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The best tips for success in the world of investment-Igor Cornelsen

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Everyone dreams of a situation whereby they will make an investment and earn millions from it, retire early and give back to the community on lulu.com. The sad reality is that less than 5 percent of the population of the world holds more than 95 percent of their wealth. This clearly shows that more people need to learn the exact practices that lead to success when investing on LinkedIn. One person that seems to have figured it out is Igor Cornelsen. He is a Brazilian investor and the current president of a company known as Bridge Investments.

Igor Cornelsen started his tenure with the company five years ago. When he was joining, he states that he felt a deep need to help people that needed to understand the world of investment but had no idea where or how to get started. The idea that he had in mind was mentoring these people and giving them the advice that would help them stop making investment blunders and make a success out of their business ventures at http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/.

Igor Cornelsen confides that the secret behind his success was finding out that Brazil had a lot of untapped potential when it comes to economics. He realized that Brazil would be an economic powerhouse. Indeed Brazil has become among the top five economic giants in the world. The investment vehicles onTripod.com that he took have really helped him attain the success that he has. His investment s were in the stock market and they did really well, enabling him to retire early.

Igor Cornelsen tells new investors to always take care when approaching New Markets. When entering a new unfamiliar places, knowing the laws and legal customs helps a person deal with their advertising and other measures that bring in the money.

The company that he heads is located in the Bahamas. His family on the other hand is in Florida. In order to coordinate the activities of his company, he has to make a lot of trips between the US, Bahamas and Brazil every month. During the times when he is not busy at work, he relaxes by playing golf. He is a true inspiration to many.

Fabletics Takes Flight as Top Athletic Clothing Company for Women

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Fabletics is the company that just continues to grow as people look for ways to build their athletic clothing wardrobe. Women are especially excited about how Kate Hudson has transitioned from her role in the acting world to that of a retail clothing mogul.


Fabletics is a company that has made more than 200 million dollars annually in the last several years. This is quite impressive for a company that people did not even know anything about less than a decade ago.


Kate Hudson believes that even more people will find out about Fabletics and the way that this company can thrive when she opens more new stores. This may not have been what people expected so soon, but Kate Hudson is confident in her Fabletics fan base. There are as many as 100 of these stores that are supposed to open within the next 5 years. This shows an incredible amount of growth for Fabletics, and it displays just how much Kate Hudson is interested in helping her company gain a worldwide presence.


People in Canada are on board, and Australia is also in the loop with the Fabletics clothing line. These were both successful ventures outside of the United States, and Kate Hudson appears to have her sights set on global domination as the brand continues to expand.


Kate Hudson is willing to spread her wings in the world of athletic clothing because this is something that she actually knows about. She is not just someone that is trying to make a profit selling clothes that she does not utilize herself.


When people see Kate Hudson stretched out in her favorite athletic wear this is not just another simple photo shoot. Kate is actually promoting a brand that she helped design. She is promoting clothes that she is actually going to wear when she works out herself. This is what has people taking a personal interest in Fabletics. It is the company that has managed to stand out because there is a leader in place that is raising a new standard.


Kate Hudson bypasses all of this celebrity stereotypes where famous people appear in commercials without any real connection to the clothing line. Fabletics is a company that Kate Hudson helped start. She is passionate about what she is doing, and her work ethic helps people recognize this passion. This is how she successfully built her Fabletics brand.

Paul Mampilly; Former Successful Wall Street Guru

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Paul Mampilly is a renowned American investor who previously worked as an investment firm manager. Paul singlehandedly established the prominent investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited. He incorporated his expertise, practice as well as the extensive knowledge he acquired as a former Wall Street member in order to prime his thousands of subscribers on stocks that are likely to advance. Paul has appeared on shows such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business News.

Paul Mampilly is of Indian descent, and he moved to the United States at a young age to pursue his career. He was quickly noticed as he managed to become one of the major Wall Street members almost immediately. Having gained over two decades of experience working in investments, Paul started his career during the early nineties’ as a junior portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. As he quickly rose to fame, He proceeded to manage multibillion-dollar accounts for banks such as Deutsche Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland ING, Sears as well as a Private Swiss bank.

Kinetics Asset Management owner of a 6 billion dollar hedge fund noticed Paul for his commendable work and hired him to be the main manager. The firm’s assets managed to quadruple to an outstanding $25 billion while under Paul’s great supervision. This drastic growth led to Barron’s declaring the company as “World’s Best” hedge funds for averaging a twenty plus percentage of yearly returns during Paul’s incumbency.

Paul was able to produce over 70% return annually, increasing the investment to $88 million from its initial $50 million. He managed to achieve all this when the market was experiencing a downfall between 2008 and 2009 which is notable in itself as he did not have to short stocks to achieve high returns, and his Website.

Paul also holds an exceptional record in his own investment account. He owns investments in Sarepta Therapeutics where he invested in April 2012 while it was still at the beginning stage of creating a drug to treat muscular dystrophy. Additionally, Mr. Mampilly invested in Netflix in 2008 as he noticed that the future of television entailed online streaming. He later sold almost two years after for a 634% gain, and https://technewsspy.com/2017/08/23/paul-mampilly-investment-advice-electric-vehicles-food-delivery-precision-medicine/.

Paul eventually outgrew the Wall Street business and started writing Profits Unlimited early last year with the sole purpose of educating people on stocks that are likely to go up. Profits Unlimited has helped many gain thousands of dollars according to its recommendations. Paul also runs two of the best trading services; Extreme Fortunes and True momentum, in addition to also writing for the newsletter Winning Investor Daily once a week.

Desiree Perez contributions in the Roc industry

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Is Desiree Perez is among the few individuals that have made it as professionals in the music industry. She is said to have made it to the top through her close relationship with Jay Z, a star at Roc Music. She has been a key associate to some of the major celebrities in the music industries not limited to Rihanna and Shakira among others.

Their relationship does not only trace back to when holding the executive officer position in the Music industry but it has been long for about 20 years now. Perez relationship with these celebrities is believed to have helped him a lot in imparting skills in her more so on how to run the SC enterprise.

Before she won the position of a chief operating officer, Perez worked in a close relation with Jay Z. The two always had a close relationship with the executive officers of the Universal Music Group to the extent of even meeting to deliberate on the fate and success of the music industry.

In one of their meeting, there were speculations that a key part of their discussion was how the Group would buy a stake in Roc Nation. If this bid is in a way true or goes by, Desiree Perez and Jay Z are expected to have made it in the Roc industry. The move is said to help them in sourcing resources to help them nurture new artists into their streaming services.

In her current position, Desiree Perez is an executive in the Roc Nation as a chief operating Officer. As a member of the group, some of her major responsibilities include publishing, managing and labeling the group’s operations. Still while at the position as an executive officer, she made major developments including being part of the Samsung deal talks with Rihanna. Apart from this deal, she was also involved in the negotiation of a Formation Stadium whose success today has been accomplished and more

Building an Online Reputation

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Status Labs is one of the newest companies to surface catering to the digital needs of the public. They are known to be a reputation management firm, which helps people who have online presence gain more traffic to their website, and putting their sites on the first spot whenever someone uses the search engine. They are also into online marketing and public relations, and the company is headquartered in the major cities across the Americas. They have an office in Austin, Texas, in New York City, New York, in Los Angeles, California, and in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Status Labs aims to provide an efficient online marketing plan for their clients and to provide an effective public relations strategy. By building a positive reputation and putting their customers at the top, more traffic would come into their clients’ websites, generating more sales and income. As of the moment, Status Labs is available in more than 35 countries, and their service has been praised by their clients because they deliver what they promised. Status Labs has also been featured in several publications because of the kind of system that they introduced, and they are also recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.


According to Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, what their company does is to repair the damage done on their clients by introducing a digital hygiene. Digital hygiene refers to the act of choosing what someone has to post online, and things that should not be displayed, as well as checking up the profile to ensure that the privacy and the safety of an individual are protected. Status Labs has been in the business for several years, and they have fixed online crises and have transformed negative online reputations into positive ones. Darius Fisher also provided some tips on how to prevent having a negative reputation online.


Darius Fisher states that one should never post any personal data on the internet, and this personal information can be someone’s phone number or home address. He also added that shedding off extra money to buy an additional security and privacy option would save one from being harassed by hackers and stalkers. Darius Fisher also warned about those people who post publicly using their social media accounts. He stated that if someone is not a celebrity, a public figure, or running a business, then there is no need to share something with the public. He is encouraging everyone to post something that can be viewed only by their friends. He is also encouraging everybody to change their passwords frequently and to search themselves on Google to find out if negative information exists about them.


Andrew Housser of Freedom Debt Relief Suggests These Steps to Protect Your Credit

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Andrew Housser, a leader in the financial industry, recently published an article on WBRC called “How to Safeguard your Credit After the Equifax Breach”. Housser received his MBA from the Stanford Business School. After graduating he worked with a private equity fund and in investment banking. In 2002, Housser started the Freedom Financial network, a network of companies that helps Americans recover from debt and more information click here.

Housser recognized the confusion after the Equifax breach and wanted to provide a variety of steps to safeguard your credit and information. Since the massive security breach will impact nearly half the country, it may be wise to follow them.

The first aspect Housser suggests is to confirm whether or not your information has been exposed. Because the information disclosed ranged from Social Security numbers to addresses, it is important to discover if your information has been revealed. Housser encourages you to check on Equifax’s new website which was created to provide more information on the situation and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.

Housser also suggests placing your credit on hold by freezing it with all three credit bureaus. By freezing your credit with TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, you will prevent any thieves or hackers from being able to open lines of credit. If you wish to open lines of credit yourself after freezing it, you simply call the bureaus with the PIN number created in the signup process and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.

He also reveals the importance of keeping an incredibly close eye on your accounts. Thieves will use small amounts to test the information. If you notice any unusual charges, make sure you report it to both your bank and your creditor. They may cancel your credit card and provide you with a new one. They might also be able to offer some protection in terms of the charges and will often be able to help you dispute them and their Youtube.

Freedom Debt Relief is one of the companies housed under Freedom Financial Network. They are dedicated to helping Americans recover from debt through their debt settlement program.

More Visit: https://www.facebook.com/FreedomDebtRelief

Jeremy Goldstein Explains the Need to Introduce Knockout Option to Employers

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Employees are slowing adjusting to the recent drastic changes by their employers. With the increasing need for business owners to minimize on their expenses and save money, most employers have decided to stop offering the stock option to their employees. While this is one of reasons for this decision, according to Jeremy Goldstein an expert corporate lawyer, the reasons are more complex.


Jeremy Goldstein notes that over the past few years, stock options value has decreased drastically making it impossible for the employees to make decisions in the company. Secondly, most employees have become wary of the negatives of stock options hence making them useless. Lastly, the associated costs of maintaining the stock options have outweighed its financial benefit thereby rendering them of no use to the employers.


With the stock option gone, Jeremy Goldstein suggests that employers adopt the knockout option as their new employee compensation method. According to this executive, the knockout option is more or so the same as the stock option. However, the difference comes from the fact that with the latter, you can cap the option from falling below a certain limit. As if this is not enough, with knockout options employees can be able to control the price of the stock thus giving them the incentive to work even harder.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a reputable corporate attorney and a founding member of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. This is a law firm located in New York City dedicated in providing corporations and businesses executive advisory services when it comes to corporate governance issues, advising compensation committees, management teams and CEOs. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is quite experienced in matters law and prior to starting his own law firm had worked for over 15 year in law firms such as Lipton, Wachtell and Rosen & Katz.


To learn more, visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.

A Succinct Look at Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

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Equities First Holdings, LLC was established in 2002 and founded by Al Christy Jr., the President and CEO. Equities First Holdings’ headquarters are based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The private company thoroughly evaluates risks before offering loans. Loans are only provided based on the future performance of stocks, bonds and treasuries. The company operates globally and has sister offices set up in London, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Recently, clients now able to receive loans while using their trading stocks, this is much uncommon with other financial lenders. Clients that use trade stocks have access to their funds lightning fast, this feature is the main reason of what brought this company to worldwide recognition. Equities First Holdings are planning to expand their operations across the globe in addition to their current nine offices.

Rick Smith Recruits John Bell To Serve On Securus Technologies’ Sales Team

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Recently, Securus Technologies announced that it had recruited a senior sales executive who will be tasked with the duty of creating a high-tech and software-based sales team. The team is expected to complement the company’s expanded portfolio that has more than 800 products for the law enforcement and the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is a renowned for providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the public safety, corrections, investigations, and monitoring departments.John Bell will serve as Securus Technologies’ senior vice president of sales. Richard Smith said that they had invested $600 million in the development and acquisition of several hundreds of security, safety, and efficiency products in the last three years. Consequently, they needed to bring in a key sales professional who has vast knowledge and experience in transforming and expanding sales teams. The management of Securus Technologies is optimistic that John will market the company’s products adequately.

According to Richard Smith, John Bell is revered for transforming organizational culture into viable outputs. In his 35-year career, Bell has played a pivotal role in developing outstanding sales leaders. He spent part of his career working for IBM, one of the leading high-tech firms in development of sales business processes. Moreover, Bell has worked for other leading companies like AT&T, Verizon, NTT, Time Warner Cable, and Verio.John Bell is a graduate of the revered Holy Cross. He pursued his postgraduate studies at the world-renowned Kellogg School of Management and the prestigious Wharton School of Business. At Securus Technologies, Bell will manage the company’s 100-person sales team. The team is expected to have 60 employees on the ground while some will be stationed at the office as sales associates. Moreover, Josh Conklin, the company’s sales vice president will report directly to Bell. Conklin will retain his present executive roles.

Bell and Conklin will partner to enhance all the incredible work that Josh has done so far to achieve the company’s goals. These goals include making full use of the Securus Technology Center and presenting the company’s full bundled product set to the right decision makers and new customers. Smith notes that if their partners in corrections and law enforcement understand everything that they offer, they would win each new contract.Rick Smith is the CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies. The firm is a leading provider of technology products and services that are highly used to protect the society. These products play an instrumental role in helping public safety and correctional facilities to protect and investigate different situations. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies receive loads of emails and letters concerning customer appreciation about the firm’s continued supply of adequate services. The executive contends that they release weekly proposals for purpose of helping their customers to find solutions to criminal activities while averting other social concerns. Smith is an alumnus of the renowned State University of New York and the esteemed Rochester Institute of Technology.

The Success of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

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Michael Lacey comes from humble upbringings in Newark, New Jersey. His father was a construction worker who worked very hard to put Michael through college. Jim Larkin had a similar upbringing in Phoenix, Arizona. The two met at Arizona State University and immediately hit it off. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/new-times-founders-helping-fund-latino-program-at-asu-journalism-school-6661821

College in the 70s were turbulent times, considering all the antiwar protests. Regardless, Lacey and Larkin noticed how the local ultra-conservative media portrayed the protestors. They and some friends decided to write their own stories challenging the conservative mentality held by many local journalists at that time.

Having gotten their start by going against the public’s general beliefs, it’s no surprise that Lacey and Larkin would have a run-in with a sheriff. What is surprising is that the sheriff would go to such extremes to stop them from writing stories about him. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The story of Sheriff Joe Arpaio started off boring. Most media outlets in the region always portrayed Sheriff Arpaio as a benign sheriff just doing a difficult job. Lacey and Larkin’s paper, Phoenix New Times, told a completely different story. The stories they wrote described a crooked, racist sheriff who loved torturing local Latinos and Hispanic emigrants.

Arpaio always thought of himself as a nice guy trying to keep America safe from criminals. He even called himself the toughest sheriff in America. So when New Times began writing stories, revealing to everyone that he’s actually a horrible person, he became livid. After they published a story detailing his assault on people’s Constitutional rights, he went after them.

He sent armed deputies to their homes to forcibly remove them. Lacey and Larkin were forced into unmarked SUVs with Mexican license plates. The “arrest” seemed more like a kidnapping. Then, they were booked into different jail miles away from each other.

The most shocking element to this story was Sheriff Arpaio’s attempt to force Lacey and Larkin to hand over the personal information of their writers, editors, and even their readers. All of this power Arpaio used came from counterfeit subpoenas signed by a like-minded prosecutor.

When people found out about the arrest, Lacey and Larkin were immediately released. They not only published an article about their encounter with the sheriff, but they also sued Maricopa County. Six years later, they were awarded a $3.75 million settlement. They used that money to support local groups fighting for migrant rights.

Trabuco – Ancient War Machine

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The Trabuco ancient war machine which is also known as Balancing Trabuco was a weapon machine used to launch attacks in the Middle Ages. Fighting armies used Trabuco to destroy the enemy masonry walls that were surrounding their holdings. They would at once launch projectiles of up to 140 pound towards their enemies at high speeds using the machine. In addition, the machine was also used to lob ammunition across fortifications to cause injuries to enemy armies hiding behind them. This ancient weapon was used during crusades especially by Europeans who used it against opponents of the Christian movement.

This machine on lista.mercadolivre.com.br works through the transformation of potential energy in on counterweight effort side to kinetic energy that throws the ammunition at the enemy. However, Trabuco system is not entirely efficient as some of the potential energy in the system is lost through heat and friction in the system. The speed at which the ammunition travels from Trabuco is directly proportional to the weight used on the load side. According to pt.wiktionary.org the machine could launch projectiles up to 800 meters which a moderate weight on the load side.

The theory behind Trabuco is the same as a catapult or contemporary sling. It was developed to carry out more weights for severe destruction during ancient battles. The general structure of Trabuco is long wooden log levered on the engine. The sling is then tied on the extended side of the lever while the counterweight is hanged on the short side.in order to provide more effort, people used to pull the strings that were tied to the weight.

There were different types of Trabuco used in the ancient times. Tensile Trabuco is one of the most commonly used fashions. This kind was so huge that it required nearly 250 people to exert effort on the lever. This Trabuco could fire a 140-pound load to a distance of more than 80 meters. However, because of the hard work needed to build tensile Trabuco, only a few were built. Another problem with this design was poor coordination that resulted in missing of the target or lacked to launch the projectile.

Search more about Trabuco: http://tudo-sobre.estadao.com.br/trabuco