engaging in the interview here’s a recap of the weekly news;

Verizon Wireless has been slammed a fine of $1.4 million fine by the FCC for the insertion of a super cookie without the customers consent. This super cookie was secretly inserted into the network and affected customers while browsing the internet.

In other news T mobile US has gotten $2billion aimed at funding the scheduled 600MHz incentive auction.

The state of Atlanta topped a market study seeking to analyze and find the top state with regards to cellular performance. Chicago came in second followed by Indianapolis, Sacramento and Rockford, Illinois respectively. This article can be found at

Freedom Pop was founded in 2011, with the goal of creating free mobile services. This goal is the core principle governing the operations of this company.

Since its inception, FreedomPop has provided free mobile services that include data, text as well as voice minutes to its subscribers. It is out of this belief that Freedom Pop has seen an increased number in its customer base hence, making it one of the best companies that are coming up in the market right now.

FreedomPop subscribers enjoy free 500 MB for data as well as 200 minutes for voice messages and a further advantage of having unlimited texts option.

It is because of this awesome plans that FreedomPop continues to blossom in a rather crowded market. More information with regards to FreedomPop can be found at

Importance of Reputation Management

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Melissa Click, a University of Missouri assistant professor, was caught on camera behaving inappropriately. According to report, she was trying to encourage or promote violence when the incident was caught on film. Melissa Click’s reputation suffered tremendous damage when the video went viral. She was a target of threats and other insults.

Since then, Professor Click has been on suspension pending an investigation by the University. She has been charged with a misdemeanor, a criminal charge. Although it’s possible she can avoid prosecution if she complies with community service requirement, her profile has already tarnished.

To repair her damaged profile, Professor Click embarked on a reputation repair campaign by contacting one of the most reliable reputation management firms, Status Labs, for help.

Status Labs is a highly recommended firm in the reputation management industry. Status Labs has provided top notch services to clients from a variety of industries and is regarded as a leader in the field. The company works with the best professionals in the field and has achieved tremendous success helping clients get rid of derogatory posts and comments about their personal or professional profile.

Ever wish you could wipe out embarrassing comments or posts from your online profile? Or the string of derogatory reviews about your company that an unhappy customer posted? Maybe you worry that you cannot get the negative information about you off the top page of search engine results.

If your reputation has been damaged, you need the expertise assistance of Status Labs in order to have it repaired effectively. Keep in mind that there are many public relations firms and professionals out there but not all of these professionals are created equal.

Once you contact the professionals at Status Labs and have them handle your online reputation issue, you can rest assured that your reputation will be repaired and your good name will be restored.

Coriant: A Global Leader in IT Solutions

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Coriant delivers reliable telecommunication solutions for enterprises all over the world. The company was established in 2013 by Shaygan Kheradpir, a renowned figure in the Information Technology industry worldwide. Upon founding Coriant, Mr. Kherapdir already had acquired tremendous experience in high-level positions in some of the world’s largest IT corporations such as Juniper Networks, Verizon and Barclays. With plenty of valuable expertise in the European and North American markets, he has a truly global perspective on the dynamic nature of telecommunication solutions for businesses.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s educational credentials include a P.h.D in electrical engineering, which he earned from the prestigious Cornell University in the state of New York. Staying true to his roots, he has also been active in his alma mater’s Engineering Council. With a prominent position on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Shaygan Kheradpir has also significantly shaped the scientific and academic communities in the United States on a massive scale.

With primary headquarters in Germany and the United States, Coriant has a truly global outreach to dozens of sectors. Besides appealing to European and American businesses, this company also caters to technology firms in developing nations that have tremendous potential for growth in niche markets ranging from finances and banking to telecommunication and logistics. In fact, Coriant already has a presence in more than 100 countries. The company’s innovative IT solutions are just as useful for private enterprise as they are for government agencies and institutions of higher education.

Coriant’s solutions are based on optical fiber optics and cloud storage. The company’s Mobile Network Operators and Fixed Network Operators can improve the efficiency of businesses, governments and educational entities. Thanks to Coriant’s Submarine Network Operators, clients can also purchase affordable networking infrastructure that is installed under the sea, ocean and other large bodies of water. Therefore, Coriant can help waterfront communities establish solid IT networks at affordable prices.

Coriant also offers innovative virtual products that are categorized as Software Defined Networking, Intelligent Network Management and Ethernet First Mile. Whether it’s for a startup business or a corporation that’s already established, such cutting-edge products from Coriant lead to savings and improved efficiency in the long term.

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Manse On Marsh Plans Various Field Trips For Seniors

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There are many families who fear their loved ones will be cooped up in an assisted living facility. However, there are many assisted living facilities that plan field trips for their residents. The staff will even provide transportation to and from the destination. The Manse On Marsh is one facility that plans weekly and monthly trips to various locations.

The shopping trips give seniors the chance to get out and purchase the goods they need for their home. Senior have the opportunity to pick up apparel, accessories and home decor at Walmart, Target, 99 Cents, TJ Max and the Marigold Center. Grocery shopping is a breeze with trips to stores such as Ralphs and Trader Joe’s. Members of the staff will accompany seniors to make sure their shopping trip goes smoothly.’s review shows how The Manse On Marsh schedules weekly trips to restaurants for a delicious lunch. It gives seniors a break from their regular meals and snacks. Seniors can enjoy lunch at a restaurant such as Olive Garden, Tahoe Joe’s, Custom House, Cafe Roma and Madonna Inn.

There is nothing like enjoying a scenic drive to a beach, bay, historic spot or neighborhood. Seniors can sit back, relax and enjoy the sights on the way to their destination. The staff schedules trips to the best locations in the area, including Avila Beach, Pismo Bay, Central Coast Veterans Memorial, Arroyo Grande and the Nipomo Dunes. It is a great way to break routine and check out the area surrounding the community.

The staff does plan trips besides the usual stores, restaurants and scenic spots. Seniors who want to check out a library off campus can attend one of the weekly library trips with their neighbors. It gives them the chance to find a book that may not be in the Atrium library. The bank and post office outings give seniors the opportunity to take care of those important errands. There is even a “Just For Men” field trip for the men of the community, and this trip includes lunch and a visit to the barber shop.

Seniors do not have to attend the field trips at Manse On Marsh, but the facility does encourage them to enjoy some time away from the community. A trip to the store, restaurant or scenic spot is good for the mind and body. Seniors can look forward to going on a trip every week, whether they are visiting the library or taking a drive to the beach.  Manse can be contacted online for any concerns, otherwise they can be followed on Twitter for facility updates.

Why You Need a Pro When Investing

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Investing both your time and money into some type of fund or account can be risky and can cause you to lose more money than you would like over time. The issue that lots of people have is that they attempt to do all of their own investing without knowledge of how to properly do it all. Because of this, it can cause them to lose tons of money and have issues in terms of getting the revenue that they want for themselves. This is why it pays to be working with an expert in the field of investment banking.

One such professional who has years of experience in investment banking is known as Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten has been in the business for a good majority of his life and continues to educate himself on some of the best investment strategies available. He will help you to set up an account or fund for your own investment options and then maintain these funds for you. This takes the work out of investing for you and it will help you to get the yield that you need and want from those investments.

One of the things that sets Martin Lustgarten apart from some of the other investment bankers out there is that he has a lot of knowledge in this field and has continued to work with both homeowners, individuals and company owners as well. This provides him with the knowledge he needs to guarantee that everything is being done in the correct manner. You will feel good knowing that all of the investing is being left to a professional like Martin Lustgarten.

Now that you know how important it is for you to be working with experts in the investment banking field, it is time for you to think about using a professional who is specifically there to help out. You will then feel confident in what is being done and that you are getting the most out of it. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter for more news and information.

Forefront Capital Advisors Partners with Easter Seals Dixon Center

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Forefront Capital Advisors recently announced some good news for its investors. On the last day of February this year, the company’s CEO, Mr. Brad Reifler made the great announcement. According to him, the company will be partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center. Apart from the partnership, the company will issue a donation of three million dollars.

While issuing the announcement, company’s CEO and also founder had a lot of say. He said that his company chose to partner with Easter Seals Dixon Center because they felt that the institution had made a lot of positive impact on the lives of military and veterans families in the past. The company has made a great impact by changing the normal conversation about these people who have done all they can to serve the United States of America. Easter Seals Dixon Center has created several life changing opportunities for these individuals.

The company to benefit from this partnership, Easter Seals Dixon Center, mostly works nationally and also locally to ensure that they break down any barriers and at the same time connect individuals and different organizations with reliable and accessible solutions. The veterans and the military families can then get access to meaningful employment, healthcare and education.

During the announcement, Brad Reifler also said that Forefront Capital Advisors had a mission to make all the difference they can in the lives of these individuals and their families. While performing this mission, Brand says that his company wants to ensure that they empower the financial future of their client, Easter Seals Dixon Center. They understand that partnering with this company will bring a positive business sense. For the military families and veterans to have a good life, they must be stable financially, this way; they will be able to succeed in the communities they will be at after they have completed their service. Easter Seals Dixon Center provides a unique opportunity to Forefront Capital staff and also the clients to have an opportunity to participate in the important move.

The three million dollars donated by forefront capital will be used to fund several Easter Seals Dixon Center’s activities and programs for the veterans such as job training, health and wellness, care-giving training services, education and much more. The company is very happy about the new partnership, and they hope to make all the difference in the lives of the military and veterans.

Brad Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital. He has been in this position since the year 2009. He is a serial entrepreneur, and he has a lot of experience in hedge fund management. He is also the founding partner and chairperson for Pali Capital, a very famous global financial services firm that is also based in the United States. Brad also stresses diversification of your portfolio.   You can also check out Reifler on Wikipedia for further information.

Sam Tabar: The Importance of International Investments

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In today’s world, there’s no doubt the financial world has become intertwined around the globe. With companies and investors having an global approach to economics and business, it’s imperative financial analysts and advisors be up-to-date on current and future trends. To do so, they must possess not only an education that is exceptional, but also have the necessary international business experience. While some people do possess these qualities, none have put it to better use than Sam Tabar. As one of today’s most promising financial minds, it’s clear Sam knows what it takes to leave the competition behind.

Realizing early on that the key to business success was having an international perspective on numerous matters, Sam decided to pursue his higher education on foreign soil. Thus, he accepted an invitation to Oxford University, where he spent his undergraduate years pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. While there, Sam was quite active in numerous student organizations, helping him hone his communication skills. After graduating with Honors, Sam chose to pursue even more education by pursuing an Ivy League law degree at Columbia Law School. During his stay at Columbia, Sam became editor of the school’s Business Law Review. In this stint, he became known for his journalistic skills, always having a knack for knowing just what issues needed to be at the forefront on campus.

After receiving his law degree from Columbia, Sam faced a crossroads with his career. Having numerous offers from both legal and financial firms, Sam decided to pursue a legal career by accepting an Associate position with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom. With his business background, Sam was given the responsibility of working with clients involved with hedge fund structure and formation. In this capacity, Sam spent much of his time advising clients from all parts of the world about such topics as management agreements, employment law, and regulatory and compliance issues.

After several years of working as legal counsel, Twitter made it clear Sam decided it was time to take his experience and apply it in the field of investment analysis. After leaving the law firm, he accepted a position with the Sparx Group as an Investment Analyst and Head of Business Development.

Videos Reveal Some Of The Wonders Jon Urbana Captured

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Jon Urbana is very fond of photographic art. His interest in artistic images is not limited to static still pictures. A glance at his Vimeo page does show an interest in moving images. In particular, Villanova’s top performer does like to share videos associated with the natural world. Urbana does support environmental causes as evidenced by his page. The subject matter of the video basks in the pure enjoyment of many natural sites.

Moose are not exactly the types of animals the average person gets “up close and personal with”. While moose are majestic animals, they are pretty big. Big animals do not always like to be encroached upon. The video of “Moose in Alaska” does present an interesting look at the animals from a unique perspective.

The video does provide a nice profile of these animals, and does so in a raw way not common to many nature programs. A similar approach is taken on Jon’s official blog and his professional details at CrunchBase. A full list of his videos is updated on his personal website.

The video of the moose is, once again, captured in the wonderful state of Alaska. Scores of videos could be made about the article WRCB TV wrote and his videos documenting the natural beauty of Alaska. The mountains found throughout the state definitely can and do make for awesome subject matter. Jon Urbana chose to shoot a nice video of the mountains. Titled “The Stunning Mountains of Alaska“, the video literally brings the landscape to life.

No one is going to deny the sheer breathtaking allure of nature, especially someone whose work with the FAA has been documented by the Aviation Business Gazette. Manmade wonders do have a stunning quality to them as well. Jon Urbana captures this glory in the video “Stadium Scenes“. Urbana is absolutely no stranger to stadiums. He is a retired professional lacrosse player who opened a camp, and has spent a lot of times in spectacular stadiums.

Nature does need all the help it can get. For those who would like to learn more about Jon Urbana’s commitment to the environment, please check out the video “Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force“. The video is quite informative, and reveals how people can help the cause.

See more of Jon’s videos on Vimeo.